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    Anime Abandon: Vampire Wars

     Aug 23 2012 | more 

    Lets face it, vampires as a concept was ruined WAAAAYYYY before Twilight came around.

    • Skolex

      That’s MISTER Cookie Bat to you!

    • Strelnikov

      The whole “vampires as aliens” thing is a ripoff of the 1980s Golan-Globus film “Lifeforce” which was based on a Colin Wilson novel.

    • mnerp

      Now, to be fair, finding out you’re an alien has got to rank up there with firey famlicide/puppycide.

    • LucyQ

      After you started called him “mister cookie bat”,I couldn’t help but laugh everytime you pronounce it.

    • DarkVeghetta

      Lamia… seriously? It’s about as subtle as calling your main protagonist Alucard and expect your audience be surprised when it’s revealed he’s a vampire.

    • I love watching all of these, I’m glad there’s so many of them! 😀

    • kevin davis

      i’m waiting for M.D.Geist 1-2

      • Jeremy Jones

        we’re all waiting for M.D. Geist

        • R. Butler

          And now your wish has been granted.

          • Jeremy Jones

            And isn’t the world a better place for it? ^_^

    • Crensler

      Me? I like the original bad ass idea that was the vampire, until the modern media got their hands on it. The kind that pulls people apart and drinks their blood while laughing all the while, not the kind that broods over their immortality and just wants to be hugged. Yeah, I’m looking at you Stephenie Meyer, and the way you and others like you have pussified the vampire as we know it! I could go on and on about the horrible things authors and screen writers like her have done to the image of vampires in general, but I’m sure everyone has heard it all before. I’ll just finish up by saying thanks to the Sage for making awesome content..

    • BBB

      @crensler:disqus: Maybe you will like to play a video called called Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines (with patches and mods). Great story and lots of vampire kicking asses and being monsters all around.

    • Barachiel

      I’m sure you’ve gotten some snarky remarks about your anti-vampire comments, and as a vampire fan, I take no offense to them.

      Why? Because change out every instance of “vampire” for “zombie” and you’ve summed up my opinion of the zombie freaks who’ve beaten that genre further into the ground than the vampires ever could be.

    • Earl Docks

      So as an anti-vampire anime, Vampire Wars is good. It’s not in the list of best vampire anime cuz of that, I suppose. But does it count as a good anime overall?

    • Athanasius Kirchner

      Kusaburo Kuki… Kuki being his last name. It still sounds stupid, and the scriptwriter could’ve easily gone with Kusaburo instead.

    • SergioMeira

      Am I the only one who can’t stop giggling every time the Sage says “Mr Cookie Bat”? 🙂

    • i am very happy to seeing all of these thanks for sharing these type of blogs