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    Nuts & Bolts: Eiken

     Sep 14 2016 | one 

    The month’s off comes with a month of commentaries, starting with the infamous Eiken.

    • Liezl Bohnen

      I’ve never thought about it in context to spoken humour but… yeah.
      Japanese Sentence structure:
      Subject of sentence. (particle) Time. (particle) Place. (particle) Object. (particle) Verb.
      this never changes.

      This is also annoying when I watch dubs because when a character makes a joke or a comment or something my brain automatically goes “wait… you can’t say that in Japanese. What was the original line? What context is getting lost? What is actually being discussed here that the dub has now removed?” and then my brain obsesses over it for the next 5 minutes and I realise I haven’t been paying attention to the show and the conversation has moved on and I have no idea what’s happening.

      Anyway yeah. This is an anime that sure does exist.