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    Sage pays all due respect to one of the most beloved anime films of all time. And it has boobs.

    • Lady_KaguraX

      I love this review! Very educational!

    • Peter Fürlinger

      I’m so gonna watch this now. Thanks, Ben!

    • Shehroze Ameen

      this, along-side “Grave of the Fireflies”, was one of those rare reviews which shows a more mature commentary about anime. That’s a rarity nowadays. And well worth thinking over in my honest opinion. Well done.

    • Tits! God I love em! 😀

    • Brian O’Connell

      That was one of my chief complaints about the original GITS, 1/2 was talktalktalktalktalk, and I wound up fast forwarding through a lot of the “atmospheric establishing shots” as well.

    • Svetoslav Savov

      classic anime. one of the best i have ever seen

    • kevin

      fuck. I forgot how terrible the dub is. yeah, the philosophical musings are forced, but they were easier to digest with the original japanese voice acting.

    • Runya EithelNar

      My first contact with this anime was when they used it for “King Of My Castle” video 🙂

    • Eli Herold

      I’m do not think that the setting for the tank battle is necessarily unneededly allusive, as the location seems to be a former museum or marine center. It is situated on a pier on the coast of wherever the city is. For this reason, I believe the setting to have some narrative quality for it’s existence (that is a reason for the allusion). Also, I don’t think the film has anything to say in terms of feminism, but I do think that the subject of Motoko’s femininity and relationship with Batou can provide insight when seen through Feminist Theory analysis, such as her resourcefulness and determination during the tank fight never coming off as a careless act, and Batou acting more as a support for her rather than as her savior. I’m pretty sure she’s depicted as female because she was in the manga. I’m not saying that Bennett’s argument about why she was designed as feminine was u reasonable, but that it didn’t seem to be any part of what the film focused on and could just be taken as an example of fridge logic.