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    The rose tinted glasses of nostalgia can only tint so much…

    • penguintruth

      Say what you will about Mewtwo Strikes Back (which, again, suffered from the English dub missing the whole point of the film), at least it was ONE movie and not three stapled together poorly. Then again, I don’t think the English dub did Digimon too many favors, either. I can acknowledge that Digimon was probably much better as a series, especially plotwise, but the superior Pokemon GAMES are what kept the show afloat.

      Anyway, hey, Armitage III: Dual Matrix! That should be… uh… yeah. Gonna blow the dust off some Jar-Jar jokes? Ahmed Best is in it.

      • Raiden

        Ahmed Be- Tell me you’re joking (looks it up). You’re not.

        • penguintruth

          Using LITERALLY the Jar-Jar voice.

          • Raiden

            I assume it was before the prequels?

            Part of me genuinely feels sorry for him, I mean he was only looking for a paycheck and now he’s associated with one of the biggest clusterf###s in Star Wars and movie history.

            If all else fails at least he’s taking it Better Than Jake Lloyd did. He recently did an interview with the “I was there too” podcast, when he talked about how he was actually kind of glad to get some kind of closure with the character in the aftermath novel where his final fate was revealed.

            • Jason olin

              A fitting fate for Jar Jar, the only worthwhile point in those shitty Aftermath books. Thank goodness Timothy Zahn came back to write a superior novel since.

    • Kyle Freedman

      so i know that Digimon the movie is factually bad, but i still enjoy it for it’s badness. Maybe it’s cause i grew up with it… but i did a side by side comparison of this flaming train wreck and the three movies it stitched together, and i found this one more enjoyable to watch. The Japanese films, for the most part, had better story, but i actually think the “comedy” is stronger in the dub and the music was more energetic. the eclectic 90’s music may get annoying to some, but i’ll take kick it up over bland orchestral music any day.

    • tasti man LH

      -Kind of interesting that there are some parts that Sage breezed through quickly
      in comparison to NC/JO’s review (like all of the first and second story) but
      went into either slightly more detail or different details the previous review
      didn’t cover (especially with the third story).

      -Kari sounds like Rule 63’d Butters…well that’s something I’m never going to unsee.

      -Holy shit the DigiBowl. Now THAT was a helluva gem of the Fox Kids days.

      -I think the one thing that disappoints me with this review and the old NC/JO
      review: no one made a Summer Wars joke. No, mentioning that Mamoru Hosoda
      directed that movie and Digimon the Movie does not count.

      Seriously. The 2nd story and Summer Wars is basically the same plot. Just with different characters.

    • Fiery Little One

      I did try the series a couple of times back in the day, but it never really caught on with me and I’m not sure why.

    • Jiryn

      Well they also took a major hatchet to the movies.
      The three movies were, 20minutes, 40minutes, and 65 respectively in their native Japanese.. while the American version was 88 min total, with Angel Anaconda and the Intro song.

    • Cameron Ward

      yeah Digimon and me didn’t really grow up together. I watched the first series and the second series, but then lost track of the third one and then stopped watching altogether.

      I’m a little surprised you only give a slight mention to Hosoda.

      kind of weird you kind of glanced over certain parts of the story and such where NC and JO went into a bit more detail.

      Still, a good review and I like the ending talk. I kind of flip flop between lightening up on something due to nostalgia and just ignoring that fact and rightfully criticizing the film ro whatever it is i’m criticizing.

    • Oh thank Jesus. I was terrified he was going to end this thing with the Yu-Gi-Oh movie…

      • Jiryn

        Which one?
        I saw the original in Theaters, I went a couple weeks after opening and was seemingly the only person who went so they gave me the ENTIRE box of cards that were meant to come with your ticket purchase.

    • Gwydion

      Yeah, can’t say I disagree with anything in this review (aside from actually still enjoying some of the corny jokes – do note the “some”), especially the ending introspection. It’s horrible, and I know that, but gosh dang it if I don’t have some good memories attached to it that help me still enjoy it (for the most part – the random song choices really are quite cringey). Also the constant jabs being thrown at Kari got a smirk out of me.

    • Lord Seo

      I haven’t seen Digimon: the Movie since it was in the theater. As a Digihead, it was a wonderful experience. It might have been helped by the fact that it was also in the brand new theater in town on its opening weekend. The art style is actually quite nice in the movie despite everything. I’ll never watch it again (and this review confirms why I shouldn’t,) but it will likely remain a fond memory.