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    Sage Reviews: Dead Space 3

     Feb 10 2013 | more 

    The sequel that Dead Space 2 should have been.

    • I tell ya, it’s refreshing to see a review of one these games that can’t be summarised with “OMG! It’s so scary!”. But I’ve had a widely negative opinion on this series so far and number 3 probably wont change my mind. Still, if I find it on ebay for $20 I’ll consider picking it up. Oh yeah while we’re on the subject, Sage, ever thought of reviewing those shitty Dead Space animes?

      • novanis

        Jep if Sage would review the animes that would be a blast. 🙂

    • whats the music in the review called

    • An absolute Beast of a game

    • thefluffycat

      Well the game certainly is memorable and i have to say it is the best one in the series. I was surprised i could run it since my PC is very weak and the game is very detailed and very beautiful in its own sense. While i like the weapon customisation it is very confusing at times, hell i couldn’t figure it out in the first chapters of the game. But the main thing i like about Dead Space 3 is the side missions, i don’t know why but i love them, in Dead Space 3 they give you a variety of equipment if you finish them which are useful. All in All Dead Space 3 is my favorite in the trilogy… Oh and Did i mention that Danik is voiced by Simon Templeman, man i love that guy.

    • James

      I have to admit, I was underwhelmed by the game until I crashed landed onto the snow planet. Then the game gave me a very satisfying ending.