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    What happens when you mix news of the surfacing movies the boys failed to mention in the last episode, with a splash of the ailing Big-N, a dash of pent up frustration over the gaming landscape, shake vigorously and serve with a side of the returning Bill Rogers? Let’s find out, shall we?

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    • Someone Yakking

      Well for me it’s not a snow I am sick of, the ass numbing cold. Seriously been 10 to 30 below zero on some days, and at zero the rest. However I’m for Minnesota, so that tell you something there.

      Anyway you guys are funny, so keep to up the good work.

    • Alexa

      Yeah I haven’t seen Frozen so I can’t really give an opinion on the film itself, but really I don’t have a desire to see it because I’m still sore that Disney decided to stop doing 2D animation all together. But I have heard the song “Let it Go” and I liked it the first time, but after the next couple of listens it just became kind of meh… I mean I don’t like all old school Disney songs (the ones in Little Mermaid especially), but personally they sounded better. Maybe I’m biased but I have to agree that Let it Go isn’t that great, just ok…

      Still gotta give credit to the fact that Disney finally made fairy tale movie where a woman in power is the evil one. Sure it took about fifty years, but hey better late than never. πŸ™‚

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      I’m not really a “Microsoft Fan.” I just happen to own a Xbox 360 and I’m perfectly willing to give credit to whatever another system happens to do really well.

    • Josh

      Damn, Mark sound bitter towards the end. Maybe even a little spiteful.

      • hariman

        Marc has a poster of Samus in his house, and obviously loves Super Smash Brothers. I think he’s pretty pissed that Nintendo is shooting itself in the foot and possibly ruining games he wants to play in the future.

    • Knives.Aedrex

      Y’all should have Mr.Rogers on the show more often, he’s a funny guy.
      I’m decent with a crossbow. So I could finally have a job I excel at if Neer’s idea ever becomes reality
      Also, my house in Sugarland, Texas actually suffered fromlight sleet and frost. Which should be physically impossible considering this place was built on FUCKIN’ SWAMP LAND. So yeah, Neer and Bill know what’s up.

    • Mattaphysics

      Nice to see Marc share my sentiments of Miyazaki movies. The only one I’ve ever liked was Mononoke, but it’s so passively depressing that I can’t really watch it now.

      Speaking of depressing, I was once so down in the dumps emotionally that I watched Double Dragon, every night, for about two weeks. And this was before it was on Netflix, which means I was watching my personal DVD copy of the film.

      • A guy

        Should’ve watched the porno parody, Double D…which I hope to God exists

    • hariman

      Thank you Marc. Thank you on behalf of cart pushers everywhere, and people with blocked cars who have to clean up someone else’ mess.

      *Sighs* I hope Nintendo can keep the Handheld Game market, and claim some of the phone market. And then I hope Nintendo’s rumored new system only has compatibility with it’s rumored handheld. Nintendo probably has one more system to decide is they stay in the console market, but they NEED to make a hardcore, Gamecube or N64 type system for existing gamers.

      For the current generation of system, and future systems: Unless there’s some huge increase in processor power or some huge innovation in interface, consoles will basically be dedicated game PCs.

      For Miyazaki movies, I enjoy a lot of them, but not all of them are
      favorites. I do want to see Wolf Children, because I know it will likely
      be a good movie.

      For movie, I am JADED on Hollywood. They put out so much shit, and ruin so many good things I just don’t care about most movies. Well, I am curious about the Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank movies, because I liked both of those series of games.

      Last of all, I like snow. Even living in the northeast where we get enough snow to shovel, but I prefer that the snow not be deep and that the roads/walk be clear.

      Also, I walk to work, so the cold doesn’t feel as bad to me as it does to others. But, yeah. It’s been a freezing cold winter

    • Jegsimmons

      Flamethrowers are legal in most states, especially down here in the south.
      though i think you can only use light flammable material that puffs, like propane or ethanol. you cant make napalm…though napalm is legal down here.

      Also Fireants are no joking matter.

    • Capcom is having similar problems….they too are looking to focus on the Mobile market.

    • GTO Neko

      Wow….just wow. With the big discussion at the end for Nintendo, it’s definitely one of those things that I honestly don’t know where to begin personally.

      I definitely see a lot of points being valid on both sides of the coin of being for and against Nintendo. BUT, at the end of the day, I’m still willing to give some form or support for Nintendo with the fact that it’s what brought a lot of us as gamers together, and to suddenly “let it go”, I can’t really agree in that regard,

      All in all, with the other stuff for the movies and all, I’m definitely on a “wait and see” category since, unfortunately, the one place I’d frequent with big time to check out reviews is down for the count (Spill.com if anyone’s wondering).

      So, after all was said and done, definitely enjoyed listening to this episode, glad to hear about some in depth talks about what’s happening within the gaming industry and community and definitely am stoked about next month for Anime Abandon.

    • JillyBean

      I think nintendo is still dominating the hand held, i have to admit i bought the 3DS finally because enough games I really wanted for the DS were coming out exclusively for the 3DS sooo I gave in. And Ive been enjoying it and the titles so far. It was a rocky start but I think its starting to hit its stride, even the 3D gimmick is growing on me a tad.

      But I admit I’m tired of gimmicks. I had fun with the wii, but my favorite wii game I still had to use the control like it was an old school nintendo controller. The motion controls are fun for party games, but honestly its not holding up, its the same with the 3DS. Im only enjoying the 3DS because of the games out on it that I like, like the new Ace Attorney or Pokemon, but even then I keep the 3D off now, the gimmick of the 3DS isnt worth it but the games are. And thats nintendos problem, they are so focused on these few ideas they just need to drop them, maybe pull them out every now and again when a game actually fits with it, but dont build an entire business plan around it. I’m reminded of the visual boy. The difference there is they tried it, they fucked up, and decided to just move on and go back to what works. Here theyve tried it, they fucked up for the most part, but they are refusing to move on.

    • SSH1

      Okay since Nintendo is getting into the phone videogame software business, I say take the three DS model, will step a few of its key components like its microphone and camera event keyboard software, give it a high-class cell phone system, and while it’s three times paired this smart phone 10 times more durable because it only you can break a three DS is a sledgehammer(which means you’re really pissed off that the game) less pain in the butt that tablet, that you need to play video games on, because let’s face it… I on your laptop sized tablet, when you could just buy the freaking laptop and pick up to that confirmation, analyze your on a flight to Hawaii you’re not on the take out your lap top plate freaking angry birds, while if you play angry birds on let’s say the three DS(sample because I don’t play angry birds) it’s not going to take you three hours to set up the darn thing. As for the wii u they really need to start setting about lawsuit system where if you jump off of burning ship you get paid money to you to fix the holes in that burning ship instead of bailing out like everyone else does, because you know there’s sharks in the water!

    • MrWizard0022

      Kind of weird how when all of your predictions and hopes come true, it’s hard to feel happy when it results in someone’s downfall… We’ve been saying for years that the motion controls were just a gimmick and a fad that would die out, and with Nintendo’s new numbers, that seems to be the case… While I am happy to see that the gaming public at large seems to have grown out of them (since goddamn it, I don’t want to be forced to give up my Playstation controller for some shitty motion controls that don’t work), it does kinda suck that now Nintendo is having to expand into the mobile games market just to keep itself in the black… For all the well-deserved shit people have given them in recent years, Nintendo has made a number of great games, and still has the potential to make more. I honestly do hope they come back in terms of sales, and start devoting themselves to putting out great games again.

      One thing I am definitely happy about now though is this might mean the possibility of Bayonetta 2 being released on other consoles as well (like it should have been in the first place), since I still have no plans whatsoever of buying a WiiU.

      And… I identify with Mark so much in this episode, for a couple reasons:

      The casual gaming market DOES hurt the hardcore gaming market, when huge game companies decide to pull resources out of their pc and console game development in order to make another shitty minimal-effort, pay-to-win mobile game. You see this happening with a lot of Japanese companies lately, with Square Enix being one of the biggest offenders (though, considering the track record of absolute garbage SquEnix has released to consoles over the last decade, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing…).

      Like people who claim to be anime fans, while only having seen Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, people who claim to be fans of anime while only having seen Miyazaki movies piss me off just as much… To think that the work of one director (whose movies, when it comes right down to it, are all pretty much the same in terms of tone and story) is representative of an entire medium is to miss out on not only tons of great, creative, diverse shows, but also the works of other very talented anime movie directors. Also, the fact that every Miyazaki movie is kid friendly just adds to unfortunately-still-prevalent misconception that Anime is a thing solely for children.

      • A guy

        I consider myself a big miyazaki fan, but I like other anime, and my tastes don’t go to just “whimsical fairy tale” stuff. I like cowboy bebop, space dandy, pretty much anything shinichiro watanabe related, trigun, I like satoshi kon (perfect blue isn’t perfect but I like that), the guy who did Summer wars and the girl who leapt throughout time, and death note was what got me into anime watching on a regular basis. I don’t know why it seems like popular opinion to just dismiss miyazaki now that Mark says he doesn’t care for his work. I respect his opinion, don’t get me wrong, and I understand and live with the fact that not everyone likes the same things. But saying something like Princess Mononoke is a kids film that shows that anime is only for children is really misinformed of you. And his new film is by no means a kid friendly subject, given the controversy. you’re dismissing anime as kid friendly as much as lamenting about it. And yes, he uses the same themes and messages, but come on what filmmaker hasn’t used the same morals or themes for various films? Rant rant

        • MrWizard0022

          Ok, so maybe Princess Mononoke has some objectionable content, but literally every other thing he’s done so far has been squeaky-clean, to my knowledge. Also, I never said liking his films was a problem. The problem is assuming that the work of one director is representative of all of Anime, and using that assumption to dismiss an entire medium, as I’ve seen many people do in my own life. Sage has talked in many of his videos about anime obtaining a reputation of being excessively violent and sexual due to what was released on video back in the 90s, and how this reputation caused a lot of people to dismiss it offhand, just making the blanket statement “I don’t like anime”. It’s kind of the same thing with Miyazaki, just at the opposite end of the spectrum. Once again, I’ve seen it happen.

          Also, yeah, I’m not a Miyazaki fan at all. I thought maybe one or two of his movies were at least ok, but I haven’t wanted to watch any of them a second time.

          And for the record, I have held these opinions for years, and don’t appreciate the implication that I’d only start thinking this way now because Mark said so.


      I’m sad that you didn’t bring up the Xbone resorting to paying reviewers galore to actually give their tv-console some good reviews.

      As far as Nintendo, good riddance at this point.. How many god damn times have they re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-released zelda games or shelled out generic mario games at this point..?

      But good episode, seemed like Bil was a lot more comfortable this time around, heh.

    • tasti man LH

      ‘Neer with Nintendo is how I’m currently with Square Enix.

      And his reaction to Nintendo not doing well was about my reaction when SE discovered that *le gasp* people actually LIKE JRPGs, and OMG, Bravely Default sold really well in the West!