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    After a slight delay, the Tool Shed is opened again, where Sage and The Engineer spill their thoughts on The Caped Crusader’s newest actor.

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    • Sol Gill

      As much as the dueling of the minds is cool, I really hope they don’t do the “Supes and Bats hate each other”. I would be ok if they didn’t trust each other at first, but if they hated each other throughout the whole movie it would be annoying and tired because so many of the comics have done it and it is usually done poorly and I’m sick of seeing heroes fight heroes.

    • Alexa

      Okay you got me kind of interested in the idea of Affleck as Batman, a little bit. I hope he gets the voice down and he does indeed have a good chin, still I wish they had gotten someone even manlier, someone who looked very similar to the look of Arkham Asylum Batman, but I digress.
      Plus your whole idea for the World’s Finest movie sounded really fucking good, and because of such no way are they going to use it. Still sounds awesome though…

      Also Blender magazine has been dead for nearly four years? Where was I, I would of had a party. Oh well. 🙂


      Yeah, I just can’t get worked up about Affleck rage. He does fine, he showed he can direct, and daredevil had so many problems you can’t really put it all on him.

      Hell, you would think that Kevn Smith would be pretty vocal to him about what he should and shouldn’t do with Batman also.

      As far as the comments, yeah it’s hard to rage at a top list like that. Like you said in the video itself, it’s a personal thing.

    • slayride

      I love Tank Girl. Punk blond girl with a raspy voice goes and kicks ass. +Malcolm McDowell as a villain is always win. And Ice T + company as kangaroo people. It was weird but I liked the inventiveness.

      Street Fighter…Of course! Raul Julia gives a great performance and the movie was fun in a way that the Mortal Kombat movie was not.

    • Great episode guys! Loved the discussion about superman!

    • hariman

      Even over a year down the line, I still can’t get much interest in the Batman movie with Superman cameo. I mean, the Batman Superman movie.

      Also, May 2015, and no Gundam month. I shall wait patiently to see when and how you rip Gundam a new one. ;D