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    A perfectly dull name for a perfectly dull anime.

    • Cameron Ward

      solid review. I can’t wait for next week’s review

    • dkates

      Is it even possible for an anime’s title to be more generic than the next episode’s target? I just hope the feature itself is more interesting than its title, if only because I’m hoping there will be enough for Sage to riff on.

      • Cameron Ward

        it’s by the guy who did Wicked City, Ninja Scroll, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. it’s going to have a lot to talk about

    • hariman

      Eh, I’ve seen worse anime. Especially here.
      At least The Weathering Continent had SOMETHING good about it, and little that was really offensive.

    • penguintruth

      I heard of this title, but somehow it just slipped right through my filter for some reason. I guess I didn’t miss much. There’s nothing more frustrating than something with good pedigree that squanders it. It’s something that gets me angrier than just ordinary incompetence.

      Anyway, wow, Cyber City Oedo is LITERALLY the episode of my own show I’m working on right now. That’ll be an interesting comparison (people will actually *watch* yours, though).

    • Narratorway

      I saw this anime once well over a decade ago and even I remember that bandits just THINK bisho’s a chick. They were calling the girl a boy to keep her cover. Was anyone around to hear? Nope, but I’ve never considered shit like that a plot hole. Most critics seem to think the best way to keep a cover is to only acknowledge it when in public…

      • Sol

        To be fair, these guys have been in an all-male party in the desert for awhile. They probably are so desperate that anything vaguely feminine looks like a woman.

    • R. Butler

      Oh dear, another light novel adaptation .__.

      It seems that these sort of things never end well. Possibly because one is trying to adapt a several hour read into a visual medium (where “several hours of reading” = “several minutes of screen time”, generally).

      Also, cutting hair off never worked as character development in videogames, it certainly doesn’t work here…

    • Jesse Shearer

      Had to look this one up on IMDb to refresh my memory of when it came out, and it makes me wonder if 1992 is accurate. I say this because I swear I saw part of the ending to this on television once in what seemed like the late 80s. Of course, I could be wrong about that, because the situation I was in at the time was pretty weird itself. One of those things where I remember it happening, even if I don’t exactly remember the date.

    • Spike Prime

      “If your point is pointlessness, find another point.”
      Yeah, I’ve gotta agree there. That’s one of the reasons I think Last Stand of the Wreckers is a total piece of shit story, in spite of the critical praise it for some reason garnered. Pointlessness, by its definition, is not an engaging concept for a story and it’s annoying how it’s used.

      Also, I’d love to know whose message this is in-meta-universe 😛
      Gabe, I imagine, given he’s the editor… does make me wonder how blind Sageverse Gabe edits with no vision at all.