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    Sage Special: Movie 43 Vlog

     Feb 3 2013 | more 

    Sage is joined by his friends Gavin and Gabe to dissect what some are calling the worst film ever made. What could go wrong?

    • Jegsimmons

      Damn, water heater blowing up followed by movie 43.

      you DO need a blowjob robot, don’t you?

    • Jegsimmons

      also your friend with the bandanna looks like John Travolta…does anyone else see that?

    • MichaelT

      My sincerest sympathies for you guys having seen this movie, and even more sympathy for Gabe after being accosted by a crazy homeless person in the bathroom.

    • I like Hamlet 2. 🙁

    • digi_matrix

      There was a whole article of how this movie got made over 4 years, not quite mob connections, but definitely a lot of blackmail and peer pressure. More fascinating that the movie itself.


    • poodily

      You shouldn’t say “Sorry Brad” because this vlog was hilarious. I would gladly watch more vlogs of you three. Hopefully you won’t see movies as bad as this again though RIP your souls Feb 3 2013.

    • Rizlathinz

      Yeah Sage!!! Best E-mail notifier ever ! Gotta love Archer.

    • Thomas McCravy

      I saw this a bit ago, the day you posted it I think. Only seven comments? I guess I should show my appreciation! This was an amazing VLOG. .. ..The movie should get a prequel.

    • I keep wondering if Rifftrax will do this.

    • Now dont get mad guys… but i actually loved this movie… I thought it was fucking hilarious! *runs away in fear of the now angry, bloodthirsty, and viscous mob*

    • James

      This may not be “the” worst movie ever, but I think it definitely deserves to be a number 2 on the worst of list. I am also surprised that the film had over six directors which makes me wonder how that process went.