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    No episodes of STS this month on a count of schedule shake-ups and lots of work to do.

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    • Logan Wright

      FLCL comes to mind…. but I really like FLCL so I’m scared.

    • Logan Wright

      FLCL comes to mind.

    • Oh snap! How long has this been up?

    • Rwp

      As a former UPS employee, I can picture exactly how that box got wrecked. Probably got stuck in a conveyor belt jam and someone kicked it loose, happens all the time sadly.

    • Turcano

      I don’t think I know anybody who’s ever had a good experience with UPS.

    • duuuuudes, this episode was incredible! We all need more super toolshed, like now! 😀

    • Sean Michael

      To you giving Sage Reviews a rest for now anyways, I just want to say thank you for all the awesome reviews, you have really helped me avoid games I would not be interested in and even help me find a game that would eventually be on of my absolute favorites…. Final Fantasy 9 in case you were wondering

    • Henry Dorsett

      On the idea of building a community, might it be good to put up a forum where the community can have more organized discussions on the episodes? Personally, I’m more inclined to be a part of a community if it’s more than just a comment thread at the bottom of a video’s page.

    • iniudan

      Big one is either Cowboy Bebop or FLCL.

      • Sean Michael

        Wow….. I feel stupid I though it was Yu Yu Hakusho…… excuse me I need to turn in my nerd card

        • iniudan

          Sorry I am a very oldtaku, back in a time where bootleg vhs were about the only way to get subbed anime. Thankfully internet has has now made it much easier to both get them and do so legally.

          So I tend forget that Adult swim ran Yu Yu Hakusho, has they were a decade late and never watched Adult swim (Not living in the U.S. make that part difficult, so I mostly know what they ran from reputation).

          But Yu Yu Hakusho could indeed be one of the big one, now that you mention it. But still think Cowboy and FLCL to be more likely. Cowboy, due to it been vastly considered the best anime in the west, while FLCL is likely due to how insane it is.

          • Sean Michael

            Both valid points but I kept forgetting that Bebop was also on Adult Swim at first…. also I’m a Neotaku, Hakusho is the oldest anime I’ve seen all the way through

            • iniudan

              Oldest anime I saw all the way through is Nobody’s Boy: Remi, which is one of my favorite childhood anime, which is actually the darkest and most tragic show aimed at kid that I know.

              But my favorite childhood anime will always be The Three Musketeers (1987).

    • ChefM80

      I wonder will you guys be doing Toonami next year? It brings into the crosshairs a lot of nostalgic Anime that in retrospect wasn’t as good as we remember (I’m looking at you Voltron). Its where america was introduced to the longest 5 minutes in anime history. Its where Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon got their final farewell. Toonami in its original format was what killed the Disney Afternoon.

      God I feel old now.

      • Neerclass

        I want to say yes, but even with 12 months in the year and the time newly afford from the hiatus of Sage Reviews, I personally wouldn’t want to have TOO many theme based months. We’ll see as the year draws to a close and we start working up the 2014 schedule.

        • ChefM80

          Thats very understandable.

          I really like what you guys do and I appreciate the honesty you two put forward in the reviews.
          Its easy to poke fun at anime that was localized in the 80s and 90s but its refreshing to see a non hipster review where someone can poke fun at the sillier moments, while at the same time taking time to appreciate what these old shows did to pave the way for what we enjoy today.


      Was weird to hear about the TGWTG’s stuff, hardly even visit the site anymore and just view videos from peoples actual sites 95% of the time

      But interesting episode, flew by pretty fast.

      • Neerclass

        Good episodes always do.

    • GrouchoVsTheVolcano

      the final Adult Swim month show will most likely be Cowboy Bebop, but I can’t help but feel like Lupin the Third is a possibility too. Also, I wonder if you’d be willing to do a once in a while written review of a game you played for fun? I know that’s unlikely, but still I ask…

    • Denny Crane

      Thanks to Anime Abandon, yes, I did buy “MadBull 34”. Best purchase ever!

    • Petsuchan

      In 2002 I was exposed to Blue Gender (among other anime) on our Sci-Fi here in South Africa. I am very grateful that you two decided to tackle Blue Gender. We here in South Africa generally have good memories of that anime purely due to nostalgia; so I completely agree with everything said in the review on Blue Gender.

      I cant wait to hear what other anime Sage watched on Adult Swim back in the day.

      Pity that Sage reviews is gonna be on hiatus, I quite liked them.

      Haha, I really can’t guess what you guys are going to do for the last part.

      Man, talk like this makes me miss our Animax channel.

    • BloomKitryn

      I look Forward to the Next reviews. All this time we’ve Eating Sage Cooking with shitty anime and now we’re getting some Prime cuts of Anime.

    • DarkVeghetta

      Regarding numerical rating systems: In my country (Romania) schools &co. rated on a 1-to-10 scale, where you had decimals as well. So you could get 8.7 and it would be poked up to a 9 when all was sed and done. Now, a average of 4 on your total score would mean you had to repeat that class/year, so 4 means you’re fucked and 5 means pass, but only by a hair’s breath. Therefor, after 12 years of dealing with this, I’m VERY comfortable with rating things on a 1-to-10 scale with decimals because EVERY subject I had in school and thru out high school, and even college used the same scale.
      From what I gather since US favors a F-to-A scale that doesn’t translate well to number rating systems, many tend to go with pass-or-fail equivalents for the numbers, i.e. 1 or 5.
      At least that’s how it feels like to me.

      Regarding Blue Gender: you’d be surprised how MANY people liked it. Granted, most didn’t see many anime and for many of them it was the first mecha or semi-horror they’ve seen… heck, I’d wager it could be the first adult anime they’ve had the pleasure to watch. Still, I was a mod on the newly created forums for a new anime channel (A+) back in ’08 or so, and while some hacked Blue Gender to pieces, many defended it with the ferocity of a mother bear. I’d even go so far as to say that most users there really liked the show, despite it’s shortcomings.
      Personally I loved it except the SCREAM THE PROTAGONIST’S NAME REALLY LOUD trope and the nonsensical space plot that ended in a wtf moment with a mass-suicide coming straight out of left field. That and several, REALLY OBVIOUS scenes being recycled again and AGAIN and FUCKING AGAIN. Budget cuts where -really- obvious in Blue Gender and it showed itself in the most glaring and obnoxious way possible. Still like it despite those thou… I think.

    • Alex da Silva

      Next year are you going to Mezzo DSA.