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    Super ToolShed: Sound and Fury

     Feb 19 2014 | more 

    This is another one of those “Shedfeld” type episodes. Pizza snobbery, Not-Quite-Anime-Month, power outages and a sprinkling of the usual Nintendumping. All in a night’s work.

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    • Hmmm, I’ve been living in Brooklyn NYC for a long ass time, and local Pizza here is never thin like crackers. Greasy as fuck yes indeed, but never thin unless you specifically ask for thin crust pizza. And yes, you do need to come to NYC in order to experience the real thing, just like authentic Chicago cuisine (which I love).

      • Jegsimmons

        No you dont, anyone can replicate NY pizza.

        NY sucks to much to care about a trip just for pizza.

    • Turcano

      Straw Hat and Chucky Cheese are a subset of pizza I refer to as Garbage Pizza. There can be all kinds of bad pizza, but Garbage Pizza is always the same: a limp crust that’s soggy yet almost burnt on the bottom, a thin sauce apparently made from watered-down tomato paste and often barely-cooked diced tomatoes, and cheese that’s three-quarters grease, tastes like plastic and slides off the slice when you pick it up. And if Spoony’s account is to be believed, if you leave it under a toilet for a month, it turns into linoleum.

    • ChefM80

      ::Prepares for angry rant::

      As a chef, as a native of N Massapequa Long Island NY, and as a man I will say this as kindly as I can muster. Fuck anyone who uses the world “style” to describe pizza. Its either Authentic NY Pizza made by Authentic NY pizza makers using authentic NY water, or it isn’t authentic NY pizza. Style is a bullshit word used by marketing to invoke certain thoughts to make you buy their horrible knock off. I cite the water because it is a major factor. There is a pizza place in the midwest who went so far as to invent a water “purifier” to make water with the same properties of NY water.

      Rant over

      I have no bias for or against deep dish pizza.

      As far as bagels go I agree with Neer its all in preparation. Most bagel makers steam their bagels before baking where the best results come from boiling them before baking.

    • A guy

      I definitely appreciated the ending talk about the creative process you guys have, can’t wait to see what comes of the project you guys are working on!

    • Jegsimmons

      My view on Pizza
      New York pizza is crap
      Chicago aint half bad

      But the best pizza i ever had was made by an actual italian immigrant and it was amazing.

    • Orzene

      I’d say most anything done by Peter Chung pisses me off.

    • birdy the critic

      Actually Bennett, the original Bubblegum Crisis was SUPPOSED to be 13 episodes. There are actually only 8 and the plot of the series was never finished, at least as far as I’ve been able to determine (I know because I have the DVD set). There was Bubblegum Crash, but that was utter crap. I know people like to argue whether the original Bubblegum Crisis or Tokyo 2040 is better, but 2040 at least effectively concludes the story and character arcs.

      Also, it’s fun to listen to you guys argue about pizza. I like pizza, but I don’t think that I have ever found a favorite kind of pizza (other than I hate Domino’s and Pizza Hut and don’t like deep dish…Sorry Sage.)

    • Damon Sherman

      It sounds like the Engineer has some slight astigmatism when it comes to how weird blue lights seem to him.

    • JillyBean

      I am going to disagree with Bennet and say I like new york style better (and I’m from the west coast too so no using that scape goat), but I admit I just prefer the thin crusts. Though that deep dish pizza sounds pretty good.

      And just because Mark said he doesnt want a fanclub I want to make him one. Marks a pretty cool dude, I really like the show since he jumped on board (I like the early episodes too but things are more polished now, you two make a good team)

      I’ll be following this Dr. Bear closely, cant wait to see what else you guys end up producing. (Though saying that I feel less like looking out for a production duo and more like I’m hunting a bear in the woods that managed to steal a doctors lab coat)

      • Knives

        Deep dish pizza is to die for. It’s thick each slice weighs a pound or more. Most people have to use forks to eat it. It’s beautiful.

    • Josh

      As a disciplined fat man, just about any kind of pizza is good to me!

    • JillyBean

      Oh I had to comment again to say I love the line about aggressive places making the best food. As an American transplanted in England I can not stand their traditional food. Now I know why, because it comes from one of the least confrontational people in the world.

    • Issun86

      Will there other be another Spoony crossover episode?

    • lawtonaaj

      taste the east side of the pizza ben. 🙂

    • Warden Tux

      Marc the Engineer’s problem with blue light seems to be a two part issue. Most basically he seems to be predisposed to seeing afterimages more readily and for a longer period under certain circumstances. Given that the effect he describes is a positive afterimage rather than an negative afterimage, meaning the color he sees when moving his head is not an inversion of the source color, it is more likely a neurological quirk rather than an issue with his eyes. His ionic memory, responsible for persistence of vision and the illusion of a “light trail” when someone swing a glow-stick in the dark, just seems to be latching on to the blue lights more than it should. Palinopsia is the name for a disorder in which normal afterimage perception is amplified to the extent that it becomes detrimental, but I don’t think The Engineer’s symptoms are extreme enough to be diagnosed as such, but I am not a medical professional.Indeed, my assessment of his symptoms could easily be erroneous due to a bias to the neurological born of my greater familiarity with neurology and psychology than with ophthalmology.
      However, I due think I can point to a reason why blue lights bother Marc more. In dim light the human eye becomes less sensitive to the red end of the spectrum and more sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum. This is called the Purkinje effect. I am not certain, but I believe this may be what blue filters in day for night shots are trying to mimic, at least in part.