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    Sage vs. The Single Moms Club

     Mar 15 2014 | more 

    Watch as two men see their first Tyler Perry movie, and slowly lose their minds…

    • Scott Glassmyer

      god fuck that

    • Alexa

      Watched Brad’s Midnight review and now yours, and man I have seen people in less pain when getting root canals. I am so sorry 🙁

    • Samexcomex

      Why would you do this to yourself you poor souls.

    • slayride

      I’m pretty sure you had to know going in this was going to be pain, if you have seen any of the Tyler Perry Midnight Screenings. Sometimes I just think Brad feeds on pain inflcted to his friends. lol

    • Michelle Travis

      I was totally expecting at the end, as Gabe is lying there, for him to suddenly go, “Where were those fucking eagles to save us from THIS piece of crap?!”
      Christ you two were disturbing when you started leaning into the camera toward the end. *shudder* If the movie’s like that, I am so glad I have no plans to ever see this film. Ugh.
      And maybe it’s just me, but I’d swear that Gabe looks like Joseph Fiennes. Seriously – get him to start quoting SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE some time, just so I can see it. 😀

    • John Haslach

      I said this on my facebook profile and it bares repeating here: I am high-functioning autistic, but even I more about how people talk than Tyler Perry does!

    • John Haslach

      Also, I have willingly seen 2 Tyler Perry movies. Madea’s Family Reunion and Madea Goes to Jail. Fuck both of those movies.

    • Jegsimmons

      lets be honest…Tyler Perry is just trying to be the black “Ernest” with madea.

      instead he comes off as the black Adam Sandler.

    • 47ronin100 .

      Welcome to the club, Sage and Gabe.

    • Anonymous ONI agent

      My god, this movie gave Sage the thousand yard stare.

    • Randy Williams

      Tyler perry is the greatest war genius ever. He turned film into a genuine weapon system. Lets air drop this shit into fking Ukraine and russia as “UN aid ” everyone will be too PTSD to even fight.