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    Sage delves into the realm of music and gives you his favorite musicians. Tissue warning!

    • about pedofilia….Jonathan Davis in Korn touches the subject in a couple of songs from their earlier albums. Great lists btw!

      • Jonathan Davis didn’t talk about it the same way. He was relating a personal experience, not talking about wanting to fuck little girls.

        • Jackie

          Yeah Daddy was about a family friend molesting Jon wasnt it?

    • Fungus Cannibal

      The song Daddy wow……strong stuff.

    • Fungus Cannibal

      I so agree with you on classic rock and listening to it with your parents, I used to ride in a truck with my dad and we listened to all kinds of stuff.
      Man I love Dire Straits myself, Funny how sultans of swing is about baseball lol! Thats hilarious about money or nothing man. But yeah your so right about them not getting credit the deserve.
      Did you know the lead from SIlver Chair I belive does the vocals? Not sure if he made them per say, oh and feel good inc is such a damn good song!!! and video for that matter.

      Man I havent heard someone talk about ELO in a long time! Was every album by them a concept album?

      OMG I love Alice in Chains too, Down ina hole is such a powerful song to me and well damn near every song by them had such great purpose and meaning, you could tell lane was a real mofo and put his heart down on paper and dude I feel you dont be embarresed by getting emotional bout them I tear up when I reflect on what it means to me also bro.

    • Josh

      Damn Sage, I didn’t suspect that Korn would show up here, considering you see to be a bit more sophisticated at times.

      • Josh

        Wait, I got mixed up there. My bad.

    • Fungus Cannibal

      Funny how barley anyone knows who primus is, but know their songs. Funny how Claypoll is on Robot Chicken now =D Race car driver PWNS FACE, your so dead on about Primus!
      Not a huge Elvis Costello guy, but I can see why people like him.
      Pink Floyd has went beyond what a genre of music is, they became something else that many bands have pursued or emulate, but it will never be done, I could set here and try to pick my fav pink floyd song and its impossible!!!! The Wall was perfect day in age, perfect meaning, perfect sound, its just a master piece, not too mention the video was just surreal for that time period, took alot of balls to do what these guys have. Also they are one of the few bands that is actually probably better live. no lie I still have not heard a better live sound.

    • My Top 10

      10. Hour of the Wolf
      9. In Flames
      8. Cobra Skulls
      7. La Dispute
      6. Broadway Calls
      5. A Wilhelm Scream
      4. Refused
      3. Zatopeks
      2. Teenage Bottlerocket
      1. The Menzingers

    • You know the first time that i discovered the Gorillaz was in 2001. Me and my brother was watching the Toonami Midnight Run and seeing Daft Punk for the first time and the movie Interstella 5555 after a band i can’t remember the name to, then the first of all of them was Tomorrow Comes Today, 19-2000, and one of my favorites song of all time Clint Eastwood. I love that song the moment i heard it.

    • Cheers, Bennett! Glad to see Oingo Boingo on this list. I’m going to be a little shameless and just leave you my version of Little Girls for you, should you wish to listen.


    • Fungus Cannibal

      lol I guess people don’t read other peoples comments considering evryone of them says Korn XD llol

    • Good list, Sage. My personal favorite group is Blue Öyster Cult, a group that, for the original members that are left, just won’t lay down in their old age.

    • Y’know, I’m genuinely surprised that Avenged Sevenfold didn’t make the list. Somehow, I just kind of pegged you as that kind. More surprising, though, was the fact that Queen wasn’t on there. In my mind, they were the definitive sound of my childhood and I honestly can’t point to any single song they made that I didn’t like, and they never really took themselves too seriously either. One Vision, for example, turns out to be about fried chicken. But, to each their own, and those were all great choices as well.

    • Jackie

      For me:

      Sigur Ros.
      Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.
      Einsturzende Neubauten
      Pink Floyd,
      Gary Numan.
      Peter Murphy.
      Skinny Puppy

    • Movie_In_A_Blender

      Dude! You are my new DJ. Fantastic selection man.

    • My own personal 10.
      10. Fall Out Boy.
      9. Paul Simon.
      8. Kiss.
      7. Michael Jackson.
      6. “Weird Al” Yankovic.
      5. Blind Guardian.
      4. Disturbed.
      3. Ozzy Osbourne.
      2. The Beatles.
      1. System of a Down.

    • BlancaXLobo


      10. My Chemical Romance
      9. Green Day
      8. Paramore
      7. Evanescence
      6. The Cure
      5. David Bowie
      4. Lady Gaga
      3. Queen
      2. Muse
      1. The Killers

    • The Media Monitor

      Some of my favorites for me are Tim McGraw and Lenny Kravitz among others.