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    Sage vs. Shin Godzilla

     Aug 9 2017 | more 

    The fate of Anno is also the joy of reboot.

    • Nivmarx

      I liked the movie. I think the dialog in the first half hour was hard to follow (despite the German version being dubbed) and you can see Anno’s handwriting everywhere, but it works here. The Godzilla scenes were amazing and the soundtrack was a good mix of the classic tracks with new ones which create atmosphere. It’s like watching Evangelion without the mentally instable teenagers, but with Godzilla. Which is a good trade.

    • Jason olin

      The scientist Maki was not the one who put nucleur waste in the bottom of the ocean. That had been done 50 + years before by America. That is why America got involved so quickly, to cover up the fact that they were responsible for Godzilla’s creation. My biggest problem with this movie, more than some of the story itself, was Anno’s view of America and American involvement. He bashed American characters and ideas with one hand and stroked himself at American weaponry with the other.