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    Sage Reviews: Borderlands 2

     Sep 23 2012 | more 

    One part FPS, one part RPG, and ten parts awesome.

    • It was after the Wild Life area that I truly wanted to slowly strangle the life out of Jack. I mean that in a good way mind you. :p


      Oh fucking toaster robot that will not shut up or stop forcing me to do stuff for it, how I hated you so, and still do..

      But yeah, I’ve heard a lot about slowdown with cards that can’t run it on maxed settings easily. Especially when things start getting hectic. Something to keep in mind if you have to use medium or low for it.

    • Josh

      Damn good review, Sage!

    • Will Schutte III

      there’s actually a glitch where you both can get the same gun or item