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    Been a while hasn’t it? Always is. But not to worry, for the boys return for business as usual. Life, devices and finally an explanation as to what Ben’s beef with Earth-199999 is.

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    • digitalwarriors

      GM is sexist after all. They made a mess and make the women clean it up.

      • Jegsimmons

        ….so….like how the world should work?


    • Josh Langland

      Actually Marvel is getting around how much of a dick Hank is by making the movie a Scott Lang origin story, with Hank merely passing the torch. =P

    • HigiD

      I cant speak for the ultimate universe, but in the standard one Hank Pym is still a hero. He can be abrasive, may do things that on their own cannot be forgiven, but he still works to do the right thing. I think people lose sight of that way to easily in favor of wantng some girmdark bullshit.

    • Failgaze

      Mmmmmm Ben and Mark’s soothing voices for my daily computer browsing <3
      I have missed the Shed of Tools, keep it up guys, always a pleasure to find a new Super ToolShed.

    • Orzene

      I fucking WISH my work was me sitting in front of my computer for hours. But nope… Ah well, some day… hopefully.

    • birdy the critic

      God this is weird. I’m stuck between Mark and Bennett on the issue of comic book movies.

      On the one hand, I prefer Schumacher’s Batman Forever to Burton’s Batman Returns, not because I prefer the awful “flatliners” as Mark calls them or absurd aesthetic sensibilities, but because as a movie, Batman Returns is a goddamn mess that jumps from plot point to plot point with little coherent connective tissue and a series of incredibly dumb portrayals of famous Batman villains. And also, the stunt casting issue has been a problem THROUGHOUT the 80’s-90’s Batman films. Yes, people liked Nicholson as Joker, but it just perpetuated the stunt casting for the villains, and no matter how good Pfeiffer was as Catwoman, doesn’t change how stupidly the character was written and directed (with some truly cringe-worthy dialogue), and don’t get me started on Penguin. I will maintain that Tim Burton’s original Batman is the best of the 4, but Forever is better than Returns. Is Forever flawed? Yes, very much so, but it holds together way better than Returns does. [And for the record, I saw them in order of release.]

      As for the issue of Marvel putting out its release lineup until 2020 as proof that the film franchise is just a production line, I’m kind of in the middle. On the one hand, I see Bennett’s point that Marvel/Disney knows the films are a paying product that they intend to make money off of, and that might become an issue for me further down the line, but I’m still enjoying the movies enough to go see these. Am I excited about certain characters from Marvel that I really like (Ms. Marvel and Black Panther)? Yes. Do I want them to innovate and try new things in their movies and not rest on their laurels? Yes. I see the marketing writing on the wall, but I guess I’m still hopeful that I can enjoy these movies because I’ve liked or loved more of the Marvel movies than I haven’t (didn’t like Iron Man 2 or Thor: the Dark World). I will freely admit that I am excited about a lot of Marvel movies coming down the pipes, but I reserve the right to not necessarily go see every movie unless I want to. If that makes me a sheep, then I guess I will just have to work on widening my perceptions so that I can be a choosier consumer of media and not a brain dead fanboy.
      I know Mark wants me to get angry at Bennett for saying Marvel has sold out and is not worth watching, but that’s his opinion. Oh well.

      • Mr Man

        My thing is, as fans we’ve been looking forward to well made comic book movies, and now that we’re getting some good ones, with promise of more with at the very least good pedigree behind them (arguably), suddenly people are going against it. It’s baffling. I think there’s nothing wrong with it, and either way Hollywood was going to cash in on the expanded movie universe model of filmmaking again sooner or later, Marvel just happened to popularize it. And I don’t see why Bennett doesn’t bring up DC doing the same exact thing. Shocker, I guess since he leans more towards DC he isn’t as critical of them, but they still have a lot to prove. Marvel has at least a good track record this decade, while DC has mostly stumbled with its films. But to respond to the bat man returns criticism, I think overall the tone of the Tim Burton movies still hold up for me, and at least the main performances. They aren’t perfect movies, but I like them soooooo much better than batman forever. that movie would’ve been more watchable if the riddler and two face weren’t so goddamn annoying. I like Jim Carrey a lot, but he was just playing himself, but unbearably. And Tommy Lee Jones was campy as hell too, but annoyingly so, like a 40 year old on a sugar high. I mean you could argue that’s the point like the old show, but the show was never annoying to me. The Schumacher films were a bad imitation without the heart or innocence (so odd describing anything batman like that)

    • Kilgore

      Nice to know that the shed hasn’t burnt down. Great episode, guys!

    • ChefM80

      I love being able to have this as my “white noise” while I work. I suddenly want to see a new character on Anime Abandon named Sage Bravo who has a rivalry with Suave to see how many women they can bang. Why do you have to watch Arrow to be able to watch Flash? I watch both and I like them both but all you need to know in Flash about Arrow is to recognize “Oh that’s Green Arrow he is talking to at the end of episode 1”. I am wondering how they are going to explain Dr Zoom cause the term Cosmic Treadmill doesn’t seem plausible for this show.

    • Sol Gill

      I agree with Bennett on the simplification of technology. I believe anyone should be able to use any form of technology, and no one is dumber for using Mac over PC. And this from someone who is a PC guy. Marc has always had an elitist attitude when it comes to certain things namely in the technology department.

      I agree with Marc however on the Marvel films thing. Who cares if Marvel is revealing their plans for the next few years. If you aren’t interested in those certain films, don’t watch them. Also Marc totally is right about the Schumacher films. I may hate Returns more then Batman Forever, but Forever DOES NOT look more like a comic book movie.

      Though Marc did lose me on not liking Up or Iron Giant.

    • word guy

      in the Ant-Man movie, Hank Pym is in it, but the Ant-Man that the movie is about is Scott Lang. so you’re probably not getting the Hank Pym you want
      and the marvel films are based more the original universe than you think

    • Rakkrakk

      So Mark does not like the Iron Giant for the same reason that I hate Clannad: It’s just rigged to make you cry and then expects you to feel bad for asshole delinquent main character number 458.

    • Jegsimmons

      my problem with marvel is, its over saturated. they have so many movies coming out each year that its just draining.

      It also doesnt help it’ll always be pg-13 whedon schlock. It just loses charm after a while, especially since from a film maker point of view they’re very cookie cutter and have very little in terms of artistry other than its budget. Camera work is standard, lighting is standard, sound is standard, directing is mostly standard, ect.
      None of it pushes boundaries or deviates from the written path.

      And thats why i like Dredd and Man of Steel more than the Avengers
      Yeah i said it. I liked man of steel more than the Avengers.

      • Rakkrakk

        They have two movies per year. Warner Bros. and Fox have more on their own each year.

        • Jegsimmons

          two movies a year, added on top of xmen and spiderman….shit gets old really quick. At this rate they’re going to eclipse the number of bond movies in 5 to seven years. Just in the MCU alone. And as i said, it all feels the fucking same.

          • Rakkrakk

            X-Men and Spider-Man are Marvel comics properties, and they really don’t feel the same like the other Marvel movies.

            Then there is this thing the MCU movies have, what was it… Ah, yes, genre diversity. While all are at home in the action genre, Captain America is pulp and spy action, Thor is straight up fantasy with scifi influences, Guardians is space opera, Iron Man is the only one squarely focused on standard superhero stuff.

            Yes, the overall tone is similar, but that is as far as I’ll grant you the “They all feel similar” arguement. Plus they are very much like the comics: Pick a few, then choose and stick with what you like the most.

            • Jegsimmons

              just because they can be different genres, doesnt mean they dont feel the same. Hell they even all have the same plot and structure just given different skins.
              Point is, they’ve made so many, and plot wise they’re so formulaic that even the new ones are fucking boring.
              Hell i saw Avengers ONCE and thats all i could stomach because of how cliched and one note it was. Its fucking tiring after a while.

            • Rakkrakk

              Then the movies just aren’t for you, which begs the question of why you are being so angry about them when you could just, you know, ignore them. If I can do that to something so overly present as Naruto and Evangelion, you sure can do it for two out of dozens of movies per year.

            • Jegsimmons

              “then movies arent for you”
              kiss my ass, i love movies, but i want some fucking variety.
              Also, i WISH i could ignore naruto and Eva, but those fucking things appear everywhere.

            • Rakkrakk

              Then THE movies aren’t for you. As in “The movies Marvel makes”.

            • Jegsimmons

              until deadpool and punisher comes out. then im there.

              also, what a cop out response.
              Its lamer than “if you dont like it dont buy it!”

              how about i voice my criticism of them feeling like mass produced movies instead of actual art form?
              I used to like them, but then marvel decided to NOT improve on any technical level and keep it safe and formulaic.

            • guy who commented again

              I think its reasonable to conclude that you should just go if you want and don’t go if you have a problem. I would hope we’re civilized enough to just figure that some movies are made for us and some aren’t, and people can like what they like. I get that you can get annoyed at the attention that something you don’t like gets, but whatever, deal with it. That’s just how society is. Marvel movies aren’t meant as an artistic statement, at least in an obvious way. They do comment on issues in their universe and in our world in a non pretentious way, so in that regards there is some artistic commentary flowing through its mainstream appeal. Maybe not as upfront with ideas like Birdman, but it’s purpose isn’t people talking about ideas for 2 hours. It’s about guys fuckin up shirt for the heroes. And that’s the thing, they’re a specific blockbuster movie that is made for mass appeal, and voicing a negative opinion on it may help vent out frustration but isn’t going to change people’s opinions on them, or stop them from reasonably disagreeing with you in a respectful manner. Also I think they’re building to changes, too, but that’s just speculating on the announced movies.

            • Jegsimmons

              thing is, i think these movie arent made for anyone…but everyone…and thats not exactly a good thing because the target audience is so wide the films suffers for it.
              I want them to get better, not blander.

      • guy who commented

        I agree that more comic book movies need to be made other than Marvel movies. Hell, we need more than just DC movies. I personally do find that the directors have some liberties, but they have to fit a United universe, so it kinda has to look all they same, not necessarily condoning that but that’s how it is. Studios should just try to market the dark horse comic movies (not the publisher, the term) better. Dredd could’ve at least been as successful as John wick if advertised better. And there are indie comics and stuff like Fables that would definitely be successful if given the chance to be made. So in that sense focusing on two comic companies and their superhero stuff is definitely gonna lead to a saturated market. But, I love a lot of marvel movies, and I didn’t hate man of steel, so….i dunno. Its good to have these characters on screen, but we need to spice it up

    • hariman

      *Facepalms.* I just caught the Metal Gear Solid reference.

      Also, I’m skipping most of the Marvel movies.

      I might watch them some day, but I figure there will be recaps and such to keep me caught up on the details I need to know.

      Macs… are easier to use, but have issues of their own to work out. Most people ignore those issues. PCs also have issues to work out. So either platform is usable.

      I use PC because I’m a gamer.

    • jorblin

      this is the best white-noise I could ever get away with listening to at work

    • Sethcard

      Mark what keyboard did you replace your cyborg with? mine just died and im debating between picking up a cheap CM Storm Devastator with red leds or just saving up and getting a cyborg v7 off amazon.

      • Neerclass

        I eventually replaced it with a Thermatake eSports Challenger Pro. The keys are a bit flat and take a bit of getting used to. But ultimately, I’m happy with it. Would I prefer a mechanical or at least something with beefier keys? Sure. But it’s good on a “budget” and meets the most important criteria; the back-light isn’t goddamned blue.

    • Branded89

      When is the new toolshed coming? I’ve been looking forward to my favorite white noise.

    • tasti man LH

      Can I just say that Toolshed becomes infinitely more interesting when Bennett and Marc disagree over a topic and try to debate both sides?

      Now I’m suddenly more interested in the inevitable Toolshed for AoU.