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    Well, that “F” is certainly deserved.

    • penguintruth

      I enjoy Gundam F91, at least for its visuals and concepts. I reviewed it years ago (though I made a few minor mistakes):


      But if you have a problem with Newtypes, Gundam isn’t for you. Aside from the antiwar message, Newtypes are kind of the point of Gundam. Also, I know that it literally applies with Iron Mask, but the term “cuck” is automatically cringeworthy nowadays because of alt-right douchebags on the internet.

      • Cameron Ward

        Still doesn’t excuse Newtypes from being kind of dumb. They might be one of the core elements of the franchise, but that doesn’t mean that they are that great

    • Neon

      Ah, Gundam F91. What an enjoyable mess. Bandai just loves to screw over Tomino. So much so, they screwed him over with Reconguista in G as well (which explains a lot). Also, Gundam isn’t just an anti war series. It’s about battle of ideologies (depending on the which series you watch).

      To be honest, I thought you were gonna review Gundam 0080 next, since it takes place around Christmas time. I know Endless Waltz does too, but 0080 is FAR better, and would make a way more interesting review.

      • George Nolan

        Suppose there’s more humor mileage out of poking fun of angsty bishounen than a young boy’s harsh confrontation with the reality of war when connecting with a Zeon soldier.

    • Pamcake

      I only saw one episode of Gundam Wing, and found it to be rather boring. As for this film, I have no intention of covering any Gundam series.

      • Raiden

        Gundam Wing gets better. Three episode rule and all that.

    • The Tux

      Is G-Gundam anyone else favorite series?

    • You…you do a collage of badly named Gundam characters…but DON’T include Fixx Bloodman or Marbet Fingerhat?




      • Raiden

        Fixx Bloodman sounds like an early 90’s Image Comics character.

    • Cameron Ward

      anyone notice how this movie’s character designs get sloppy? if you are not a main character, you get clunky chicken scratch designs

    • Michael VanGorden

      My favorite Gundam character is Skiznick Bumberflarrhj.

    • jesternario

      It’s probably a bad thing that i use this series as my checklist on what anime to get. Just saying.