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    MFT: Until the End of Time

     Aug 25 2012 | more 
    • I laughed so hard. This story was so butt-fuckingly stupid.Though I will say that super saiyan Hitler was one of the funniest thing I ever heard.

    • Well as long as we’re talking about only the finest of crappy FanFictions; then I hope you do that infamous Twilight one, “Forbidden Fruit:The Last Temptation of Edward.”

      I can honestly say that it’s IQ- Loweringly stupid while maintaining this type of ironic hilarity equivalent to the fight scene from “Undefeatable.” Though instead of failing while violence, Forbidden Fruit fails at drama and sexual tension.

      That aside, another great reading, Bennett. Though I’m disappointed/surprised that the author managed to ruin “Super Sayian Hitler” because of the unfortunate implications made by this god-forsaken pairing!

    • “Hitler became a super saiyen”, LOL! I did not see that coming! LOL! XD

    • WolftheBlackHunter

      it would have been funnier if it was Gohan from the cell saga lmao.

    • Queen Cyndra Vivala

      Oh, so that was the story…

      i saw this in TV Tropes, I couldn’t believe my eyes upon reading it in the crack fic section. I became too curious, now my inquiring mind has been quenched with considerable understanding. Thank you good sir, for your sacrifice. I gotta get bleach now

      I deduce the author must be tripping.

    • Timothy

      Wait wait wait.
      Wait. So in this story…Hitler’s fixation on creating a master race…is based on his secretly being a Super Saiyan.
      This walks the line so finely, that one cannot help but be both grateful to know that such a thing exists, and absolutely mortified that someone thought of it, and committed to getting it not only onto a page, but out there for all to see should they for some insane reason type “DBZ Anne Frank Fanfiction” into their search bar.
      And typing it just now, for this post, made me feel as though I have some serious life-thinking to do.