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    Toonami month FINALLY begins with a much belated look at what might be the most popular anime of all time.

    • Jiryn

      You have to remember, the Androids are not fully robots or autonomous, they are actually cyborgs. They were twins Humans who were genetically modified then further enhanced biologically and mechanically to get to the Z fighter’s levels.

      16-20 were based on the Z fighter’s data, all the way through the Cyborg Frieza and King Cold. It makes sense thought careful analysis they were able to create a counter, if only for a short time. Cell, 17 and 18 were almost completely biological, which is why they complimented one another so well and Cell was able to not only absorb,but incorporate their powers into his own.

      • hariman

        And cyborg Frieza was actually stronger than biological Frieza, so tech can increase power levels too.

        With Dragonball Super, 17 and 18 are becoming favorites of mine, due to them both getting some really good action, and better characterization in Super.

    • Ley Dz

      burn gundam wing

      • hariman

        Gundam Wing is a series that I loved as a kid, but grew out of once I, well, grew up.
        It’s okay, but it’s a very trite “war are bad!” story, which a LOT of Gundam devolves into, to varying levels of quality.

        Now the real Gundam highlights? War in the Pocket and 08th MS Team! Those are where Gundam shines!

    • Jesse Shearer

      That is one thing a guy’s gotta give DBZ. It’s proof that in a lot of ways, simple tends to be the best. I never really got much into this, or any of the shows on Toonami, really, but I do remember that DBZ was one of the better ones simply because it really did boil down to being about good guys fighting bad guys and not much else.

    • Fiery Little One

      I’ve watched some episodes of the various entries anytime I’ve been in the States and it generally seemed fun enough. I know what the Dragonballs are and roughly what their significance is and happens when you use them.

      I’ve even thought from time to time about getting a set of Dragonballs because of my passing familiarity to the series. This includes a set I saw today, actually. The fact that I know there are multiple sets for sale doesn’t help in deciding which set to pick up.

      • hariman

        The original Dragonball series has a much better overarching plot than Dragonball Z.

        Dragonball Z… I’d recommend watching in order, up to the end of the Cell Saga, probably after the original Dragonball.

        • Fiery Little One

          Thanks for the advice.

          • hariman

            You’re welcome. 🙂

    • Cameron Ward

      Kind of wish you could have showed more of the fights with the robot, but still. Solid review. I remember this was probably the DBZ film played the most next to the Garlic jr film.

      I always preferred The World Tree out of the early DBZ films.

      I was also a tad surprised you didn’t review any of the DB ovas that came out around that time.

      • hariman

        Dead Zone (the Garlic Jr. movie) and World’s Strongest were my favorites, in that order, due to animation/story quality in both of them.

    • Spike Prime

      Yeah… sorry to wizz on the last bit of the review there, but I’m afraid I could never connect with Goku or the show as a whole, even as a kid. I found it boring and tedious. DBZ comes down to three things to me;
      Fighting, eating, and dumb sex jokes. Mostly the first one. It’s fight after fight after fight, and I just yawn. One of my biggest problems was something brought up here; every time a new villain turns up, they’re supposedly the biggest and baddest one, even though the last guy was supposed to be the biggest and baddest ever. Freza is so undercut by the bullshit that came after, and ultimately at some point becomes kinda pathetic in retrospect compared with the real big bads later on.

      Then there’s the parts where they didn’t bother to think things through. How the fuck did ANYONE ever forgive Vegeta when he’s literally a mass murderer? Fuck that, somebody either kill him for the monstrous things he’s done, or find a way to lock him up!
      Chi-Chi is clearly both a shitty mother and a horrible person when you stop and think for ten seconds about the things she does and says. She tricks Goku first into marrying her when he clearly doesn’t understand, then into having sex with her when he has no idea what’s happening. Someone congratulated him for having gotten her pregnant, and his response was “For what?” Basically, Chi-Chi is a rapist and unrepentant because the show doesn’t realise it.

      I liked the original Dragonball show because it actually bothered to have a plot. DBZ though? I find it either boring or frustrating to sit through, and Goku doesn’t have enough actual character to pull my interests.

      • hariman

        Hmm. You might enjoy Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or Hunter X Hunter more than DBZ, as they avoid the usual “power levels” trope much better, and Jojo’s actually shifts how fights are fought after a certain point to keep the fights interesting.

        Actually, One Piece has a decent amount of that too, but also has some of the power levels, due to the ever increasing might of the areas that the Straw Hats travel to on their journey.

        • Spike Prime

          I saw Jojo’s first five episodes, and while I could tell it was a good show, it didn’t really appeal to me much. I’m not really sure what it was, it just wasn’t a story I was all that interested in. Partially it might’ve been the art direction, a little bit that the main protagonist and antagonist look like Liefeld characters.

          Couldn’t stand the characters in One Piece. I don’t really gravitate to overly extroverted and excitable characters like that. Also it’s so long and such a massively padded series with plots that apparently go nowhere, I can’t see myself getting invested when I’ve already got tonnes of other things that I’m trying to get into.

          • hariman

            Understandable on both counts.

            Jojo’s IS bizarre, which isn’t for everyone. And it’s very, VERY 80s (including the massively muscled manliness), which also isn’t for everyone either. ;p

            One Piece… is actually similarly crazy/over the top. The plots DO go somewhere, and have some of the greatest moments in anime, in my opinion.

            But, if they’re not for you, they’re not for you. You don’t have to watch either if you don’t like them, and I’m fine with that.

          • Eli Herold

            “JoJo” does pick up after Epidode 7. Dio isn’t as much as a one note character as he was in the previous few episodes and it features three guys named Dire, Straitzo, and Master Tonpetty. The first storyline actually ends at Episode 9. Surprisingly good ending. After that, the show focuses on Jonathan’s son, Joseph, in America, and Speedwagon is an oil magnate who helps him out. Also involves Nazis. Pretty good so far.

    • hariman

      Toonami was our childhood/teenage years, for the Oldtaku generation. Outlaw Star, Trigun, Tenchi Universe, Gundam 08th MS Team/Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and more!

      The animation in World’s Strongest was some of the best in the series. Everyone got a moment to shine, and it was just FUN seeing all the characters fight so well.

      Also… I am somewhat surprised at the next entry in the series, and quite interested in seeing your reactions to it. 🙂

    • Kenneth Eaton

      The fact that The World’s Strongest pretty much encapsulates DBZ in its entirety is why it’s always been my fave DBZ movie. It captured pretty much everything that made DBZ great. The Drama, action, comedy, and outright silliness are all there in equal satisfying doses.

    • jesternario

      Where HAVE I seen that shirt before?

    • Elizabeth Thompson

      I am a professional wrestler (Mr. Entertainment Ty Cooper), and I will come off the top rope with a double axe handle, but only after I expose my chest and yell “KAIO KEN!”

    • niwrad anedoip

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    • Craptastic13

      World’s Strongest was not the only DBZ movie broadcast on Toonami. Tree of Might and Deadzone were shown as well, usually after the last episode of the Ocean dub aired (Midway through the Frieza saga no less,) before Funimation rolled out their continuation dub.

      • Tóth András

        Sage did say “one of the movies”, not “the only movie”