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    Thanks to the efforts of IXI! Studios you too can enjoy the intimate chat Sage had with those who gave tim-bitty tribute at the alter.
    Q&A Panel

    18+ Q&A Panel
    • B2M

      (I apolagyze in advance for my bad english) Nice Panels, but I dont get why the Panel in the first Video was so empty, I mean, the second seemed to be well visited, why not the first?
      Is it a time thing or what, cant realy imagine why, because in germany we dont have much of these kind of Cons with panels so its a bit hard for me to understand why people wouldnt want to see such an funny guy who knows so much about the subjects he talks about?

    • ChouRaven

      It was my pleasure to attend and record your panels. Thank you for linking to our videos!

    • Thanks again for posting the videos IXI! Studios filmed. Keep an eye on our channel for other Con-G stuff. We also put up the Audition for the Worst Movie Ever, if that interests you. 😀

    • crazy_canuk

      I am SO sorry that my phone went off twice during the panel Bennet. I don’t put it on silent because NORMALLY I don’t get calls on my cellphone that late at night unless it’s an emergency.

      It just HAD to be during that one-hour window that I got two different people calling ostensibly just to ask what I was up to X(

      PS: @twitter-251395989:disqus the first panel was so empty because the speed dating event was going on during that time slot XD


      Weird about Zone… So… the 10 or 12 other people that where members of Zone’s old forums back when he just drew pictures of the simpsons, pokemon, etc., etc. are the only ones that know what he looks like..?

      Kat’s love of Frieza is still kind of insane, especially as the “mother” of Zone tan now, lol..

      Small world..

    • Thomas McCravy

      80 minutes of Sage and Q&A. Perfect.