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    Anime Abandon: Viper GTS

     Oct 30 2016 | more 

    Suave and Masami Obari: like peanut butter and sticky, sticky jelly.

    • Neon

      Thunderdome jokes were a silent war between Linkara and Spoony. Looks like Suave has entered the ring.

      • Clay

        I just want Spoony to reenter the ring.

        • TerminalSanity

          Where is that guy its like he fell off the face of the earth

          • DarkNacht

            He thinks he is a lets player now.

    • Cameron Ward

      what is the next anime? can’t read the title. what is it with anime cover art that think unique and hard to read fonts are cool?

      • Fiery Little One

        The Weathering Continent. Tilt your head 90 degrees, it’s clear as a bell.

        • Cameron Ward

          not really. the lighting is bad and it’s hard to read due to the font style…

          • Lloyd

            It not easy but doable, although I misread it as Continent: The Weathering 😛

      • penguintruth

        The glare doesn’t help. Sage’s lighting has gotten really weird lately.

    • Fiery Little One

      Suave was in rare form this time around. hehehe.

      It must have been one of the first times Sage talked about Obari, but some of the characters looked familiar even though I know I haven’t seen this one.

      • Neon

        This is definitely no the first time Sage talked about Obari.

        • Fiery Little One

          I was referring to the fact that he might have shown some of the character designs one of the last times Obari was brought up, because of the fact that some of them seemed familiar.

          • Lloyd

            He’s mentioned it before that Obari reuses designs in previous/future work. It was in the Virus Buster Serge review just recently I believe.

            • Fiery Little One

              Ah, I knew this was ringing a bell somehow.

          • Gratuitous Lurking

            The first time it came up definitely was in Gokaiser at least, cus he made mention back then that Taint Misbehavin’ got re-used for Angel Blade.

            • Fiery Little One

              Ah, okay.

    • Lloyd

      Yeah I’ve seen this, my roommate has shelves of anime/hentai which I borrow from time to time when bored.

    • Swedishguy123

      Wait, Shinjiro from persona 3? The fuck are you doing here?

    • Josh

      Is it wrong that I’m listening to this as I’m eating breakfast?

      On top of that, if you happen to be reading this Suave, go for this show. La Blue Girl. You’ll thank me later!

    • Narratorway

      Mmmm, dat dialogue!

    • Orzene

      … Were … were there supposed to be violin snippets during certain parts of the episode? Just curious. It might be my ear-buds not picking up on the audio.

      LAWL this episode/anime xD

    • Joshua Dailey

      I really think that Suave needs a whole month dedicated to him.

    • Joe Bleau

      I’m not sure if it’s intentional but Mercedes Carrera is actually a porn star.

    • Brian O’Connell

      Of course, the animated gifs that have been floating around on the internet in the 00s from the hentai game were pretty awesome too, pixelated junk and all.

    • Eli Herold

      Can’t wait for the next movie with the demons Skoda.