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    We close out the month of favorites with Sage’s top ten favorite anime titles he’s seen.

    • Can’t say I blame you for picking Big O as the giant anime mecha you’d wish for from a genie. Perhaps it’s my own bias as a junkie for the series, but I’d go for Lagann from Gurren Lagann, myself. But, hey, your list. Who am I to shit on your dreams? 😛

    • Brennus

      Yeah, was waiting Berserk to show up.

    • no, Neon Gensis, Rurouni Kenshin or Code Grass???

      • I believe Sage has gone on record a number of times that he kind of hates NGE

      • Sean Hood

        Yeah you can’t expect Neon on there. I mean lots of people don’t like it. Myself included and I do believe he’s said that before. For a lot of adult swim stuff/toonami though I am suprised that Kenshin isn’t on there though. Maybe it’s like number 11 or something.

      • Target X

        NGE is… well it has its place in history. Both it and Kenshin are loved mostly out of nostalgia

      • He will probably cover his thoughts on the series, in his next Anime Abandon when he covers “End of NGE” …

    • Josh

      Nice list!

      I’m quite surprised that Kodacha & Excel Saga appear, considering you seem to have a more sophisticated taste at times.

    • I can’t say I’ve watched enough anime to really constitute a solid Top 10, but the show that has stayed as my favorite ever since I first saw it has got to be Serial Experiments Lain.

    • My favorites are Bastard!, Wicked City, Ninja Scroll, Demon City Shinjuke, Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival (Deprive especially), Akira, Record of Lodoss War, Robotech/Macross, and Voltron (as kid, nowadays I’m like why doesn’t Prince Lotor just kill these guys with his awesome plans!). Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop were really good as well.

      • another one I like put couldn’t think of the other day was Vandread.

    • I love Excel Saga Puuchuu!!!!


      The Japanese version of the Jungle Cruise episode was FAR worse with the screams… Ugh…

      But I’m glad for the #1 slot after so much Adult Swim stuff. I hope you at least have been watching the new movies even though you love dubs..

    • Cadablog

      This is honestly something i need to ask since I’ve never seen it on anyone’s top 10 anime list before. Does anyone besides me have Eureka 7 as there favorite Anime? Or atleast have it in there top 10?

    • Mr Wuffington

      1: Gurren Lagann

      2: Fist of the north star

      3: Aim for the Top! [both]

      4: TriGun

      5: Spice And Wolf

      6: Cowboy Bebop

      7: Outlaw Star

      8: Heroic Age

      9: Gungrave

      10: Code Geass

      And that’s just me.Gurren Lagann

      • Mr Wuffington

        …damn did I fuck up the copy past with this one at the end xD

    • No offense but this was a very predictable and extremely safe list you made.I know that these types of lists are based on personal preferences and all that ,but i was expecting more from you Sage.
      For instance series such as Planetes,Kaiji,Monster,Baccano!,Boogiepop Phantom and so on.

      • BennettTheSage

        Would you have preferred that I had lied, then? Its a list that comes from the heart. I can’t help it if it feels predictable.

      • Guest

        haha, cool, I just put Planetes on my list.

      • Haha Cool, I just put Planetes and Monster on my list.

    • Wow, did NOT see that #1 coming. Mine

      10. Master Keaton

      9. Utawarerumono

      8. Patlabor

      7. You’re Under Arrest

      6. Ergo Proxy

      5. Trigun

      4. Monster

      3. Planetes

      2. City Hunter

      1. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

      • Josh

        Oh My God, someone else other than me watches You’re Under Arrest!?

      • ANNONNY

        Why I no see GTO and see Ergo Proxy?

        • As much as I love Onizuka I’d have to place GTO somewhere between 11-20 in my ranking. Also probably lower than similar show Salaryman Kintaro, a smarter family man version of Onizuka..

    • Despite exhausting the “Manga” (yep, that’s what they called it) section at my hometown video store in my teenage years, I’ve never managed to become a huge anime fan. As far as they go, though, a few of my faves (in no particular order):

      1. Ninja Scroll – Fantastically brutal action, great story, great characters, and a balls-to-the-wall-awesome final showdown between Jubei and Gemma.
      2. Blackjack – a great story, beautifully drawn and animated and tautly-told.
      3. The Guyver – Best. Superhero. Ever.
      4. Devilman – Doesn’t make a lick of sense but it does assault you in all the right ways.
      5. Crying Freeman (because everyone just had to get nude EVERY time they fought – both striking and hilarious)
      6. The Legend of the Four Kings – the ONLY story in any medium that, for me, has ever gotten away with the “It was all just a dream!” ending.

      • The Guyver probably is my favorite anime superhero.

        • Impeccable taste, sir. He is awesome. I even love the two Western live action adaptations, though the second was far better than the first (which they called “Mutronics” down here in Oz – WTF?).

    • ESG

      Why aren’t you like this more often, Sage? When you drop the crude language and quit talking about stuff you hate, you’re far more entertaining.

    • lostinshalott

      A very interesting list I was glad to see a few of my favourites on here as well, I’ve been meaning to finish berserk for a while now so I better get on it.

    • Jackie

      For me i think it’s

      Boogiepop Phantom, Serial Experiments Lain, Princess Tutu, Ghost in The Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent, Fooly Cooly, Monster, and FMA.

    • julian

      1. Fma and fmab 2 code geass 3 clannad 4 bleach 5 d.gray man 6 inuyasha 7 death note 8 kanon 9 puella magi madoka magica 10 soul eater

    • Matt

      Like the list, reminds me of my childhood and how I got into anime through Toonami/Adult swim, there was also this other channel it was one of the encore movie channels, Encore Action. They had a midnight block of Anime on fridays, I always tried to catch what was ever on there. Which was stuff like Akira, Ninja Scroll, Demon City Shinjuku, the Patlabor movies, and more. Even though I was only around 11 at the time and should of never been able to watch it.

      As for my own top ten list that is hard, I like anime a lot, but for some reason always have a hard time picking out which series I love the best, but here goes I suppose.

      1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – It has everything you could ever ask for, comedy, drama, great memorable characters, romance, completely kick ass action scenes, gorgeous animation, and a long running story that is dense but does not get overly convoluted. When I first started watching this I never knew that I would get so absorbed in it. I remember the first series and I did like it, but I never loved it or got truly attached to it. This on the other hand when i watched it I watched every episode I could at a time(I was following on the original release of the dub DVDs). It was like animated crack to me. Then when i rewatched the entire series earlier this year I was surprised that I got through it in easily under a week.

      2. Dragonball – I know, I am probably going to get flack for this, but I do really love Dragonball, and let me stress this, the original series, not Z, when Goku was originally a kid. While DBZ eventually devolved into boring ass fights that were just speed lines, the fights in Dragonball were awesome and hilarious. For some reason I am just a sucker for Akira Toriyama’s comedy, and when you mix that into a good fighting series it is awesome to me.

      3. Code Geass – This is mainly just for season 1. I liked season 2, but it really did have flaws. Like FMAB Code Geass had a little bit of everything thrown in it, but with giant mechs, awesome! But unlike FMAB the plot did get ridiculous and convoluted, but the characters that were still being awesome did make up for it to me, and kickass mechs!

      4. Baccano – I did not ever expect to like this. I’m usually never a fan of other shows or movies that take place in that time period(Unless it happens to be a war related deal), but with crazy immortal fun, and a murder train I should of known better.

      5. Rurouni Kenshin – I usually don’t watch a lot of Shonen anime, I just don’t care for the fights, but Rurouni Kenshin always had great swordfights, and it had such an interesting story with his character, and the cast that surrounded him was very well rounded out, and it has one of the best anime villains of all time.

      6. Gokusen – A kickass granddaughter of a Yakuza boss becomes a teacher of a class of hooligans and ne’er-do-well’s ans crazy awesome hijinks ensue, and I love it.

      7. Cowboy Bebop – Everything has been said about this, but I will say something you did not say in the video. It has the best opening of ANY anime.

      8. Beck – It isn’t an overly comedic anime or an overly melodramatic one. It is just so down to earth(Though not so much with the Band’s success, felt too much in too little time for me) and just feels so real that it is a great watch. You really do grow attached to the characters, and I also like the music.

      9. Yu Yu Hakusho – I know I said I didn’t like shonen anime really, but I adored this show when I was younger. While I still really like it now, it wasn’t to the love I had for it when I was around 11 or 12. But I do think the fights for the most part still hold up. The main four cast is also probably the best group of characters of any straightforward Shonen anime/manga. They are the most well rounded, and all have distinct personalities with a good amount of depth for each person.

      10. Mobile Fighter G Gundam – I love the Gundam franchise, and this is my favorite series out of all the ones. It isn’t the best one from a plot or character standpoint, but as far as design of the Gundams go, and the Gundam fights themselves, this is the best of the bunch in my opinion, and I just love it. Plus, while the overall story doesn’t end up as anything special or groundbreaking, the premise of the series is still pretty fucking cool:To gain control of the government, nations send their best Gundam to fight in and win a robot fighting tournament every four years.

    • SAC was one of my favorite more recent anime to be sure. I remember one episode in particular where a killer was constructing an identical cyborg body to one of the characters. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the character, but the climax was these two identical bodies in a standoff, and at that moment you know who’s who, and then the next moment they get into a struggle over a single gun, cut to black, and gunshot. When the picture comes back, the smoke has cleared and things are going back to normal. But it never says who shot who, and for the rest of the series, there’s that nagging notion in the back of your head wanting to know whether or not the good guy won. That, and the whole question of where does the human end and the machine begin, and the ambiguity of whether or not the Major is human at all, or just an AI construct was vastly fascinating to me. …And, at the risk of losing my guy card, I kinda liked the Tachicoma. For me though, I would think that Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are tied for number 1 and 2, with Trigun maybe edging out just a tiny bit. Primarily for me, the characters of Wolfwood and Vash were so identifiable to me. Not that I’m any kind of badass, but in today’s world, it really is a dog-eat-dog world, but I really don’t think I could bring myself to succeed at the cost of another.

    • Adam Lowrey

      it’s interesting, Excel Saga originally wouldn’t be on my list, because it was really only funny once, but now since it’s been like ten years since I have seen the show, I think it may be funny again because I have forgotten all the shock humor.

      Also my list would be very different as it would have a lot of stuff that either didn’t get dubbed or licensed(Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Gunbuster, Macross Frontier et cetera). I only watch stuff subbed now as well, Cowboy bebop being the only exception, I can still watch it dub for and not feel weird.

    • mine
      1: FullMetal Alchemist (Brotherhood included)
      2: Code Geass
      3: Clannad
      4: D. Gray-Man
      5: Bleach
      6: Death Note
      7: Inuyasha
      8: High School Of The Dead
      9: Kanon
      10: Soul Eater

    • DrForrester

      Since it’s obvious you were a big fan of Toonami and Adult Swim I was actually thinking Rurouni Kenshin might have made your number one, especially with the talk of the over-arcing story being the deciding factor. Imagine my euphoric surprise to see Berserk making it to the top! The manga is one of my most favorite printed works of all time and while the anime ends on what is the biggest downer point of the entire series (unless Guts dies at the end of everything) it really did capture everything I feel Miura wanted to convey about a man’s struggle to find who he truly was and what he had to sacrifice to realize it. I can only pray that Miura can find the fortitude to finish the series in his (and my) lifetime.

      This was a really great list Bennett, as were all the others. I’m glad to say I’ve seen most all of the series that you featured besides SAC and Excel Saga

      • DrForrester

        I’ll also just tag on my own list of favorite anime for the heck of it:

        10. Evangelion/Gurren Lagann – I love NGE because at its core it’s a story about a boy realizing that he has to grow up and accept the crappiness the real world holds, a theme GAINAX really seems to love. Gurren Lagann for the same reasons except is doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously.

        9. Inuyasha – It was catching a random episode of this on Adult Swim that got me back into anime in high school. Without it I probably wouldn’t have 400+ volumes of manga behind me.

        8. Lupin the Third – There’s no reason to include this except that the Pioneer dub is so much fun!

        7. Desert Punk – While it’s a bit of your standard shonen type series, and the animation isn’t anything special, I enjoyed the humor of the series a lot and lauded them for “killing off” the main character part way through.

        6. Welcome to the NHK – I marathoned the whole series in one weekend while on vacation with my friends. Needless to say I spent a lot of time outside with my friends after finishing.

        5. Azumanga Daioh – Yet again the humor of a series can easily win me over, and if you couple that with some great characters and some truly heart-warming moments there’s no way it can’t be a winner.

        4. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad – I still have friends who are trying to make it in the world of music right now. In the earlier parts of the series it’s astoundingly real and you really come to love all of the band members. And there’s horrible Engrish!

        3. Samurai Champloo – This series achieved a nearly perfect blend of humor and seriousness that sucked me right in when it started airing on Adult Swim.

        2. Cowboy Bebop – There’s really not much to say about this show that hasn’t already been said. Animation’s superb, dub is outstanding, music is sublime and the characters are all as fleshed out and complete as you could hope.

        1. Trigun – My little brother and I watched this show religiously during its first run on Adult Swim. I don’t know if I’ve ever really gotten as emotionally invested in any kind of show as I did with Trigun. I hate to admit it but I was nearly moved to tears after Wolfwood’s death. Also, the music for this show easily rivals if not surpasses Bebop.

    • Fungus Cannibal

      Code Grass? Wtf is that.

    • TreizFaction

      great vid, I love all the shows on your list save Kodocha, haven’t had the chance to see that one (ebay will fix this after Christmas I suspect!) I can’t list my favs because I honestly could not rank them.
      With regards to Paranoia Agent, I really enjoyed the show but more then that PA was the first show where I actually watch the entire intro EVERY time! There are other shows with openings I like, but until PA I had never come across one where I would want to watch the open every time even during extended marathon sessions.

    • Josh

      Sage, I absolutely loved your Top 10 videos! Any chance you could do a Top 10 Books video?

    • Honeyko

      Gah… Berserk. ….I fucking hate that show for the same reason everyone else loves it: the bullshit ending. Oh, they knew exactly what they were doing, and why, and you all ate it up with a spoon. But think about this: the show’s a one-shot; it has no repeat value whatsoever because it’s not possible to enjoy any particular episode on its own threadbare merits (to say nothing of that when you’re already aware of the resolution). It’s just an unrelenting grind of misery without a single redeeming value or an ounce of levity.

      Certainly Berserk looks good compared to many of the spectacular travesties reviewed on Anime Abandon, but it’s still a cheaply drawn hackjob papering over lousy animation with Rate-R blood ‘n guts. If it were live-action, it’d be Spartacus: Blood and Sand — compulsively watchable for the gore fountains and Roman fornication, but no one would ever consider it for best TV show. …and yet that analogy still doesn’t cheat you in the end the way Berserk does.

      Bennett, everything you wrote about the cop-outs of Grave of the Fireflies applies to Berserk ten times over with the mendacity factor pegging the needle.

    • This was a great list dude!

    • Sven Pippels

      Wow! Berserk! Would have never guessed, since you never made any assumptions towards it. Thank you for a well-made list.

      Mine goes like this
      8.Ecxel Saga
      7.Revolutionary Girl Utena
      6.Tatami Galaxy
      3.Samurai Champloo
      2.Neon Genesis Evangelion
      1.Great Teacher Onizuka

    • Furrama

      Hmmm. I don’t think I have a list. I know Wolf’s Rain would be at the top if I had one, but everything else is just “stuff I like for reasons”.

    • Anthony

      Well, in no particular order, here are some of my favourite anime: Guyver, Casshern: Sins, Inuyasha, FMA, Deadman Wonderland, Thundercats(2011), Helsing, Naruto, One Piece, Interstella 5555 (Technically a movie, but shaddap. It’s my list. XD), Dragonball, Gigantor, Mobile Suit: Gundam (almost all versions), FLCL, Durarara, Voltron (Lion Force, and the retro version. Voltron force sticks. :/), Cowboy Bebop, GaoGaiGar: King Of Braves, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, Macross, Bobobo Bo Bobobo, and some more I can’t remember. :/ XD I’ve too many to put into a top 10 list.

    • sheamcc2

      anyone who mentions sao should beaten dunked in acid and be publicly exicuted