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    Sage Reviews: Halo 4

     Nov 11 2012 | more 

    It’s Halo. What do you expect?

    • Do Halo fans seriously call betrayal because MC talks? Ugh… *facepalm*

    • runningerror

      Why is Master Chief talking a betrayal when he did allready talk in the first Halo?

    • Thoughts on the original game? It’s really the only one worth any playtime in my book.

    • I borrowed this game off my brother recently. And my god the campaign couldn’t made of nothing more than fan service if it tried. I was incredibly underwhelmed by the story, and very dissapointed with a lot of the choices made. When I saw game play footage of this game for the first time I was impressed and pleased, they’d fixed some of the most glaring issues I has with the series. But playing the final game, there’s so much more that could have done, so much wasted potential just because they were too scared off pissing off the fanboys. Mainly, why did you bring the Covenant back? They serve no purpose in the game, ever. It’s not even explained why they’re the enemy again outside of “Well they might be a rouge group”. Bullshit. Pure and simple bullshit, not good enough. We’ve been fighting the Covenant for 6 games, I’m bored of them. They’re dull. Prometheuns where a HUGE step in the right direction, I could have happily fought them through the entire game, but I couldn’t before the Covenant kept showing up to bog the gameplay down. Halo 5 better had no Covenant in it, at all. When you’re biggest marketing angle is “we’re starting a new story” then make a new story, don’t continue the last one that’s been done to death.