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    SAGE VS.


    MFT: A Special Truce

     Aug 25 2012 | more 
    • WTH did you just read to me sage?

    • Bob

      The realism…. IT BURNS

    • I think I just died. HELP.

    • LucyQ

      I bet NC and AVGN would feel so stupid right now.I`m amazed at your ability to have guts of reading such stupidly hilarious fanfics.
      I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.Your a genius :D.

    • Longest, gay, penis joke… EVAR! hahaha LOL! XD

    • kevin davis

      wow you read so seriously

    • Jacob Richards


      avgn is like: SENPAI IS FINALLY NOTICING ME!!!!

    • thesillystarfish

      i enjoy fanfic!!!!!!!!!

    • Edward The Great


      *Deep Breath*


    • The Media Monitor

      Why did someone write this?