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    Toonami Month finally wraps up with a look at a film and series that was NEVER made for Sage.

    • NDRogueElf

      Oh this was so worth the wait. And Sage, I don’t care what anybody says, your singing was on key, and had me laughing so hard while in a public parking lot it resulted in people staring at me thinking I had snapped. I love SM but this movie was incredibly poor. And quick question on the background music because it sounded different than the version I got on VHS. Because you want to talk repetitive, they used the same song looped SO FREAKING OFTEN that it was annoying.

    • penguintruth

      Neat. I did this one in ’14 (my first year of videos), one of my favorite of my reviews (though I was even worse at audio levels back then than I am now):


    • Neon

      Back in elementary school (and high school), I was made fun of for watching and liking Sailor Moon. But now that I’m an adult, guys still made fun of me…… until a bunch of girls ran up to me because they’ve never met a guy who liked Sailor Moon and wanted my opinion. The guys who made fun of me were left alone, shocked, confused, and sad because I was grabbing all the women’s attention.

      If I had sunglasses, this is where I would put them on.

      • Seiya Meteorite

        Lucky bastard. I love Sailor Moon and I never have even got that…

        • Neon

          If it makes you feel better, none of them were interested in dating me. However, they didn’t mind staying in contact because they thought I was interesting (but not interesting enough for dating……….. go figure).

          • Seiya Meteorite

            I see…

            Well, it’s good to have friends too.

    • Seiya Meteorite

      I personally love this movie, still after all this time, and I’m not ashamed in saying though I’m a 21 guy turning 22 in 16 days, Sailor Moon is my favorite anime of all time, even if it has its cheesy moments and campiness, but it has a ton of great things to it, great characters (they’re more than just tropes here), wonderful art/animation even with all its stock footage, good stories and great portrayals of friendships (and no, not in a childish way), and exciting action. I do know that it doesn’t appeal to everyone and I can understand why, but it’s way better than a lot of the shit we saw reviewed on here like Hyper Speed Grandoll, Kekko Kamen, etc. The Japanese version of this is far superior too, doesn’t do the whole cheesy “friendship” thing every two versions, and the voices suit the characters better (that’s Mink’s Japanese VA voicing Moon).

      About the recycling character design though, I believe this was the only time Sailor Moon did it and it’s not the only anime that did it, Obari recycled more, he recycled character designs for later anime of his, like what was shown in the Virus review: Macus Bogart from Virus Buster Serge and Terry Bogart from Fatal Fury looking so similar, along with Erika from Virus Buster Serge and Moena from Angel Blade.

      Don’t take a look at Sailor Moon Crystal though, trust me. It’s the worst possible version of Sailor Moon ever made, a horrible adaptation of the manga and it makes Virgin Fleet look like Sakura Wars. The manga is fine but extremely overrated, it has flaws such as pacing being too fast, most of the characters sans Moon don’t develop minus Moon and are not as likable as the 90’s anime versions are…

    • Fiery Little One

      I admit I watched Sailor Moon back in the day. I don’t think I’ve seen this particular entry though.

      I even made a recommendation to a friend for her 5 year old son since he got into Glitter Force recently and seemed to like it, so I thought he might like to give Sailor Moon a try. I just told her to preview some first, on the off chance that she found a dub that had material that she might not approve of for him considering his age.

      • Seiya Meteorite

        Sailor Moon really isn’t a show for 5 year olds, the uncut version. There’s stuff that could scare him (there are freaky monster designs), it is violent and such.

        • Fiery Little One

          That’s why I suggested to my friend that she watch some first, in case she did find the uncut versions while looking.

          • Seiya Meteorite

            Good idea. But one thing I will say is you’re never too old for Sailor Moon.

    • I see them damn Patlabor cases Sage! Don’t think I don’t! I want mah damn Patalabor movie reviews!

    • hariman

      Bad Vibes = Evil Feedback Loop, which makes a world explode.

      I watched a few episodes, and the only one I really remember is the one where Luna the cat falls in love with a fat street cat who gets turned into an angry cat monster called Melodrama. Which was a cute episode.

      I have a really long memory for some things. I also still get that damn theme song stuck in my head from time to time.

      • Seiya Meteorite

        I think the monster was actually called Bakene and the fat cat was called Red Butler.

        • hariman

          Oh, I only know the bad dubbed version that was on American TV, and I remember that “translation” well. It’s pretty much the only thing I remember about the series, aside form the theme song.

          • Seiya Meteorite

            I see.

            The Japanese version and the good dubbed version, Viz, are far superior.

    • Aotrs Commander

      I saw Sailor Moon when it aired in the UK fairly late – I would have been 19 or 20 or something by the time it aired. (From looking at the wiki, Sailor Moon was never very popular over here.) I personally found Sailor Moon just too cringe-worthy and formulaic to manage more than one or two episodes.

      It’s not like I don’t like the genera, either; I watched a little bit more of Cardcaptor Sakura, by comparison around the same-ish sort of period, I think. W.i.t.c.h, which is a early-mid 2000’s cartoon (French originally, I think?) ranks as one of my all-time favourites (as is Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha).

      So, while I cannot claim to be a fan, like Sage, I can at least give Sailor Moon the nod for popularising the genera.

      Watching this, I think the thing that struck me most was how close Megumi33 sounded in Sailor Moon Abridged…

    • Jesse Shearer

      It was nice to see this get reviewed, simply because the Sailor Moon franchise is one I almost always avoid because of my early encounters with it.

      My first exposure to Sailor Moon was not, in fact, Toonami, but rather as part of USA Network’s Cartoon Express block. I can’t recall the exact circumstances as to how I came to be watching at the time, but regardless, it was still the DIC “chainsaws and sledgehammers” localization, and between that and the fact that I was anything but the target demographic for it, I wound up getting the entirely wrong idea of what the whole anime thing was all about and didn’t really start to give it a fair shakes chance until I took a liking to Digimon Tamers five or six years later, when I was out of college.

      The only time I can recall having seen Sailor Moon on Toonami was the day I happened to wander through the lobby of the college dorm I was living in at the time and wound up involved in something of a “flash MiSTing” of an episode of whatever series they were showing at the time and DBZ, which was on either just before or just after SM at the time. It’s really too bad nobody was filming, that I was aware of. I’m sure everybody there got at least one good riff on each show.

    • Joshua Dailey

      We need a whole Month dedicated to Suave. Let it be hentai galore.

      • Spike Prime

        Euchhh, no man. “Suave” scenes are hard enough to sit through for two minutes, let alone whole episodes. An entire month and I’d just check out for all three episodes until the review show came back to form.

    • Tóth András

      Uh…Sage? Cooler isn’t a mere design copy of Frieza…they are literally brothers…