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    Continuing the epic countdown, Sage finishes what he started with the best songs to ever hit number one.

    • Stravagante

      Shit you not, my display driver crashed when Celine Dion did her bellowig.

    • Josh

      Hot damn, you’re number 9 spot rocks!

    • Jon

      Best List of all time … can’t agree more, all of these are on my mp3 player already.

    • Sam

      Being a rather big fan of Tears for Fears, I was hoping to see one of their hits in this list, but to be honest, I didn’t expect either one to make it in, due to my predictions of your musical tastes. Glad to see that ‘Shout’ at least made it into your honorable mentions.

      Aside from that, this was a very compelling list, and I was delighted to see that it came out on my birthday. The songs you picked are all fantastic, and more than worthy of the #1 spot on the charts.

      Keep it up, Bennett!

    • timmynator

      Love that Marvin Gaye got on your list

    • Furrama

      Now I’m somewhat curious to see what your all time actual off the Billboard chart favorites are.


      Ugh, 10:20-10:30 had me ready to close the video, that’s far worse then a screamer…

      Still wasn’t expecting that choice for sure though. I get the feeling you would despise someone that just screams like the girl form The Cranberries and the like, but was not expecting #17, lol.

    • Alexa

      Still think there should have been more female singers on here, its too bad Landslide by Fleetwood Mac didn’t make it to number 1, now that song is beautiful.

      Also did you know that Blender had the gall to name Sound of Silence as number 42 on a worst songs list a couple years back. Yeah…

    • Josh

      Sage, prepare to laugh/cry!


    • FuryOfFirestorm

      Sweet Dreams was about S & M. The lyrics say “some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you, some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.” Plus Dave is either masked, looking away from Annie, or in a lower position than her, symbolizing his submissiveness.

    • Tommy Rankin

      This list is great, there wasn’t a single song that I did not like or care for! You have good taste!

    • kenny

      what is the galit/galif riff exactly?

      • Frank Rauen

        gallop, typically a note followed by two notes of half time or value and variations. For example a quarter note then 2 8th notes, an 8th note then 2 16ths ad infinitum.

    • DewayneLikesAnime

      Funny we have the same views on The Beatles and I share your favorite band in Pink Floyd. Well I guess we still disagree on Evangelion…

    • Logan S

      Kind of weird how you snub the sixties on here…I mean, Paint It Black? Respect? Light My Fire? Turn Turn Turn? Anything by the Beatles (I know that you dislike their early material, but it’s not like they stopped producing #1 hits when they entered into their experimental phase)? Thank You by Sly Stone? I’d throw in My Sweet Lord too, but you explained your feelings on that one in the last video, so instead I’ll point out that George Harrison’s Isn’t It A Pity, which was also a #1, significantly contradicts the notion of Harrison as a bad lyricist (I’ll stay away from arguments about MSL proper except to say that I don’t see why an ABAC verse should be considered redundant when blues and rock guys have been getting away with AAB for decades).

      Actually, I find your lists interesting, because it really seems like, to you, lyrics and production matter way more than composition when it comes to songs. This was also shown when you implied in the previous video that all pop music from the 60s sounds the same, despite the fact that pop music back then was more diverse melodically than it has ever been since. That’s not a bad thing, inherently, it’s just a viewpoint that I haven’t heard from anybody seriously critiquing music before.

    • Marci Douglas

      I can not STAND Benny and the Jets. I genuinely consider it the worst song Elton John has ever done…. It’s cripplingly boring, repetitious and the singing is obnoxious. After complaining about the high, squeaky voices in your other list, why does this get a free pass? The lyrics are dull, the music is dull, the whole song is just awful.

    • The Media Monitor

      Why does Bennett The Sage hate soft rock?

    • thatguy88

      I think I’m the only person who can’t fucking stand Sweet Child O’ Mine. Oh well. Great list, man!

      • Cacadu15

        Nah, a lot of people hate Guns N Roses.

        • The Media Monitor

          I don’t hate the group. I just don’t care enough about them to hate them. That and most bands don’t peak my interest (I’m looking at you, U2).

      • The Media Monitor

        I agree. I’m ambivalent towards Guns N Roses (Most bands just never interested me), but I CAN’T STAND AXL ROSE’S VOICE! It’s like he’s intentionally trying to piss me off and it doesn’t help that he’s a tool in real life.

        • Spike Prime

          Same here, I really can’t stand the screeching, whining tone of his singing. He ruined a lot of songs that otherwise probably would’ve been great, especially with Slash playing.

          • The Media Monitor

            I agree. If it wasn’t for everything else about Welcome To The Jungle, Axl Rose would’ve ruined the song on his own. How he had a career in the first place is something I’ll never understand.

          • The Media Monitor


          • The Media Monitor


      • Spike Prime

        Personally, I’d probably like it if it wasn’t for Axil Rose’s screeching, annoying voice. I really hate his singing and I think it ruined a lot of songs I’d probably have liked otherwise.