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    Anime Abandon: Psychic Wars

     Aug 22 2012 | more 

    After Space Thunder Kids and Garzeys Wing, Sage finally decides to take a regular look at the anime of yore, and comes up with the turd pile Psychic Wars.

    • Fungus Cannibal

      OMFG I LOVE 0083!!!!

    • LucyQ

      Will you review Yu Yu Hakusho someday?

      • Aarush Dhawan

        yes yes he will past LucyQ

    • Robert Butler

      No doubt they got this licensed for a buck and change…
      Also, that’s a pretty good Schwarzenegger, cheesy line aside.

    • Not bad for a first attempt!

    • Marbles

      I fully agree, a lot of modern Anime just doesn’t have the attention to detail and hyper kinetic feel that brought me to anime in the early 90s. Save for some of the ongoing things I’ve been watching/reading since the early 2000s (The big three, etc etc) I really have no clue what is going on.
      I’ve also been upset with the constant influx of inani, fan service laden anime and harem every other week.

    • Aaron Nicewonger

      2002 was the year it hit DVD in the states. the movie is DEFINITELY the 80s/90s mediocrity you accuse it of. It came out in 1991.

    • gakusangi

      I have to admit a lot of modern anime does bore me quite a bit. It feels like it just lacks the same kind of classic substance that made the genre.

    • Runya EithelNar

      I see few first episodes was heavy with Marobot’s animations 🙂

    • BlancaXLobo

      An anime about a surgeon fighting against evil? Watch Monster.