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    Florida wanted Sage, and Sage was there for it to answer all of their burning questions.

    • a dude


    • penguintruth

      I’m guessing the anime you’re referring to with the Japanese people speaking English for the whole thing is Cipher, best known for having Phil Colins’ “Against All Odds”, as well as Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”. It’s probably too short to review, but I’d like to try it someday, unless you want to. Oh, and “Footloose” by Wags.

    • LotusPrince

      I have another answer to the final question. The creator of Lupin the 3rd also released Musashi Gundou, one of the most awkward anime series I’ve ever seen. The opening song is atrocious. The art is mediocre. The animation is very poor, and in some cases, not edited in at all (a guy gaping at a forest where trees are supposed to be crashing down, but nothing’s actually happening).

      it’s just like…what happened, man?

    • Josh

      I got one question:

      When you were talking about Violence Jack, and how you couldn’t review it for moral reasons, why did you review Genocyber?

      Personally, I find Genocyber to be far worse! Whereas Violence Jack is a gorefest with absolutely no hope what-so-ever, Genocyber constantly dangles a hope carrot right in front of your nose. It’s not a big hope carrot by any stretch. By all accounts it’s the size of a pinhead, but the carrot is there regardless.

      Great panel regardless!!!

    • hariman

      Ads aren’t bad on streaming. People are lazy/spiteful when they block ads.

      Puni Puni Poemi is so ridiculously fast paced and ridiculous that it’s too fast for a rapid fire comedy. I did get some of the jokes, but it was just INSANE. And it was fun, but I’ll rewatch Excel Saga when I want a fast paced comedy again.

      Huh. I think you made a point on timing and downtime to process jokes/drama/etc at some prior point earlier, Bennett. That’s what Puni Puni Poemi lacked.

    • Irual

      I wonder would sage do a naruto ever in the AA.Because it is soon ending and that might get views..even if some naruto fans might get angry at him.I like the show but i can handle critic toward the show.