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    Sage Reviews: Dead Or Alive 5

     Sep 30 2012 | more 

    It takes a lot to make bouncing breasts boring… but somehow they did it.

    • Brennus

      Yeah, just be looking at how generic it is, I still think I am going to play Blazblue Continuum Shift or Persona 4 Arena or if i want a game that has a 3d perspective Soul Calibur 5

    • Brennus

      Also is it just me or is Kasumi suffering from brain damage since she is wearing that skin revealing outfit to the coldest place on earth!

    • i dont care still gonna buy it was a huge fan of 4 lot of fun memories staying up all night with friends gonna get this even if its more of the same

    • James

      It looks like that if I played Tekken, then I had played this game