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    Sage pays all due respect to one of the most beloved anime films of all time. And it has boobs.

    • Lady_KaguraX

      I love this review! Very educational!

    • Peter Fürlinger

      I’m so gonna watch this now. Thanks, Ben!

    • Shehroze Ameen

      this, along-side “Grave of the Fireflies”, was one of those rare reviews which shows a more mature commentary about anime. That’s a rarity nowadays. And well worth thinking over in my honest opinion. Well done.

    • Tits! God I love em! 😀

    • Brian O’Connell

      That was one of my chief complaints about the original GITS, 1/2 was talktalktalktalktalk, and I wound up fast forwarding through a lot of the “atmospheric establishing shots” as well.

    • Svetoslav Savov

      classic anime. one of the best i have ever seen

    • kevin

      fuck. I forgot how terrible the dub is. yeah, the philosophical musings are forced, but they were easier to digest with the original japanese voice acting.

    • Runya EithelNar

      My first contact with this anime was when they used it for “King Of My Castle” video 🙂