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    While Sage is laid up to a case of blown bone-itis, Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer comes in to wipe his shiny tie across Sage’s furrowed brow, and to talk about the new Ghostbusters. Trust. It’s not what you think.




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    • Guest

      Lycos is still around. lol

    • Techno Mutant War Veteran

      I’m afraid I can’t be bothered with any of these new GB movie projects. I’ll wait and observe the hurricane force trainwrecks once they show up for an extremely cheap ass rental on some streaming site.

    • Techno Mutant War Veteran

      lmfao at that List Guy

    • Techno Mutant War Veteran

      Good show, get better Sage.

    • Turcano

      Okay, I just had to look this guy up (Best TV Shows list is here for the lazy), and yeah, it’s pretty batshit. I’m not sure I can even accuse him of having shit taste because there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all (although he did like the new Doctor Who so much that it’s #53 and #58). And all of his other lists are like this, too. And the lists aren’t even consistent, either. This is either the most random fanboy on the planet or someone with schizophrenia.

    • ChefM80

      Sony can’t stop rebooting Spider Man. What makes them think they can create an entire universe of Ghostbusters? I think they would have a better chance of reviving the TV show the original movies got their name from. I don’t like the idea of bridesmaidbusters and dudebrobusters. Maybe if they went full retard and did hangoverbusters to compliment bridesmaidbuster I’d get where they are going.

    • Turbo Puns

      Guessing it’s N-Word Jim? SWEET! I ended up being right. I’m a good guesser.

      • Jegsimmons

        you mean Nigger Jim?

        Don’t censor literature, Nigger Jim is a great and respectable character!

    • Jegsimmons

      we dont need a ghostbusters pulling a marvel, because Universal is bringing back the monsters franchise, so we have paranormal shit covered!

      and i dont mean mummy/van helsing crap either.

    • hariman

      I never knew that “Air duct privilege” could but such a hilarious phrase. Uncle Yo has shown me something new today.

      I must know where the video of Marc meeting Steve Blum is! Please,
      someone link it! For the hilarity! (Seriously though, it sounds

      Hmm. It says something that my first guess for Voice
      Role was “Huck Finn”, but then again, I never had the chance to read the
      Adventures Of Huck Finn. Yeah. Seriously. Eh. Nigger Jim isn’t a bad
      character to play. I’m pretty sure he’s a main character.

      I need to watch more of The Boondocks. Also, I don’t care about the Oscars.

      Extreme Ghostbusters was fun. It was actually a good sequel to the original series. A bit executive meddled, but all the characters were likable and it was fun. Eduardo was the hapless comic relief, sometimes. He did have good moments. The show made me think “PC Ghostbusters”, but looking back, it’s actually a really good representation of possible characters/viewpoints/etc.

      Plus, it was fun! Which is why I’m kind of “Eh” on the movies. I’m not sure if they’ll be fun. I barely watch any movies lately, and only a few get me to go to the theater.


      That list. Just… that top tv shows list. It’s a marvel of modern culture.

    • Jegsimmons

      my ghost busters team

      Jay Baruchel
      TJ Miller
      Charlie Day
      Sharlto Copley
      and the useless chick is Hailee Steinfeld (because she’s underrated)

      Because, fuck it.

      Also, i dont understand why people like Sara Silverman, she’s so fucking annoying and unlikable.

    • JillyBean

      I was really excited for the all female ghost busters. Since they weren’t going to get all the actors back from the original ghost busters it felt like a good way to get a clean slate and I liked the actress’s they’d picked. I’m not so excited for the all male one since I wont be able to stop from comparing it to the original and my inevitable disappointment in it. And releasing two at once is just a recipe for failure. I dont get all the people upset about the idea of a female cast of ghost busters though. We already have the original all male cast which is great, why not let little girls have a female cast to look up to as well?

      I’m glad youre feeling slightly better Bennet. From what I’ve been gathering from tool sheds and twitter this has been going on for a while. Chronic pain is just so many levels of horrible and I admire just how hard you’ve been working in spite of this stuff.

    • darkelf1988

      funnyest episode YET!!!!
      good god make uncel YO a reguler 🙂
      ohh by the way Beneth, I wanted to comment on this a few episodes back, I do not know if you were called out on this or not, but evangelion means holy book, so NGE translates to: the book of new genesis… protencies much????
      I wish a fast and painles recovery my deer sage

    • Incredible, incredible podcast episode yall, I really enjoyed your guest, he was really funny. The all female ghost busters is ehhhh to me right now but I still want to see it and hopefully be surprised by it, cuz you never know.

    • live action street fighter and mortal kombat, love both of those movies! Glad where on the same page! lol

    • What a weird ass list! touched by an angel? little house on the prairy? What?

    • Zach Krishef

      I’ve always wondered about how these were made.

    • Ethan

      I’ve always enjoyed listening to this podcast, especially when the subject of how movies are deemed successful. Mark do you believe the movie Dredd falls within Scott Pilgrim or did it get a slightly more mainstream audience?

      • Neerclass

        Personally, I do think that it’s another Scott Pilgrim story. Even though, at its baseline, Dredd is a just a hyper-violent action film with a comic book skin, it was still done extremely faithfully to its source material. That’s not to say that Dredd didn’t make ANY effort to include the uninitiated, but it wasn’t a film overly interested hold John Q. “There’s only one Green Lantern, right?”‘s hand.

        The result? A very solid, very faithful, very fun to watch Judge Dredd film that virtually nobody outside of its built-in audience went to see.

        Thanks for your question.

    • Sol Gill

      This was a good episode all around. For my personal female Ghost Busters I would go:
      – Judy Greer
      – Aisha Taylor
      – Aubrey Plaza
      – Kaitlin Olson

      Two more questions for Mark, one related to this podcast, the other not. Why do like Kiki if you hate Miyazaki for “shotgunning whimsy” since that film was whimsical to an extent?

      Also, I know you have mentioned the New 52 and you find nothing wrong with it, but why do you think that? This is just from someone who has been reading DC for quite a while with all of the great characters and arcs being rendered non-existent. The way it is for me is like Samus and Other M is for you: it ruined a character you cared about. It’s just made me curious for a while.

      • Neerclass

        In order:

        Kiki’s Delivery Service came long before the whimsical acid trip of the later films. That sense of personal 1upmanship where each film seemingly HAD TO BE more insane looking than the last. Kiki was simple, clean and beautiful. At least to me, especially in comparison to the films that came after.

        I don’t have a problem at all with the concept of the New 52. I have a problem with it’s execution. The entire point was to lighten the load of years worth of universe history so that newer, younger readers could hop on and not immediately get lost. Marvel did this perfectly (on paper) with the Ultimate universe. DC could have and should have just eaten the cost of a new flagship alternate universe brand in order to grow the reader base as opposed to etch-a-sketching their mainline.

        Ultimately, I don’t regard the New 52 and Samus in Other M as the same thing. DC books are printed every month, the directives can change at any time and no character is ruined forever or even for an entire year’s worth of stories. Games are different because they percolate on a much longer time table, are extremely likely to switch hands and in Metroid’s case, are prone to having real character directive to speak of. Meaning that the presentation of the lead character can go from a quiet, resourceful, combat effective solider with a heart of gold (Retro Studios) to a chatty, submissive, bimbo in a hardsuit who seems to LOVE “dear journal” soliloquies (Team Ninja).

        Thanks for your question.

    • TerminalSanity

      Awesome tool shed. You guys bouncing of a guest of this caliber was pleasure to behold.

      As for the all female Ghostbusters thing I just don’t have good feelings about it.Its a call that just seems rooted in the wrong place. Its not like the starting point of the original move was lets have an all male cast. It started with Dan Aykroyd drawing from his personal interest in the paranormal and using it as inspiration to pen a script for his friends and fellow comedians he worked. Here they decided it was going to be all female before they had a cast in mind because because the director and I’m quoting here “My favorite thing to do is work with funny women. I was like, what if it was an all-female cast? If they were all women” pretty much for no more reason than directing women is just a personal preference of his.

      I don’t have much more hope for the dudebro-busters seems like its rooted in combination of hedging of bets and a shameless and frankly overly optimistic cash grab. You guys hit it om the head the OG Ghostbuster were lightening a bottle unless the stars align and you get the right cast who bounce off each other well any sequel/reboot will come off like pale cheap shadow on the original.

    • Ultris07

      I love StarCraft, and more so than that game Total Annihilation. There is talk from Chris (Now under WarGaming: Let’s Battle) that a possible TA remake is gonna happen. And yes WarGaming owns the TA rights.

    • hariman

      There’s a group joke cast I always think of, at times. It’s Patrick Stewart doing a Sean Connery impression, Sean Connery doing a Samuel L. Jackson impression, and Samuel L. Jackson doing a Patrick Stewart impression, with a 4th actor playing the straight man between them.

      And I would probably nominate Christopher Walken or Judy Dench as the Only Sane Man in between the group.

      Also, not too much a fan of RTS games, but I do like the look of Grey Goo, and had a bit of fun with Dawn of War 2.

    • Matt Ramirez

      So in regards to the Back to the Future question, would the telltale game count as a successful continuation of the franchise or nah?

    • SSH1

      You know if the wasn’t for the fact that Van White actually is not that pale I would swear she’s a vampire, some other immortal being. I wonder if she can wield the sword.