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    Sage vs. Trans4mers

     Jun 29 2014 | more 

    An absolute punishment of a movie, and the fact that nobody is surprised by this makes it even worse.

    • Master Splinter

      Guy Ritchie is doing a new version of “King Arthur”……so thereĀ“s no going to be a Sherlock Holmes 3 anytime soon

    • Jhylla

      I literally spent the last 20 minutes of this movie just wishing it would end. Just stopped caring. Also there was a douchebag in the row ahead of me recording the film on his phone. Really? THIS movie?

      • Gary Collins

        Oh shockers, someone has a different opinion than you. Oh my god! Why didn’t you walk out?

    • Christian Neihart

      I liked the movie well enough, warts and all. However, I am not going to pretend like the movie was something akin to high art.

      • Josh

        Thank you!

        More people need to look at the Transformers movies this way!!

        • Furrama

          People are going to look at whatever however they’re going to look at it. They don’t _need_ to see something one way.

        • Jeff Pitts

          but…it also isn’t outright over the top like a B movie. it isn’t even really cheesy.

          these movies are set up like cliche hollywood blockbusters with a medium tone and a very straightforward layout.

          really, just why shouldn’t I take them seriously and judge them at face value?

    • Alexa

      Well from I heard the comic relief character wasn’t nearly as bad as the parents in the previous films. Like he sounds annoying but was really as or more so annoying than Witwicky’s parents? I mean from perspective, those two should have died way more…

      • Gary Collins

        That’s nice he’s not listening.

        • Alexa

          Well that’s nice, but I still want to say it…^_^

          • Gary Collins

            That’s good, waste your time.

            • Alexa

              Well considering this is the best kind of way of wasting my time, don’t mind if I do! ^_^

    • Josh
    • Jegsimmons

      wait, is the comic relief character the boyfriend or TJ Miller’s character?
      Cause i got to support Miller.

    • Guest

      From the trailers I also thought the main actress was sorta like a Chris Farley alike. I guess with how most comedy nowadays are more into the Shock-Comedy, theres a lack of weight in the scrip. The movie stays in a comfort zone where its cast of actors/actresses would bring in the viewers. You could bring an actor like Christopher Walkins in your movie, but what would it bring to your story if its only hope is that the viewers snarks at its Wierd Conversations hes so good at making. For Tammy it seems like it banked on its casts credibility moreso then how they wanted them to be funny.

    • Gary Collins

      The only punishment is to you Sagey. Some of us didn’t feel a thing. But it’s nice to know you get to keep your KOOL movie watcher card for hating on Michael Bay like every other internet twerp out there.