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    One of the worst titles I’ve ever had the displeasure to sit through. Just… abysmally bad.

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    • Thomas Atchley

      Sage I hate to tell you but a teacher telling an underage girl to not smoke isn’t sanctimonious- rude, yes- but it’s not “where do you get off” thing. Japan is really fucking big on the no underage smoking thing, that’s why Jotaro’s face is censored when he smokes in the TV/crunchyroll release for the newer JoJo anime.

      And that is LITERALLY the only thing I have to say in this thing’s defense because the rest is…why.

    • Neon

      I’m surprised he didn’t destroy the DVD at the end of the episode, or at least threw it to Australia or put it into the Violence Jack box.

    • Landusk79

      This was the hardest sit, No sage you was great, but this anime I can’t not image how hard it was to sit thought this anime Mean my god….

    • Zeruel (Sebastian)

      …Are they worse than the reporter in Venus Wars?

      • Cameron Ward

        judging by how gabe had to lock himself out of the room, i think so

      • hariman

        They’re all, or almost all of the horrible girl tropes, plus being specifically written to be annoying on top of that.
        So… maybe. I’m not gonna judge, because I’ve only seen the reviews, and not the actual anime for many of these.

    • Congratulations Sage you managed to find an anime with more hateful characters then Toshiki Inoue’s entire collective works. Now chuck it into hell and seal the portal so it has no chance of escaping and threatening us again.

    • Cameron Ward

      well….that was a pain to sit through…and no not because of you sage….was this suppose to be some kind of comedy? Did Media Blasters really think that this was a good idea to bring over even though it’s morally bankrupt?

      I guess my only complaint is that you could find a better word to use than the C word….other than that, I can see why this is one of your worst anime that you have ever sat through….

    • penguintruth

      Woof, that’s quite a rough sit, know what I mean?

    • Kimarous

      I invoke Word of Dante: “And then they all perished in a kaiju attack that destroyed the entire town and its inhabitants.”

    • DarkNacht

      Kind of reminds me of the crazy nonsense in Strange Love. If you haven’t seen it already you should, even if just for the bizarre ending.

    • Alexa

      I would say I’ve seen worse, but nope, this movie is baffling terrible. And honestly I have seen other anime where there were mean-spirited dick bags, that do a ton of terrible things, yet they were never properly punished for it. Why does this happen so often in anime. I mean I like anime, but god what a fucking weird and terrible trope…

    • Fiery Little One

      When Gabe decided to book it, I was kind of expecting a freak out that would have made the one from the Virgin Fleet review look like a display of mild annoyance, at best, by comparison.

    • AceCS

      Wow, Japan. Rape, blackmail, cradle-snatching, and cuckoldry. The four pillars that present hentai works are seemingly built on(why, God, why?!), and they didn’t pull the trigger and just let it be hentai. This was just a pile of crap, which resulted in a funny as hell review. The “Knawmeen?” thing is indeed annoying as hell to the point of nuclear detonation. I do not blame you for going Super Sage at the end.

    • TerminalSanity

      Wow that was…just… vile..I…I….am at a loss….. Its like it in the end the series was so hateful that even it wanted to pretend somehow it wasn’t as hateful as it actually is. Clearly they were going uptight strait laced guy meets crazy girl that turns his world upside with shenanigans but they missed the mark so far they took their audience into a nihilistic heart of darkness where hope for humanity dies a little for this thing should not be but never the less is…..


    • Ilian Todorov

      So after I watched this shitstain of a show some years ago I decided to check the source material which was a not a hentai manga, to mine neverending surprise, actually the plot of the OVA is following the plot of the manga quite closely so it was never even been intended for the show to be a hentai. For all those clinical masochists out there twenty eight chapters of the manga scanlated( of 18 volumes, dear God why…) they go little beyond the end of the OVA.

    • Spike Prime

      Bwuh… buhh….. whuuaaaaaa???
      This is horrible. What in the hell, man?!
      I don’t have any words. This is just… gahhh!
      But man, I did not see that, uhh… school dance thing coming. That was the moment I understood why you chose this anime to review because that shit was just too bizarre and unbelievable not to share.

    • hariman

      Wow. What a pile of shit anime.
      Everybody’s an asshole, and nothing good happens. It’s not worth seeing for any reason. Gabe was right to run and protect himself.
      I’ve heard of the next anime, but not much. I can almost guarantee just from the descriptions I’ve read that it’s going to be better.

    • Vlad

      Thank you, I needed a laugh like this. I feel a little bit sorry for laughing because this really is horrible beyond limits of reason and sanity. Felt like a birthday gift, though I know you do that for so many fans, sometimes I hope you think of those who have a hard time and how much you cheer them up with a good laugh. You, theEngineer and Gabe that is, I really love the talking and went through all of Super Toolshed the last few weeks. I saw some very promising DVD’s in the background. I hope you continue this.. thank you 🙂

    • Lloyd

      The anime where everyone is an asshole…including the guy reviewing it 😛

    • MacNillus

      So Gabe has become Venom Snake.

    • Cameron Ward

      after rewatching this, there needs to be a nuts and bolts of this episode

    • Headbiter

      I actually agree with Ben’s assessment. I’m pretty sure someone wanted to do a straight-up hentai, going through a list of typical, increasingly darker setups, but due to some misunderstanding or an unexpected decision from the side of the production studio, he had to make this a….ahem…”normal” story.

      So the guy said “(Don’t) fuck it” and kept the original script, simply replacing the sex-scenes with some random “quirky” twist.

    • SelLi

      The Place Promised in our Early Days? Nice, I hope he likes that one.

      • Eamonn Deane


        He does not.

    • Raiden

      First Durarara and now this? Is there a single anime where the Ganguro girls aren’t vindictive, petty, and outright evil?

      • FailDRE86

        Look up Peach Girl or Oshiete! Galko-chan

    • Aotrs Commander

      I… am geniuely not sure (speaking as a person who is not interested in naked people of any stripe generally, so as to underline that magnitude of even comtemplating this) whether or not this would have *improved* or *gotten worse* if it WAS a hentai.

      I… am slightly terrified that it might be the latter.

    • JillyBean

      Poor Gabe. Starting to worry for him at this point.

      And between this and Junk Boy, I really dont get the japanese ‘rape is funny’ thing. Its just.. really? Translation errors I hope.

    • Kyle Freedman

      Does anyone find it funny that when he talks about Naru he uses a clip of someone impersonating Naru

    • 90s kid, no!

    • Laharl Alucard (Aubrey)

      I lost this guy Already I just starting watching his review yesterday.

    • Meliodas

      Sage just hit Game Grumps Battle Kid rage at the end there.

    • Liezl Bohnen

      In Japan if a girl is still unmarried by age 25 she’s considered undesirable. Hence why the teachers’ mother hurried her into marriage at age 24. So it’s not the teacher’s mother being an asshole… it’s the entire country’s Confucius-rooted culture being a bag of bullshit.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        Absolutely, very well put.