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    Sage Reviews: The Last of Us

     Jun 20 2013 | more 

    In a departure from the usual, Sage explores the concept of the “wasteland narrative”, and why The Last of Us is oddly life affirming.

    • kanei

      This game is phenominal

    • Adiwan

      I just watched your review. You explained wonderfully why the wasteland story is good and how it differs from other similar stories but I miss something from your review: the game itself. How does it play? How are the controls? What is the game mechanics? What are the flaws? What are the good parts? I’m the last one who would turn away from the story of a game, heck it is an important part, but I miss the game part in your review. This review actually looks more like a movie review than the usual game review.

      • Lina Jones

        Yeah, I gotta agree here. I’m sold on the story. Well, actually, probably won’t play because it sounds so damned bleak and that’s not what I need right now, but eventually I’ll give it a go. But, how does it actually play?

    • Jacen

      I am kinda conflicted about the ending about whether or not Joel made the right choice. It’s a shitty world and the question is hard. Would you sacrifice one life if it meant saving the rest of the human race from turning into these monsters?

    • Wolfe

      …Goddamn… I knew I wanted to play the game before just because I love the setting and stories that come out of it, but… honestly, now, I need to find a way to buy this. I haven’t had any interaction with the game yet outside of the trailers and the clips used in this video, and it’s saying something when dialogue – especially considering the track record games have had with voice acting – can bring me to tears, but even out of context the way the lines were delivered and the animations given to the characters just about did that. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it.

    • Barachiel

      And the fact that its popular and profitable makes my eyes bleed. I hate the zombie genre. Sorry, that’s what this is. It’s another freakin’ zombie apocalypse game. Only its plague zombies that rage rather than brain eaters.

      Look no further than the Walking Freakin’ Dead. This is a rip-off of that series, with its own spin. Yes, its VERY well done. It’s AMAZINGLY well done. But humans are the real enemyu. THey always are. The zombies are a force of nature. Its the humans who can’t cooperate and do anything to survive and give up their humanity for that goal, that is the real villain to these freakin’ stories.

      But ultimately it’s another “humanity sucks, we dont’ deserve to survive as a species, watch this handful of people struggle to survive and eventually die.”

      And yes, I know how the game ends, too. It trades the “adult dies so the child can continue to survive in the wasteland” for something actually WORSE if you stop and think about it.

      Ultimately, I can’t wait for this freakin’ subgenre to die. Over the last decade I’ve watched Science Fiction lose its gleam and hope for the future, while anti-technology messages appear everywhere. Humanity is painted as something the Joker from TDK would be laughing his ass off at, because it proves him right. That once civilization is stripped away, we as a species, turn into animals. Sure, we get the PCs who cling to it, but the narrative makes it very clear that they’re just the last flickering candles in freakin’ hurricane.

      I’m sorry, I like you, Bennet, and even when I’ve disagreed with you, I’ve respected your opinion, and given it thought. But I’m sick to death of everyone praising how great and amazing this genre is. I expect to be flamed, mocked, and cursed for this, but after years of listening to everyone tell how freaking amazing THe Walking Dead is, I need to get this out of my system.

      And for the record, the best game narrative of the year is still Bioshock: Infinite. Sorry.

      • McCarthy

        I understand not being as smitten with the game because of being tired of the genre as a whole, but it is a shame you aren’t really critiquing the game on its own merits, youre grading it based on its association with its genre. I haven’t played the game yet, but im sure it does have the same themes and ideas like all these other shows and stuff, but maybe focus on what it does that’s original and what it does right as opposed to the similarities it has to other games and shows or whatever. Im not exactly saying you should force yourself to like a game you don’t like, but try to analyze it as it’s own story. dont be stubborn about it. And critics haven’t praised everything this genre has to offer…believe it or not, people have been very critical of the walking dead and I Am Legend along with some others. I cant really make a solid argument on what im saying, or that im really right, but just try to be somewhat positive about the game than just dismissing it when there is in fact good things about this game. its like dismissing Bioshock Infinite because there have been too many shooters out in the past few years

      • S-267

        I don’t like your opinion I want you to die and burn….. No in all honesty that’s just a joke. I can understand you being upset but this is a case of two different subgenre’s apocalypse and wasteland, and while the walking dead I believe is firmly in the Zombie genre the last of us really is a wasteland. though they do seem to both be mixes of the two. I liked the walking dead and last of us, however I can admit some things are bad but you come in biased then prop two shows up as examples and call one a rip off with it’s own spin when gaming is iterative and has many things used, however it’s the execution of the reused resources that tell if it’s a rip off or an original.
        And for the record , Bioshock: Infinite and Last of Us both had good stories but there two different to be one uped. plus last of us is kinda cut and try while bioshock….. time paradox and rapture or something like that. oh and I am extremely biased. Laughing Emoticon


      Fair enough, although I was hoping you would at least mention how slow the 1st hour is with what amounts to a “This is how you xxxx” tutorial mission, or how choking your 100th random person starts to feel like a chore..

    • Well damn dude… First anime abandon and now your video game reviews… next i will have watched/listened to all of your super toolshed shows to. So how long do you make you fans wait inbetween shows? once a week? once a month? months??? hopefully not years…

    • Giovanni Guy Alonso

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned the girl. I would have been more submerged into the character if she didn’t talk so damn much in situations where you need to be quiet. She doesn’t whisper when its needed. She full blown yells out in bad situations. It’s very immersion breaking.

    • sage put this on youtube its begging for all the views it will get it would be so easy