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    SAGE VS.


    An unnecessary sequel to a perfectly “Meh” series? Hooray…

    • Cameron Ward

      So, I saw a preview for a Gall Force series and it had your favorite blonde gal with a gatling gun shooting down mechs and there were tanks as well…does that happen in this one or am I thinking of a different one? This was the preview btw


      • Sol

        I think there’s a third film?

    • InAction

      So, these aliens that are trying to covertly unify warring planets together through the creation of new hybrid species because… reasons? They’re the alien cabal that were feeding shit to the Alpha Legion, aren’t they?

    • Kimarous

      Is it just me or does the Solanoid at 3:30-ish sound like an Elcor from Mass Effect?

    • Ilian Todorov

      So now I know where the revival of Commander Shepard from ME2 comes from 🙂

    • Scarilian

      Not trying to defend a dumb anime moment, but when you criticise those involved in the plan for not letting those in-charge know. You mentioned that it was attempting to do a commentary on the inneviteable self-destructive mutually assured destruction that war causes – perhaps those in-charge might actually be wanting war. Have not seen the anime, but feel this could explain it if given enough wiggle-room to be a viable option.

    • Ley Dz

      do you got a place I can buy a copy of gall force 3 stardust war