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    Bennett recounts his fond memories of the show and man that informed not only his sense of humor, but also of world events.

    • Josh

      I cried on the last Colbert episode, and I cried to Jon Stewart.

      • Dante_of_the_Inferno

        I’ll say. Colbert’s going to CBS, while Jon Stewart’s going to The Farm upstate.

    • hariman

      *Shrugs.* I never watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I just stopped watching most tv years back anyway.
      I’m gonna go listen to a Super Toolshed, or an Anime Abandon.

    • Adzl33t

      Im hungry for New York Pizza, and eh Im more of a Conan guy, but I did watched the Daily Show when Obama was elected

    • Spike Prime

      Sorry, guess being English and only ever having heard of this very occasionally, this doesn’t mean much to me ^^;;

    • Jegsimmons

      Cant say i was a fan of Stewart, he always came off as one of those comedians who honestly thinks he udnerstands politics as opposed to just riffing on it, when he clearly doesnt.
      Wasnt a fan of colbert either.

      I see why people like them, but i couldnt ever stand them.

      • Eucratides_Megas

        Yeah, relying on Colbert or Stewart for informing your world view is a perilous course at best. And of course whenever Stewart was called on his shakier facts and monologues he’d answer “I’m just a comedian”.

        Stewart’s golden moments of mocking his ideological fellow travelers were few and far between the much more common and predictable targets of his.

        • Jegsimmons

          that “Im just a comedian” excuse is precisely why im not a fan.

          Fucking own up to your position, or just admit you were wrong.
          It was like at the beginning of the Zimmerman trials and Jon went “Why is this man not in prison” and raved about it, ignoring the fact that there was no evidence of wrong doing.
          Comedians riffing on current events are fine, but when you take a position, its best if you have an informed position before the ignorant masses listen to you.

          I will say Colbert was a lot better in that regards.

    • Josh
    • Eucratides_Megas

      I love you Sage, I just want to know where the camp is that they send you and every other Channel Awesome alumni to be so uniform in your general worldview.

      Its not something that colors or taints your outlook on your basic material, which I applaud, but its like watching AngryJoe rant and rave against people who don’t like Anita Sarkeesian. I just get ths feeling that they’re reciting some mantra to not lose their club membership privileges, whether they actually believe any of it or not.

      The important thing is that even between infrequent eye-rolling moments right out of the Exorcist I love the care, attention to detail and humor you and others in your cadre of cultural critics bring to your work.

      Anyways, more on topic, Stewart’s a genuinely funny guy who shined poking fun at people, even if his audience clapped with the synchronicity of trained pinnipeds.

      • Jegsimmons

        why would angry Joe rant about people not liking someone who is plainly a con artist and a liar and is in league with Macintosh and says vile and stupid things?

        • Eucratides_Megas

          Totally agreed, but he basically went white knight and defended her. Like I said, it felt kind of rote and more as a way of maintaining his “club” membership than anything actually heartfelt. Sort of like his sudden uber-feminist turn after he started dating someone I’ve been informed is almost SJW level.

          • Colme

            Yeah, no guy would ever just respect women and take an interest in equality unless they were hoping to get laid. Right?

            You’re disgusting.

    • Colme

      lol @ the butthurt Republicans below.

      • Eucratides_Megas

        Its a joke because neither of those quotes are quotes, they’re ridiculous stereotypes of typical political flamers dreamed into existence by you. Its not a funny joke, but I understood it was one.

        But go on, please tell us how our worldview is ridiculous and yours is reasonable and progressive. Then we can say something in retort trying to explain our view and you can either evade or attack ad hominem, maybe even invoke the various -ists to make us persona non grata and immediately bring down the Wrongthink avenger swarm.

        Then when a Republican wins the presidency and those in power who have believed the country was on the wrong track in just about every way, and aren’t in the mood to compromise or listen to your butthurt whining about not having a dialogue and the coarsening of the political culture, you can completely forget your role in that…or in true Stewart fashion, say “I was just a comedian”


        • Colme

          Its only funny because its a reasonably accurate summary of your beliefs (in the first one) and Jegsimmons (in the second). Had you actually offered anything to support your views I would have had to respond to it, instead you simply stated them and bizarrely mocked the (frankly more reasonable) alternative.

          Fortunately I’m not an American, so I’ll never have to suffer under a Republican President. Your two-party system is broken. The Republicans are an unelectable, offensive joke, and the Democrats have become soft and lazy because they know they barely have to try to win.

          We both know the Republicans won’t win – probably for another decade – until they reorient themselves completely. Do you seriously think Donald Trump will sweep the Whitehouse? Come on.