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    Well, there’s already a Ninja Rap. Why not a Ronin Rap?

    Check out Erin Frost’s art HERE

    • MrInsecure

      Shinichiro Watanabe is one of those weird success stories that I can’t believe happened. Not only did he manage to find success in America when Bebop initially failed in Japan, but he went on to direct Champloo and, later, Space Dandy, both of which are fantastic series we never might have got if Bebop hadn’t found its home.

      His work may not always be stellar, but he’s definitely a guy I’m glad to have around, and glad that he wasn’t a one-trick pony.

      • hariman

        Oh right. I should watch Space Dandy at some point.

    • hariman

      *Rolls his eyes at the Trump based cheap shot.*

      Samurai Champloo was… decent. Enjoyable. Better than a lot of the garbage out there. It wasn’t perfect, it was jarring, but the good outweighs the bad, in my opinion. The episode with the blind spear wielding woman was one of my favorites, although I can’t remember many other episodes than that.

      I just remember thinking “This is just like Cowboy Bebop! None of the characters give a shit about what’s going on around them!”.

      Which, you know, isn’t a bad thing. Just one of the common themes I’ve noticed in Watanabe’s work. Kind of like Miyazaki’s emotional hair, or Studio Trigger’s tendency towards batshit insanity that’s still fun and likable.

      Also: FLCL review incoming! WOO!

    • penguintruth

      Unf. Erin really outdid herself with the art this time. That is gorgeous. Anyway, Samurai Champloo is pretty damn good in the Bebop vein, just not quite as revolutionary as it. It doesn’t QUITE make my “favorite anime list” if I’m doing a top 10 or even 20, but it would probably be my top 30 or 40. But given the number of anime I’ve seen, that’s still pretty damn good. FLCL, on the other hand, that’s pretty close to the top. Great review, Sage. Looking forward to next week’s.

    • blaed

      I wonder if Bennett ever saw Blade of the Immortal. I really liked that series, short as it was. The manga for it was one of the first i ever read.

    • Fiery Little One

      As I said last week, I’ve seen episodes here and there thanks to a here-today-gone-tomorrow channel that I sometimes had when our provider had a freebie month.

      I remember only 2 things about it. The beatboxing that you showed, but I misremembered what was used for the ‘mic,’ and an episode that was not dubbed for a reason I have never understood.

      I’ve been thinking of adding it to my collection off and on for a little while now, spotted the recent box set once a few months back. I think I’ll go ahead and add this one next time I see it. Which will probably be sometime next month.

    • Issun86

      Is Jin’s name supposed to be pronounced ‘jean” or “Gin”? I have heard both depending on the game or movie in question.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        It’s pronounced Jin. Simple as that 😀
        Nah, it sounds like ‘gin’, with a stressed palatal fricative, much like ‘jewel’, and not at all like ‘youth’.

    • JillyBean

      I remember catching the premier of this on adult swim when I was still pretty young and being enthralled by it. The whole way of story telling is great. The thing that gets to me is how disjointed the whole thing is, not just from episode to episode but with in the episodes themselves. I never have watched the full thing through though, something I’ll have to fix very soon I think.

    • Athanasius Kirchner

      What a great series. I guess i’m more unhinged than most people, as I almost can’t find fault in Samurai Champloo, and its highest points, for me, far surpass the lowest and middle points of Bebop.
      And now, excuse me while I go get an asbestos suit.

      • Jason olin

        I agree with you completely. I loved this show minus the r and B rap element bullshit. This show is a near flawless jem.