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    In this spoiler-ific vlog, Sage goes on about how this may be the most laughably awful ending to a series in history.

    • I am going to enjoy more like these in the days to come. Come on Spoony!

    • orzene


    • Josh

      I don’t think I’ve seen you this giddy in a while!

    • I’ve been eagerly anticipating the RiffTrak for this one.

    • Loz

      the movie and series would be forgiven for me if:
      -everyone died in the flashforward sequence, including edward
      -the flashforward sequence was real.
      as it stands this will still remain the most memorable in the series, the proverbial cherry on the turd cake.

    • Fat spoony you are a great reviewer.

    • FullMetalJay

      “protect you with my penis” That was a great line, loved the review. Keep up the good work.

    • I think I have never seen you this excited. 😐 😀

    • ChefM80

      I love this movie just for the simple fact that it managed to piss off the fans of the movies and the books at the same time.

    • La Polilla

      To give the movie credit, they did what they could. In the book you don’t even GET the fight scene. Alice just goes up to the Volturi guy, they stand still for a couple of minutes, and then he goes “oh well then! Bye!” and leaves. I think the director wished he could kill everyone too, so he made the fight scene, but in the end couldn’t change the ending.

    • Most entertaining vlog I’ve ever seen!