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    Anime Abandon: Bio Hunter

     Jun 29 2017 | more 

    The foundation by which an anime company lived… and ultimately failed.

    • Cameron Ward

      Well, that was awfully short for a review…was there no reason to show off the action or violence more? It looked so drab and boring compared to what the company usually distributes….

    • Neon

      What was the title of the next anime he’ll review? I couldn’t see it well.

      • hariman

        Dragon Half. Which I remember as a comedy anime/manga, hence the lightening things up a bit line about it.

        Never got a chance to read it though.

    • hariman

      Eyyyyyy… Auron Cameo!
      And yeah, this title seems okay, and not worth watching unless you like the gory oversexed anime.

    • Will Schutte III

      11:10 for those who want to escape with the t virus and have no means to get out say no more and order SPOONY’s DUNGEONEERING FOR ASSHOLES VOL.3!!!!

      • Cameron Ward

        that would be funny if Spoony wasn’t a washed up pos

        • Will Schutte III

          I don’t think I’d say that exactly, not even washed up he just can’t handle the gossip bullshit or people talking shit. The only thing I can say and It’s an unbiased opinion is that he takes things to heart too easily and get’s worked up easily when a viewer is being a prick. Besides that the video’s are entertaining and unique, the ripper and the reb brown movies making me laugh my ass off every time.

          • Cameron Ward

            he could never take criticism either. He dug his own grave because of his stupid attitude and he got punished for it and not doing anything besides maybe a stream here or there…i feel bad for the idiots who are still donating to his Patreon….

            • Will Schutte III

              sigh I have to give you that. There’s still a chance if spoony makes a comeback and learns to chill but it’s not worth a patreon payment. especially considering he hasn’t made any constant material. He sometimes doesn’t go through on his live streams either. I watched a live stream and he ended it completely because he couldn’t handle finishing a game, no matter how horrible said game is. I did the patreon for sage because A. he doesn’t bash his audience and go crazy when someone makes a shitty comment or blows him up or even fans who use the BETRAYAL line. and B because he mixes logic with entertainment a perfect mix. He needs to go back to the cynical game and movie bashing spoony we all know and enjoy.

    • Fiery Little One

      Based off of what you’ve shown of this one is… Whaaaa…?

    • I think this is the first time I’ve seen a Anime Abandoned title card that really doesn’t have a damn thing to do with anything that happens in the anime.