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    The last Shed of 2013. What’s in store? How about some banter on the top 20 robots episode with a sprinkling of some thoughts on the Content ID problem topped off by the usual directionlessness that makes ToolShed the podcast that you love to play on repeat until the neighbors complain? Sound good? Great!

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    • Turcano

      It’s situations like this that make me wish there was a bit more nuance in the English language regarding “fans.” You do see a distinction on a collective level with the dichotomy between a “fanbase” and a “fandom”* but there’s no good way to make that kind of distinction when talking about individuals.

      *As far as I can see, a “fanbase” is just the group of people who like a certain piece of pop culture. By contrast, a “fandom” is the group of people who have made that piece of pop culture a part of their personal identity, and to my knowledge that has never been a good thing. People who belong to a fandom tend to range from “has an unhealthy obsession” to “should probably be on a federal watchlist of some kind.”

    • Sawcesome

      I like Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza.

    • birdy the critic

      What point do people who post awful nitpicky insults on a website see in doing that? I like anime. I think I’m fairly knowledgeable about the subject, but I still will admit that I have been misinformed or not known enough about things before. My reaction to that is not to whine and scream like an infant. Glad you and the Engineer know how to just ignore that bs. Still looking forward to why Violence Jack is considered worse than Mad Bull 34 and Angel Cop in, to quote Sage, “the holy Trinity of Crap.” Just ignore the haters.

      • ChefM80

        I’m sad to say I own Violence Jack Vol 1 and have watched Vol 2. To put it simply Censor Kaiser will have to work harder than ever. This would be the anime that would break the character JesuOtaku. Ultra violence is only the beginning

      • A guy

        Hell, with me it was in real life, but still involved overly obsessive people. Like I said Japan didnt have an army, and some anime freaks in my Japanese class almost bit my head off and were like “nu uh, not true”!

    • Guest

      Would be sweet if you guys did a top 20 anime weapons or something. Or top 20 hair styles just for funzies. 😛

    • It would be sweet if you guys did a top 20 anime weapons or something. Or top 20 hair styles just for funzies. 😛

    • Wizard Basement

      Your remarks regarding protective fans who act like assholes to people in real life to an extent and online regarding nerd territory reminds me of this scene from my second novel where this neckbeard in an Optimus Prime shirt calls out the half-German, half-Japanese protagonist for wearing what’s essentially an Expy-version of the Kaneda biker outfit we later find out came from his yakuza-hating uncle, because he’s a fake biker apparently and “Wasn’t even alive when the Road Warrior came out, you ESL piece of shit” – which makes the main dude just school him by saying “I ate lunch at the Silverton Pub where Mad Max 2 was filmed, brushed the flies off my fish and chips with my hand, having stood next to the last of the V8 Interceptors in the flesh, forgive me if my trivia’s rusty, I’ve been a burnt out shell of a man lately.” Basically I created that scene to comment on both territorial nerds and nerd racism that’s become a problem lately because vocal assholes vent this shit online and make people uncomfortable. It might seem odd for me as a white Australian dude writing a book like this but given I’m a high functioning autistic dude I remember a time when my condition was seen as a made up disease, and I got trolled with macro images of “Aspies Should Be Cured By Electroshock Therapy” – so if I come off as anxious and twitchy even in real life sometimes, that’s why. I get really nervous approaching anything close to a “fandom” because that’s where you get into Dio’s Lock Up The Wolves territory.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      What are you talking about Marc? I care about The Iron Giant. Hell, it’s one of my all-time favorite films.

      • A guy

        Marc be hatin’

    • ErebusAzar

      Interesting concepts, to be honest i have been fortunate enough not to meet to many people who are nerd rage heads as you have described in the videos, but the times i do meet said people, i mostly just feel bad for them. One must wonder how a person feels so prideful that their words dictate a series they had nothing to do with besides watching it. Still, i always have enjoyed watching these super tool sheds and hope to see more of them in the future. Will say though nice leaping into the fire with the violence jack review coming up, you can almost picture the rage heads comments now

    • JillyBean

      If we are talking bad airplane stories I just got one last night. Because of where I work and study and where I live I have to make a 12 hour ish flight journey at least four times a year. I just got back home the other night after a 10 hour flight with a 2 hour change over. What was supposed to be a 12 hour journey turned into a 17 hour journey since the airline lost my bags and customs decided not to let me into the country till it was found. The customs agents were surprisingly nice and even brought me snacks when very sleep deprived me realized I was going to have to spend the night in the airport and not see my family I’ve been missing for months and proceeded to cry. It was just the stupid airline people that wouldnt let me through and just sign a form saying they lost my bag so the customs agents would let me pass. The look on the customs agents face when I started to cry though was kind of priceless. I dont think I would have normally started to cry in that situation, but being detained for around 3 hours plus not having slept on my 10 hour flight to get there, something in me just started to snap.

      Alas. Having done so many flights though I dont even have many good air line stories. I’ve finally mastered just sleeping through my whole flights. But I do agree with you guys, there is something about those seats that is designed to make your ass hurt.

      As far as over protective commentors I really understand the dislike. I dont see many of them here on this site (which is why I prefer here to TGWTG, I dont really comment but I like the people enough around here that I’m actually enjoying voicing an opinion and not being slammed for it), and I appreciate that you guys listen to requests for Nuts and Bolts on here. But unfortunately we will never get rid of the over protective fanboys. I find that they tend to think their subject of expertise is a niche and they’ve poured so many hours into learning and absorbing more of that medium, that they start to feel a false sense of ownership. And then proceed to be douche bags over other people threatening what they think is something they hold rights over. It’s sad but they will always be there.

      But good episode, looking forward to the next anime abandon and nuts and bolts episodes. And you guys are taking an understandable approach to Violence Jack. It’s been hyped and waited for for so long there is no pleasing every one and their expectations. I’m looking forward to it and promise to come into it with an open mind, it sounds like a lot of effort went into it and I cant wait to see what you guys came up with.

    • frostbite

      I did want at one point to do my own internet show just for the fun of it, but I wasn’t sure how to do it or if it was worth the effort. It might have been fun, but I will just stick to my job as a Reactor Operator and just watch the shows. I did enjoy the count down of giant robots.

    • Jerry Forbe

      After hearing all that about comments on your videos I am a bit glad I didn’t come to your show because of tgwtg. I can tell you that there are quite a few people here and there that take things a little too personal or serious…

      About Youtube, I’ve decided to try and stop visiting the site as much as possible. The only thing that keeps me crawling back is the fact that some of the people I support (like Angry Joe) are there and basically nowhere else. As much as I’d want to leave it would mean that I have to stop supporting some of the content creators.

      If it comes to a point to where google won’t let me thumbs a video because I won’t use a google+ account, that’s fine. I never needed to comment and the thumbs system wasn’t all that great. I couldn’t care less.

      Could you do a nuts&bolts of Golden Boy? I couldn’t find my jaw for quite a while after I watched that review.

      • DarkVeghetta

        Much the same with me regarding YouTube. I have refused to make a G+ account so I can’t comment anymore on videos I like, which is saddening considering it was about half the social interaction I had with other human beings, but fuck it, the price is too steep,

    • Anon4495

      I have been a Gundam fan since I read the novels in the early 90’s and I just wanted to say that I understood where you were coming from with the use of “RX-78 Series”. I have seen a lot of this asshat fanboism when I am at Anime Expo, I cannot understand it, I do have a tendency to try and correct but I try to be as tactful as I can be. I also always like to be corrected when I am wrong, depending on how it is handled, I fully understand that I do not know everything and love to learn about things I do not yet know.

    • SSH1

      while I do not think the let’s play issue is complimentary( I actually think let’s actually promote game because,sometimes it does give me the desire to buy the game, then I look at the system, and then I go hell no, I will not pick up Xbox one, no matter how many games are on it!) also once again of course gundam is going to be on the top of the list, after all I still have my prevailing theory that the original reason why it’s called that, is because a pilot upon his death said”GOD DAM IT” and everybody else heard “IT’S GUNDAM!”

    • Greg Santucci

      This was a fun and interesting discussion. Also, I would love to get a copy of the Gundam montage video. It blew me away! As for the “RX-78” discussion, I completely understand why you titled it as you did and I agree with it. I am a Gundam fan, but I also watch other things as well. Hell, I just finished watching Gurren Lagann and I am watching Big-O currently. The RX-78-2 IS the Big Daddy of all the “Named Gundams” that have followed it.

      As for the whole Youtube content ID debate, I was surprised at how abrupt it was, but it is not the first time I have seen something like this happen. A few years ago, several channels that had full episodes of shows like Power Rangers, Transformers, and other popular shows were put out of business. This is just an automated version of what has happened before.

      As for the Google+ issue, I look at it from the standpoint of either I get a G+ account tied to my Youtube account so I can continue to interact with my “Youtube friends” OR I go dark and not continue to talk to them. I chose to get a G+ account tied to my Youtube account so I can continue to interact as I had been doing. I have had basically no issues with G+, so my final word on it is, “next issue?”

    • Michael Sunseri

      just a quick Update to everyone wanting to start a review series of their own. Blip is now a completely closed to new auditions. I was told so because an old series of mine went dark for a year due to a change in my Day Job and my series was terminated. Upon asking Blip if i could restart or start a new series i was told that Blip is not accepting new series and i should join a promotion program which requires me to go back to youtube (yes have a youtube account with an active channel) to join. Just Wow… Do I blame them… No… But now there really is nothing but youtube… Reever is unreliable and Springboard is a Horse of a different Color…. I guess im back to youtube with a different premise and no Copyrighted content.

      • Alt-Encephalon

        This is a disturbing sign to say the least.. I’m trying to break into the industry myself and I’m really unsure of how to gain footing now. I’ve spent a good amount of money on equipment and time spent learning it. I’ll need to come up with an entirely new plan of attack on this. Thanks for the tip.

        • Michael Sunseri

          glad to help… who knows alt one day you could be my engineer or I yours ^_^ (as in Mark lol)

          • Alt-Encephalon

            that actually is a fairly apt comparison I’m more of a behind the scenes kinda person – with a mic or working in premiere. if you need the extra hands I obviously have a lot of free time now.

            • Michael Sunseri

              actually yes give me a shout on my google plus! if i can figure out how discuss works…

            • Alt-Encephalon

              yeah I’m having trouble in that regard as well… just toss me an email to me. my Google account is the same as my screenname here minus a symbol or two..

    • A guy

      Japan wishes they had a Vin Diesel robot. Also I do appreciate you guys throwing your two cents on the youtube thing going on, in terms of having a reasonable and non contrarian perspective on the issue. and youre dead on about the whole fandom police thing too…in fact im just going to give you both a gold star for the day

    • James Ford

      hey guys just have to say love the list but one question why wasn’t Unicron on your list? I mean he’s a planet that eats other planets and was voiced by Orson Welles. but with all that said I have to agree with you, but If I could pilot a giant robot Megas would be my pick over the Big O

      • Greg Santucci

        He also left off the VF-1 family of transforming robos as well other robos like Baldios. I am fine with the list and did not even miss Unicron being left out. GaoGaiGar was also not mentioned, either, now that I think about it.

    • hariman

      OH! That’s what I wanted to comment on, but didn’t have time before:

      There ARE some games where I have watched them on a Stream or Youtube instead of playing them, or buying them. Eternal Darkness I own, but didn’t want to play and watched via a let’s play.

      Dead Space 3 I’ll never buy, but I’ll watch that on a livestream. (Along with a lot of other games I’ll never buy.) And I will advocate that anyone watching should buy the game legally if they’re interested. The casters for the Livestreams also advocate buying the game if they’re interested too.

      And most importantly, there are a few games I have bought BECAUSE I saw them on a livestream. Deponia I bought because I watched the very end of Goodbye Deponia and said: “I want to find out how the characters got to this point.”

      Unfortunately, Youtube’s “best” tool is a hammer to crush flies. It’s a system that really needs refinement via either revenue sharing based on percentage of video, or a white listing system for copyright clips at the upload phase.

    • hariman

      Also: Thank you Bennett, and Thank You Marc, for producing/creating Anime Abandon, Super Tool Shed, Nuts and Bolts, and all the other New Media content you’re creating.

      You’ve provided days of entertainment for me and your other fans. And I want you both to know that I appreciate it greatly.

    • confirmed they read the comments, also WOW dude, cant believe you droped the kill yourself bomb on everybody, whoa, that takes balls man, real balls! WOW!

    • Alex da Silva

      Thanks Engineer for the fan compliment.

    • BoobViolator

      Okay, I know who the fat black guy is but who’s the fat white guy?

    • Wolfe

      Neer said he trusts us on toolshed? Any bets on how long it takes for the comments to go nutso butso on here? (j/k)

    • Charli Benham

      Honestly i thought the comment video was hilarious. It didn’t come off as malicious at all. It’s not like Ben went on camera and started slandering the guy. He simply took the shit the commenter flung at him and turned it back on them. If your going to rip on some one you better be able to take some punches too. Have a sense of humor about it for god’s sake.

    • Personally I thought the top 20 giant robots list was pretty awesome looking forward to another top list if you decide to do one