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    Sage and Neer return a bit early with more bats than a clearance sale at Hot Topic. Arkham Origins wrap up, the kid that wins Make-A-Wish and exactly why it is that naming your kid after your favorite character might not be the best of ideas.

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    • Redblaze27

      That make a wish is too cool.

    • Alt-Encephalon

      Six months to a year down the road maybe I’ll get a new console – once we know whats on it – whats going to be on it – how big the problems are and how many of them have been solved. Be smart do not preorder consoles. If there was ever a line in the sand to be drawn on preorders that would be it.

    • DJKennedy90

      My old roommate’s brother named his firstborn daughter “Cortana”. He and his wife had to be talked down from naming the girl Epona. Yes, the horse from Legend of Zelda.

      I honestly don’t know which is worse, a boy named after an antagonist that people are starting to get sick of, or a girl named after a horse that’s only been in like three games.

      Also, thank you. I own Asylum & City on PS3 (never had problems with either), but thanks to you guys telling me about the MAJOR bugs Origins has, I’ll wait until GOTY or Greatest Hits edition and it actually functions.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      I actually consider the “The Critic” parody episode to be one of my all time favorites. I thought it was a welcome change of pace that brought a lot of character and humor.

      • Alt-Encephalon

        I agree with that -sometimes its nice to mix up the formula- granted then the people who don’t like change get very vocal and I’m drowned out.

    • Soft Insanity

      Polite Batman sounds like a good meme

    • Mattaphysics

      I’m kind of shocked that FOTNS won’t be torn to shreds. Everybody I know that has seen it seems to really hate it because of its rediculous violence and convoluted, choppy story. However, I love all the dialogue changes made in the Streamline dub, especially Ryukens pseudo-philosophical speeches, the weird one-liners made by most of the characters, and blatant disregard for the original manga’s mythology that would be lost to an American audience anyways.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      I didn’t think it’d get better than taking the piss out of a (certain type of) cancer victim–but then they made fun of veterans. Why did I laugh so hard? Because a soul is dead weight, and I got rid of that shit years ago. Top-shelf, boys.

    • thisihtis

      The funny thing about Batman Arkham Origins is that the Wii U Version was found to have the less amount of buggs. XD LOL

    • Loved this episode, which is weird because cancer and war vets at the end… >.>’