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    Anime Abandon: Dangaizer 3

     Oct 21 2016 | more 

    Utterly shameless, tacky, and dumb. What more can you ask for an Obari anime?

    • Orzene

      Had to pause to see what’s up for next time. The title on that case is very small, and apparently has at least 7 words in it.

      • Michael Tabbut

        Viper GTS

    • Cameron Ward

      So you say ridiculously endowed and that’s not really correct. compared to what Obari can do, all the women in this show are more realistic than what the guy can usually do….

    • darkelf1988

      next up…. PORN

    • hariman

      I think I saw this anime plot a few dozen times by now.

    • Fiery Little One

      … You’re letting Suave review another anime. Next week should be interesting.

    • Josh

      Ha, I own Viper GTS!

      Suave might be confused in episode 3. Just saying.

    • Robyn M

      I appreciated the Golden Girls joke. <3