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    Let’s kick off the year right. With some good old fashioned rage. What kind? Some of it drunken, with a splash of bad news fatigue.

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      Fuck buddies, A.I., asian’s in hollywood, sonic, and Sage’s mom.

      Typing it out makes you pause do a:


    • slayride

      I am not a huge fan of Rum (prefer whiskey), but my girlfriend loves the stuff, especially Captain Morgan, spiced rum. Which is at least a brown liquor. I don’t deal well with white liquor (vodka, gin, everclear). Stomach has a clear preference for the brown over the clear stuff.

    • hariman

      And that’s why I don’t drink. Well, that, and the fact that when I have a beer, all my big pains go away, and all my little pains go “Hi! We’re here! We’re hurting!” and hurt worse.

      As for the Ghost in the Shell movie… oh my. That list of credentials on the producers/directors/etc does NOT make me confident in the movie’s quality.

      Avatar: The Last Airbender… is fun, and enjoyable. It stands out because there are few kids shows with the same level of writing quality/continuity/character development. So, yeah. I’m a fan of the original series and I recommend it.

      I couldn’t stay in Legend of Korra, because bad writing. At the start of season 2, Korra was suddenly back to her original state as a character for no reason other than “that’s part of the plot!”.

    • Derelicta

      Drunkle benny nice to see you 😀

    • slayride

      Scarlett isn’t the worst actress for the part. She looks good in skin tight clothing (Black Widow), has the acting ability to play absolutely bizarre characters like in Under the Skin and Lucy, and she can act..in spurts. Her fear in the opening scene in Lucy was well acted and one of the reasons i like Captain America 2 so much is her and Cap really bonding as friends as the movie progresses (Scarlett actually comes across as human in Cap 2). So she could pull it off, but as harlman pointed out earlier, the producers and directors don’t have the cred. And I don’t think Scarlett will act up to her potential under a low quality director. So this might end up in the trash pile like Ultraviolet or Aeon Flux as a B action movie with a female lead wasted (in Charlize Theron’s case, Milla is an actress in RE hell at this point).

    • Jegsimmons

      in order for AI to be dangerous or anything it needs emotions which are not programmable because they’re chemical reactions that require certain stimuli.
      If an AI were to exist, it would need to reject emotion in order to work efficiently because with emotions it’ll have to determine appropriate emotional reaction to certain stimuli, and on top of that it’ll create it own personal moral code.
      So since emotion is impossible in Ai it’ll have no desire, fear or reason to do anything its not told to do with in its allowed parameters.

      It’ll essentially be a a really damn good PC for information collection and data crunching. HALO’s AI and Jarvis are probably the more accurate forms of AI in media.

      • TerminalSanity

        You have no basis from which you can establish how functioning A.I. would operate nor the manner in which it would form conclusions and behave. Keep in mind emotions are the forerunners conscious thought they or at least something like them may well indeed serve as an integral form of sub-processing necessary for an A.I. to function. I think an important aspect of human type intelligence is that it is multilayered and the much of our information input, reaction to it stimuli, and pattern recognition and memory formation are fundamentally separate from our conscious minds. It may not be possible to simply create intelligence merely create a loose template from which intelligence can emerge in which case the particulars of how intelligence develops may be neither predictable or controllable.

    • birdy the critic

      Sum up of my Ghost in the Shell fandom: Love the first movie for its atmosphere, music and ambience; prefer the TV series Stand Alone Complex; 2nd movie was confusing and meaningless; the tie-in movie to Stand Alone Complex was good but felt like it was recycling old ideas from the first movie; Arise is decent but can’t figure out which continuity they’re following and for some reason they had Mary Elizabeth MacGlynn in the dub playing someone other than Kusanagi (WHY?!)

      In regards to the western film, am I happy Kusanagi is going to be played by a white actress? No. Do I think besides being the wrong race, Scarlett Johannsson is a potentially plausible actress for the role? Somewhat. Do I think this movie will be good? NO! Honestly Johannson being Kusanagi is potentially the least awful thing about this movie in terms of the production crew (seriously…The BABY GENIUSES GUY?!?!) This movie might not only be bad. It has the potential to be one of the stupidest Western anime adaptations ever. I can only hope they get a decent screen writer for the script. Otherwise, this movie will be a pretty, pointless, brainless mess of an action film.

      • DJKennedy90 .

        So do you think this GITS movie will be better or WORSE than last year’s live action version of Kite, which STILL has a whopping 0% on Rotten Tomatoes?

        • birdy the critic

          Haven’t seen the live action Kite movie, so can’t be sure, but at least GITS has a Hollywood production team behind it, so it will probably look better than Kite, which was a cheap South African production. But again, haven’t seen it.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Aw Ben, I don’t think your a plebeian for not liking Avatar. I mean, I love the shit out of it, and Legend of Korra, but it’s alright if you don’t like it. However, I do recommend it to you, if you can make the time for it. It is pretty good.

    • DJKennedy90 .

      Concerning the Avatar series… I watched, and really liked, the Last Airbender series. Didn’t bother seeing the movie since, hey, I already saw the show and that was a piece of shit.

      Korra? Very love and hate. Season 1 would have been great if it just was a miniseries like it was originally supposed to be. I could overlook Season 2’s hardass rest in character for it’s positive qualities. Season 3 was a bit better, even if it got really dark in places (which once again made me roll my eyes at JO’s complaints about it).

      But season 4? Shows what happens what happens when creators give into Tumblr and shippers. If Korra was gay at the beginning of the series, I would have given serious props to them, but this was just… I’m not a Makorra fan, or Borra or anything like that. The show showed quite clearly that, friends they may be, Korra & Mako didn’t work at all. And that would have been interesting; why hook Korra up at all, it’s not like the Avatar powers are genetic.

      But making Korrasmi real, and even being on the sly about it while confirming it online? I honestly would have respected the show more if Korra just didn’t click with ANYONE that way. Hell, her on screen romantic chemestry with Asami was just as nonexistant as Mako’s.

      God, I needed to say that. Sorry. Just needed to put this whole franchise behind me.

      • Syed Aizat

        Thank you..someone actually understand.

      • hariman

        The original Avatar: The Last Airbender will always be a favorite animated series of mine.

        Legend of Korra will always be the spinoff/sequel that has a lot of flaws.

        Well, at least to me.

    • ChefM80

      Ranma 1/2 would probably be best reviewed by Suave. Maybe the mystery gender for Ranma is the writers considering the millisecond between his transformation between male and female as a third gender forcing it to be known as One Half instead of just half. Just speculating.

    • ChefM80

      Oh and Bronies may have backed off but they are still super creepy. a friend of mine posted to facebook a news story of Chinese bootleg MLP Sex dolls. I still need eye bleach.

    • blacksmith224

      if it where 1 1/2 that would be 1.5, one and a half. 1/2 is one half.

    • MrInsecure

      You know, while I’m not happy about Scarlet Johanssen effectively doing yellowface for Ghost in the Shell (and thereby depriving an Asian actress of a kickass leading role), there are definitely a lot worse actresses they could’ve picked for it. And unlike, say, Akira, the ideas behind Ghost in the Shell aren’t so intrinsically Japanese that they can’t be translated over for Western audiences.

      My main problem is that they’re basically doing this because science fiction is “in” right now, piggy-backing on the superhero craze, and are thus likely to miss the fact that GitS is an intrinsically spiritual journey for Major Kusanagi. Making it into a pure action vehicle, as they’re likely to do, would miss the point entirely, since the entire point is that the Major eventually abandons the limitations of the physical to embrace the spiritual/digital realm. It’s the closest humanity can ever hope to get to real-life Nirvana, and I know they’ll exclude that for fear that it’ll go over people’s heads.

      Oh well… it could be worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jafd97yJFOI

    • you don’t do rapid fire shots of rum and coke, you sip and enjoy it.

    • Turcano

      I hate to say it, Marc, but that guy is probably a more accurate representative of the Sonic fandom than you, because that fandom got taken over by the crazies quite some time ago. In fact, being a non-delusional Sonic fan probably counts as self-flagellation at this point.

    • Mulatto_Fury

      I know that it was only about 10 seconds of the podcast, and that I’ll probably get reamed by someone for talking about it, but how do you guys feel about GamerGate? I get the feeling that you don’t care too much for it, seeing as Marc made the joke about getting a GG t-shirt as he is now single, as well and mentioning that speaking of it gives it power, and Ben just did not want to bring it up on the Podcast.

      • Neerclass

        The short answer is, I’m not a fan. 9_9

    • Lauri Hyvärinen

      Yeah..Can you give your option about GamerGate? And Making Live movies about Anime could work..I`d be hyped to see a live action movie about naruto or Bleach or One piece.There is an Awesome looking Musical in japan about Naruto that looks awesome..But IF animes are starting to get live movies made about them they might get as bad as Dragon ball evolution did.Although some Better animes might get made better than Shonen anime that just screams bad young actors and Michael Bay directing them

    • Soft Insanity

      I will not be sad when Sage vs goes away. For some reason it just never did it for me.

    • metallavery

      I purpose a theory for why Motoko would be right. Think of it this way. Motoko is Japanese. But who’s to say that he body is? its a stranded model that looks nothing like the original motoko did. So who’s to say that her body wasn’t modeled after an american or a European?

    • Cool stuff yall, i like sonic to, but because of people like chris chan i dont tell anybody. Unless in a situation like this where its a main conversation piece about the difference between general fans and crazy fanatics that make fans like us look bad.