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    Anime Abandon: AD Police Files

     Jul 30 2016 | more 

    Bubblegum Chronicles returns with the worst, most WTF chapter in the entire Crisis metaseries.

    Check out Erin Frost’s art HERE

    • Orzene

      Well, now I wanna watch Blade Runner again. Hell, I’m already waist deep in William Gibson, I might as well add Philip K Dick and Neal Stephenson in there.

    • Cameron Ward

      omfg I can’t wait to see you cover Battle Skipper!

      great review as usual.

    • penguintruth

      Can’t say I agree that AD Police is any worse than Bubblegum Crash. I think AD Police has a cheesy 80s violent schlock charm. Granted, as you mentioned, far less than Crisis, but Crash… well, maybe I think less of it because it shits the bed as a follow-up.

    • Raiden

      I love the Suave Cameo.

    • DeusExMachina

      I want to believe that sage pulled out that jin-roh scene soley because he saw that the montage guy was wearing Kerberos-Panzer-Cop armour.

    • Nasuth

      This feels a LOT like something Peter Chung would do.

    • hariman

      This anime was just a lot of copying and aping of its betters, and only notable for how much of a copycat it was, and the scenes it copies.

      The episode of Anime Abandon is good though, as it got some laughs, and some good comparisons to AD Police’ betters.

    • Nick Gaston

      So…does the cyber-uterus do anything besides produce debilitating pain? And does budget robocop not even have the tactile ability to tell if he’s crushing something under his superhuman grip?

      Mr Aikawa, I’m not entirely convinced your worldbuilding is technically plausible OR internally consistent, sir!

    • Casey Samuels

      So Sage is continuing to piss on all of anime? Including this delightful anime. Shakes head.

    • Jason olin

      Did his shirt say Oldtaku? He graduated high school in 2007…. He is in no way an old school Otaku. Don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot for a lot of the reviews he does (and despise him for others) but he’s never experienced the fandom when all we had were fansubbed vhs tapes or your local anime store/blockbuster.