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    • Josh

      Okay Sage, here’s a challenge for you: Top Ten Good Songs By Otherwise Bad Artists.

      • I’ve got one in mind: Ocean by John Butler Trio

      • Jegsimmons

        American badass by Kid Rock
        Rolling by limp bizkit
        Burn it to the ground by nickleback
        Poker face by gaga
        Keep your hands to yourself by georgia satellites
        gold digger by Kanye
        Teen Spirit by Nirvana…..you fucking heard me
        American Idiot by Green day
        Carry me Home by blink 182
        Anarchy in the UK by sex pistols (just kidding sex pistols rocks)
        Weather Girl by Shiney toy guns (face it, they’re mostly pretty fucking boring
        or if not weather girl, then Hey there Delilah by plain white Ts

    • If “We didn’t start the fire” is bad, then it is one of my biggest guilty pleasure.

    • Colin

      I have to disagree with your using Time Stand Still between videos. I love that song.

      • The shadow

        I doubt it was the song the vidoe was awful though

    • Nick Napier

      Watching this video again, I have to say something…

      Like you, I am a big fan of Queen; while I certainly understand your gripes with “The Miracle” (some of which I agree with), if I were to choose any Queen song to be on a ‘Worst Songs by Good Artists’ list, it would be “Body Language.” That song is horrendous.

    • HigiD

      Very late to this party, but I want to speak my peace.

      “The Miracle” is not about us needing a miracle per say to solve our problems. The first part of the song is about how we do indeed need a miracle, but the second part highlights human actions and achievements as miracles. The implication of the song is we are indeed capable of miracles, and therefore we can create a peaceful world.

      Now, the song may still be weak for a number of other reasons, but I think you missed the mark there.

    • saturnotaku

      I subscribe to satellite radio, and I’ve heard Illegal Alien played more than once on the 80s channel.

    • Ian Doherty

      If I recall correctly, Shiny Happy People was SUPPOSED to be a song that appeared to be mindlessly happy and upbeat while dealing with darker subject matter, buuuuuut the dissonance got lost over multiple rewrites and none of it actually made it into the finished song. They wrote what was meant to be an ironic song, and forgot to include the irony.

      REM themselves agree with you about the song, for the record. Michael Stipe’s said that he hates it, they refuse to play it in concerts and it’s conspicuously missing from several greatest hits albums despite it being one of their biggest-selling singles.

    • Jackie

      I disagree with you Sage i like 90’s Bowie! Especially the album Outside.

    • Johnny Vermeersch

      Great video, but I gotta disagree with some of what you said about Weezer. I agree that Drugs is a trash song and their lyrics are usually simple, but Weezer is capable of at least a bit of technical complexity. Check out Falling For You with it’s key change or Only In Dreams with it’s massive solo.

      Also, Rivers actually has a pretty damn good vocal range. Check out The British Are Coming or especially Jacked Up for some recent examples. Sorry for being a fanboy, just felt you were being a bit harsh. Still love the video though.