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    Consider a fourth episode amends for the Shedless month of March. It’s up to the boys to sift through the notes on one brony’s mission to champion the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of trolls who operate above the law.

    PART 2

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    • Medraut Stowe

      I like the podcast but the right – left speaker thing is killing my head.

      • Neerclass

        Sorry about that. The direct download MP3 is in mono 128 (like normal). Oversight that wasn’t caught until it was too late.

    • Jacob Richards

      hunter x hunter coming back, AND a new toolshed? Today is great!

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      I’ll certainly defend my fandom for shit that seems cheesy or outright terrible. Monsters University, Footloose (1984), Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, bring it the hell on, I love that shit (while still being able to acknowledge their faults).

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Also, does anyone else get terrified by Bennet’s fucking roar? I mean he can do it, it’s what he feels, but Jesus, dude. You can kill a man with that shit!

      • It was pretty damn epic. I rate it highly along the ranks of Mark’s rage session against Don Mattrick that one time.

      • Jerry Forbe

        It’s not a roar, it’s his warcry. XD Bennett is awesome though.

    • Jaydeejoy1

      I just watched Lesson Zero, and my first impression (since I’ve never seen the show before) is that I would’ve loved it if I was eight. It got a few smiles out of me (no laughs) and didn’t make me cringe, so that at least is more than I can say for most child-friendly programming I come across. But if this is as good as the series gets, I honestly do not understand the hype at all. Is it well-animated and well-written? sure! Like it if you want, that’s cool. But as for me, well, maybe I’d watch it with my little kids, if I ever have any.

      • hariman

        I used to be a brony, then I realized how the fans were making me look. (And how stupidly into the show I was getting.) I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Bronies just need to chill out.

        Well, okay, there are really cool bronies who aren’t too obsessed out there. But the super obsessed ones need to take a step back, look at themselves in a mirror, and get a grip.

        I’ve only seen the first two seasons. And that might be all I ever see.

        • Jaydeejoy1

          Yup. I agree with you about the really cool Bronies; I’m close friends with one. He likes the show, but doesn’t force it upon everyone (which is why I haven’t seen an episode until just now), in fact, he only really talks about it with other Bronies who share his enthusiasm. If that was how the whole fandom acted, imagine how different their public image would be. People wouldn’t dislike them nearly as much! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. I’m just going to give it a year or two. Sooner or later people will get the picture and stop the goddamn pony wars. It just hasn’t happened yet. *sigh* The Internet is a mess.

    • RobMcCune

      Since this is a two part podcast, I’m going to say this upfront. I am not at all surprised JO royally pissed off someone on the internet, I’ve seen several twitter conversations where she has a literal irrational hatred for something that is at best a minor annoyance.

      • Jaydeejoy1

        Just curious, can you remember what these conversations were about?

        • RobMcCune

          The first she went of on Kyle Kalgren for going to see Much Ado About Nothing because it’s directed by Joss Whedon despite the fact she hadn’t seen it, and it’s Shakespeare. The second went on a tirade about the youtube channel CinemaSins. FYI CinemaSins is a youtube channel where someone nitpicks an entire movie as fast as possible. JO didn’t get that the show was a joke, when that was explained to her she started going on about how it wasn’t a “real review” show.

          • Jaydeejoy1

            Ah. I knew about her dislike for CinemaSins, but I guess I must’ve not seen her harsher tweets about it. I get that some fans might misinterpret the joke channel as a legitimate review, and thus base their entire rejection of a movie upon small bloopers/silly observations, which does obstruct serious discussion in some cases, but you can’t be mad at a show for the shortcomings of a portion of its audience. This also applies to MLP.

            As for her dislike of Whedon, I understand why she’s averse to his work, but knocking a film before she’s even tried it? I think that’s the first criticism mistake in the book.

            Oh, well. In spite of all the drama, I still like JO’s stuff a lot. I hope that the controversy dies down and both parties just take a step back, because I think both her and the Bronies are culpable in the escalation of this conflict. If you ask me, everyone is too thin-skinned these days and will go off at the slightest provocation. It’s ridiculous! Some one said something bad about your work/your fandom? If the criticism does not apply to you personally, why get offended? Move on! Jeez…

            Oh, and thanks for the reply. 🙂

      • Sol Gill

        I agree. I love her assessment of NGE, but she really gets on my nerves. I kind of like the show, I agree that some bronies are annoying, but the fact that she smacks around bronies like they are the scum of the Earth is annoying and stupid. As well as act condescending to those who like RWBY(keep in mind I don’t care for the show), as well as bitching at Bennet for not hating Man of Steel(bare in mind Bennet didn’t care for Man of Steel, he just wasn’t BLARG this movie sucks!).

    • I love you guys for this double whammy episode. Very hilarious, yet very educational.

    • Jerry Forbe

      About the brony thing, yeah I have a dislike for it. I didn’t watch any episodes, but I do have a dislike for seeing constant amounts of fanart (which is my fault for tuning into areas where there would be…) and reading people talk about it. If I wanted to watch a kid’s show I would, I would probably stick with Fairly Odd Parents or Spongebob. But even then, I’ve moved on from those shows.

      I can and can’t understand the fandom hate thing. Why, if you truly hated something, would you spend any amount of good quality of time into it?

    • Lina Jones

      It’s a good quality show, in the same vein that Animaniacs or Batman the Animated Series or Beast Wars or Spongebob were good shows: kid shows with good enough writing that adults can either enjoy or at least not mind the show when they watch it with their kids. About the only thing that makes it stand out from them is the fact that’s it specifically girl-specific focused, unlike almost every other cartoon of that type.

      I’ve seen Season One, and a couple specific episodes from Two and Three, but it’s not a show I feel like keeping up with. I’ll still say it’s a good cartoon. But that’s all it is, a cartoon. Either you like it or you don’t. My main problem with Bronies is that the show has become a bludgeon for a vocal minority of people who want to be special by grooving off their perceived victim-hood. Its basically another social justice warrior movement, and thus subject to all that sort of BS.

    • tasti man LH

      I also think the punching bag that is Bronies is because that they act kind of…pretentious about their Brony-dom. That because it’s a show that is appealing to men, that they’ve somehow shattered the gender barrier completely and that everyone should praise and worship them for their deed (which is mostly just milestone in a long and adverse path at best, and not clearing the whole damn road).

      As for that little essay…yyyeeeaaaaah, I’ve seen that kind of schizophrenic writing before: it comes from people try to cover up as many holes in their arguments as they can to prevent people from trying to launch counterarguments. Which if done poorly (as done here) undermines and goes against your original message.

    • Issun86

      I would really like to hear you guys have an actual discussion with JO. You all clearly have different opinions but are able to debate them rationally without screaming and bitching. Is there any chance she will appear on toolshed later?

    • Anon

      Speaking as someone who *used* to consider myself a fan of JO, I’m very weary and tired of the vitriol she directs towards -not just bronies- but of any fanbase of a show she doesn’t like. It seems inappropriate and misplaced, ultimately amounting to nothing more than worthless narcissism.

      I liked JO b/c she’s got a great eye for the mechanical aspects of cinema/animation. All this bickering between her and the bronies or any other fanbase she’s pissed off lately distracts from what otherwise could have been interesting conversation about a piece of art.

    • Anon

      “Only gangsters wear fedoras” Oh god I can’t stop laughing!

    • Michael Ross Grey

      I believe Spoony himself said…in regards to Ebert’s review of that film about Star Wars fans…that you are not a loser for wanting to be around people who love the things you do. And you shouldn’t feel like one. Unless that fandom is genuinely encouraging clearly immoral behavior, but otherwise…no.

      One little thing though. I was perfectly agreeing with all the points made in the podcast until…the last six minutes when the whole Jehovah’s Witness bit came up.

      Ohhh dear. Alright, uh…here’s the thing. I’ve seen that argument made before…in CHUCK AUSTEN’s run of X-Men. Number 423, in fact. He said more people died of religion than cancer.

      Let’s just take this by one…year. Total cancer deaths in 2000, excluding skin cancer, were 6.9 million according to the CDC and WHO. There was no statistic for religious deaths, so let us be VERY generous and just use “Armed Conflict” deaths to represent religious deaths. I suspect that it overstates the number of religious deaths, since many wars are not caused by religion like World War I, the Civil War, the French Revolution, World War II (in which a certain religion was a victim along with gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics and other minorities in Germany at the hands of a statist who took a Nietzsche-esque approach to the state and who’s God was the übermensch… but it will allow me to capture the non-armed conflict religious deaths. Now! For the year 2000, there were 310,000 deaths due to armed conflict.

      310,000. So, for every one person who died in an armed conflict in 2000, over TWENTY died from cancer. Thank you, CDC and WHO databases.

      In total, there were 191 million deaths due to armed conflict in the 20th century. I was unable to find a total for deaths due to cancer, but here’s an interesting fact: 300 million – 500 million people died from smallpox in the 20th century (and there were few, if any, cases 1980-2000).

      So on average between three to five hundred million from one disease alone. ONE. Just…one disease. That’s worse than a hundred holocausts.

      So anytime anybody wants to say that religion of any kind is comparable to something that eats away at the body, destroys the brain, ravages people’s lungs or skin or flesh or blood…when compared to any kind of belief system that tries to primarily teach social justice, compassion, loving your family, being nice and helping people and even feeling pity and sympathy for those that hate you…I wanna FIGHT THEM ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET.

      • Neerclass

        That’s the spirit! 🙂

      • DarkVeghetta

        So because something kills LESS, it’s somehow a good thing?
        It’s not only about direct deaths, it’s also about the ignorance it spreads that also causes deaths – take the call for African’s not to use condoms by several popes. Feel free to add a few thousands deaths due to STD’s right there and more on top of that via infant starvation. Lovely.
        Of course, up until ISIS direct deaths have been far less then a few hundred years ago when religious wars where all the rage (and since fashion runs in cycles, it’s come full circle and we’re back at religious wars all over the map again).

        The CONSTANT fighting in the middle east for what… decades now is pretty much rooted in religion – though I would be remiss not to mention ethnic tensions and general socioeconomic underlying issues, but religion’s a big part of it.

        People will flock to whatever is popular in their region in that period of time, so religion will always be a thing – but I hope it will eventually be less of a dividing factor then it currently is.

        PS: Next time you laud how kind and tolerant religion taught you to be,
        I’d suggest leaving out the part where you ALL CAPS threaten to beat people for speaking against sed religion.

    • hariman

      Everybody needs to develop thicker skin, and the ability to defend what they believe in, and the judgement of when they need to defend what they believe in.

      Also, EVERY fandom needs to be more self policing, with the balls to actually tell the people who are doing something wrong that they’re doing something wrong.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Marc’s monologue at the end was fucking beautiful, and I say that with no sarcasm or hyperbole. It was also perfectly complemented by the music at the end.

    • Jegsimmons

      Beautiful episode, loved it.

      My issue with bronies is that every time i go to a con i always encounter one of these fuckers, and i don’t mean the casual t-shirt wearing guys, but the full neck beard crazy freaks of nature who is making an ass of them selves or making a scene either yelling or playing with their toys in corner…at a con.
      And for people who preach “love and tolerance” they sure are a bunch of pricks who dont follow their own message and leave people the hell alone.
      Im a metal fan but i dont go in a fast food joint and start playing Eruption cranked at 11. There is a time and place for everything.

      And Unfortunately the core of brony-ism does promote or at least excuse bad behaivior more so than a lot of fandoms.
      For example, Halo fans love halo but we hate people on the bungie forums and tend to separate ourselves from the asshats on the forums with much success.

      Also, fuck fedoras, but fuck trilbys even more.

    • Jegsimmons

      also on those ponies posing with rifle pics and the Adam Savage saying a .50 bmg can kill everyone in the room….Yeah .50 bmg is a caliber that has never been used in a serious crime outside of simple possession. And kill everyone in the room? Well so can a baseball bat, a .50 bmg wouldnt exactly be practical unless you wanted to kill said room from at least a klik away or if they were in an armored bus.

      Also the gun posing ponies and the MLP Vietnam pics are really about the coolest thing to come out of that fandom. Its just my inner gun fanatic.

    • Nivmarx

      Something tells me that this guy isn’t a big fan of Spoony either.

    • SethGecko

      Awesome episode xP
      As allways I agree

    • SethGecko

      Awesome episode!
      As always I agree with Neer xP I agree with your opinion on computing a lot.
      Also! to put my unrequested two cents about bronies:
      The reason I can’t stand them, besides the fact I can’t stand the show, and yes I saw Lesson Zero and every other “This episode will convince you” everyone ever pushed at me, trust my, my boyfriend used to be a huge fan of the show and pushed tons of those in my face… can’t. stand. it.
      But the huge reason I can’t stand them, is because they are virulent… infectious… I mean think about this: how many times have you entered a forum or message board or any sort of community for literally anything and seen a small cyst of bronies in it.
      Example: I fucking love Fallout, from the first game to New Vegas, I’ve worked on mods and community works a lot. And since some time ago I saw the forum I go to buzzing with activity, you know what the buzz was about? a MLP fan work situated in the fallout universe….
      But not only Fallout! everything! point to one thing where there is not a subsection of it that is bronified, It spreads like fucking herpes and I can’t escape It, I don’t attack them or yell at them or suck but fuck man I just wish they would I could evade them…

    • The Nightmare Rider

      I’ve not listened to everything yet, but as a Brony who was involved in the whole initial debate with JO, half an hour in I largely agree with everything that has been said! When we clearly define which part of the fandom we are talking about or general problems with the fandom, rather than throwing out venemous generalizations, we can all find common ground to agree upon! As the essay says, many Bronies are doing work to try and improve the fandom. With a fandom this huge, the annoying portion isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

      But at the end of the day, as long as we can agree that there are annoying parts of the fandom that deserve to be called out on this BS, then there should be no bad blood between us!

    • azamonra .

      First off the McDonalds toy thing is actually the latest step McDonalds has been talking to remove gender based toy assignment that started in 2008.
      Anyway, as a brony (though I’m a women but I don’t care for the pegisister thing) I personally don’t care if others don’t like the show or hate bronies. My attitude is; “I don’t like the show” ok that’s fine, different tastes. “You’re a brony, fuck you” ok fuck you to *walk away* Ironically though I get more shit from other bronies about the show then non-fans, mainly cause I like all the MLP episodes and Equestria Girls.
      So yeah, there are around 180 million bronies and that big a group you’re going to get every form of asshole in the world. That can’t be helped.
      I will say that those of us that aren’t one of these assholes don’t particularly enjoy being called assholes by association just cause we happen to like the same show as these people. Yes call these individuals out but don’t make them out to be representative of all of us.
      Well that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

    • Graf von Geiger

      That was a hard podcast to slog through, even though there were a couple of bright spots that made me laugh. After a while it just seemed like it was just beating a dead horse.

      I’ll say this about JO: She gets a lot of crap from overly zealous anime fans and bronies that we don’t all see. So she’s perfectly within her rights to mock them as a form of catharsis.

      • a-nony-moose

        As someone who has watched this from afar for a while… no, not really.

        JO gets flak from those people because she first takes pot shots at them via her social media tools. She’s the original instigator 90% of the time.

    • azamonra .

      just listened to the second cast. Hmmm I agree that there are obviously hate groups that deserve the scorn they receive and there is a grey area when it comes to enjoying a piece of media who’s creator holds unsavoury views. But is the opposite also true? My Little Pony is dedicated to positive themes so if there is an argument to be made about media choice being cause to hate people because of hateful themes, wouldn’t there also be an argument to be made for not hating those that are fans of positive themed media. Obviously there are exceptions on both sides that like an aspect of the media but don’t actually subscribe to the themes? I personally enjoy Nazi regalia from an aesthetic point of view but certainly don’t agree with their well everything else.

      So I don’t know what this thing with JO is all about and I don’t really care cause like I said I don’t care what others thing about these things and I don’t go looking for drama. So I don’t have an opinion on the matter specifically.
      On a related note, I don’t care about Sage’s opinion about bronies and all that. I like his stuff and he can have any opinion he likes. I loved M.D. Geist for example. 😛
      Oh and Rainbow Dash would mangle Asuka. XD

    • Josh

      As someone who takes a more casual glance at MLP, so I’m not quite in the know about things. Is the drama & vitriol that bad?

    • The Nightmare Rider

      Having listened to the whole thing, there are a few things here and there I disagree on. But here’s what I don’t understand; How can you say that if we really love the show, we should just ignore the haters and go on with our lives, while at the same time say that we need to do something about the worst aspect of the fandom actively if we don’t want to be lumped in with said worst parts? Do we do something about the fandom and try to critize both sides, like you did? Or do we just ignore it and continue acting like it doesn’t exist?

      • Neerclass

        It’s about neutralizing or equalizing the pressure between the outside and the inside. Crazy/socially inept bronies should be stopped at all costs because they perpetuate a bad image of your fandom. It’s the responsibility of any fandom or collective to audit itself for the sake of it’s reputation because said reputation is the difference between getting occasionally getting poked fun at or getting wholesale accosted.

        The flipside is that some people aren’t going to understand, reputation or not and take shots at you. Ignore them. It’s not your job to change their minds and these people ultimately mean little more than dust. You either ignore them on the internet (because words are cheap) or verbally destroy them IF they get in your face (or ignore them) and then walk away. People who actively don’t understand bronies mostly don’t have the stones to do anything actually terrible to you, especially not to your face, so there’s no sense of engaging.

        • The Nightmare Rider

          In which case, I can completely agree with that attitude! Just look at any youtube comments thread on a none pony video that mentions Bronies in any way and you’ll find your typical brony hatred. That shit we can ignore. However, what I don’t think we SHOULD ignore is when there are people who hate bronies so much, they will literally make up stories about pedophile bronies to get notes. And anti-bronies just lap this shit up without remotely questioning it.

          I don’t know if I can link in this comments section. But for this story, search for the blog “Ponies for Parents” on tumblr and find the post entitled “A Word About Bronies” (that includes the story). That kind of ignorance we need to call out.

        • a-nony-moose

          >Crazy/socially inept bronies should be stopped at all costs because they perpetuate a bad image of your fandom.

          But here’s the dilemma: how can you control that which you yourself have no direct control over at all? It’s not like their fandom, or any other major fandom for that matter, can control the ten or so dipshits under their banner that run amok and don’t give a fuck about what anyone says or does.

          People like JO seem to retain this idea that bronies are still a small fandom, and the obnoxious jackasses within it can be called out thanks to an angry and personal tumblr or twitter rant.

          It doesn’t work though, because that fandom is FAR from their small-ish /co/ roots these days.

    • Anon2

      Can someone point me to articles Jesus Otaku wrote about bronies?

      • The Nightmare Rider

        She ranted on her twitter, examples of which can be found if you search for the open letter that Sage talks about in this podcast, you can find images of said tweets.

    • nobszonemod

      Hey folks, this is the guy who wrote that long ass post.

      Just finished listening to this podcast. This was the first podcast I’ve ever listened of this series so this was quite the first one to listen too seeing as it was about what I wrote!

      At any rate, overall good job. It seems you didn’t agree with a lot I had to say, and that’s okay. Like you said criticism on the internet is a two-way street.

      Anyway here’s some thoughts I had:

      * I honestly did not intend for that post to be that long. When I read it over I was just like “oh Jesus this is gonna piss people off.” I didn’t expect for you guys to read over the whole thing, now I actually do feel bad for making it that long! Either way I am glad you guys actually took the time to read over it all.

      * “Slap the bronies on their clopper” That’s funny. I laughed.

      * Interesting take on Lesson Zero.

      * For the record I wasn’t trying to imply JO should like the show because she’s a woman or whatever. Like I said she’s welcome not to like it. In hindsight I probably *did* come off a little more mean spirited than I would have liked, but again I didn’t *intend* paint her in a bad way. If it honestly came off like that at any point then I apologize.

      * I really don’t know why I wrote “in the year of our Lord.” I guess cause I was trying to emphasize that “it’s year and people are still doing this shit” or something. Maybe because it was the Easter holiday or whatever. I dunno. Either way I liked how you guys read that, it was hilarious.

      * I also never tried to compare bronies with a minority group. In hindsight I probably should’ve left that part out and focused on just fandom hatred in general. I’m not trying to trivialize the plight that real minorities face, so again if it came off that way then that’s on me.

      * Bennett that scream!! Yer gonna break the mic! Anyway as far as the videos are concerned? I personally don’t think the behavior was that bad (I will agree the dude buying all the apple pies made me raise an eyebrow), but that’s just my own stance based on other factors. So we’ll agree to disagree on that.

      * Everything you guys said about rabid bronies (or “fauxnies?” I like that I should start using that) is something I agree with 1000%. As I’ve always said people don’t have to like the show or the fandom, I’m not gonna pretend it’s like the greatest thing since Goldeneye or whatever. Those people honestly piss me off as much as those who say “you should be ashamed of yourself” for liking the show or whatever. I’ll probably do a missive on the brony “fan dumb” soonish (I promise it won’t be as long!)

      * Great monologue at the end. There’s some minor points I don’t agree with but for the most part I do agree with the majority. People should be free to like what they like as long as it doesn’t hurt people and stuff. And good point about how in the end it’s just “words on the internet.” That’s my stance on this which is why I’m kind of taking this in stride. I’m sure it may not seem that way after all that I wrote but for the most part this isn’t that big for me. If people honestly want to get upset at what I say? That’s their problem. But I do welcome honest critiques like what you guys did.

      So yeah overall I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on a quite a few things, but that’s okay. At the end of the day this is your guy’s opinion and I respect that. I’d also like to think I can use what you guys said to be a better writer as well (and for the record I am trying to work on the fact that a lot of my posts end up being walls of text…like this one. Hoo boy).

      So yeah, again thanks for your comments as well as making me part of your show.

      • Jegsimmons

        uuuhhh…. long long long
        too fucking long DID NOT READ!!!!

        • The Nightmare Rider

          Why did you comment if all you had to say was “TL;DR”?

          • Jegsimmons

            im just an ass that way.

      • Neerclass

        Thanks for coming around sir. 🙂

    • Jerry Forbe

      Well after listening to this, I was like, “Wait. This guy wrote this because of a few tweets?”

      • a-nony-moose

        No, more like the rather accusatory tumblr post JO wrote accusing bronies of only being for equal rights and gender neutrality essentially because, “It makes them look less like losers and creeps if some are working to have MLP be accepted by both sexes.”

        • Jerry Forbe

          Well, I’ll kind of go of where they ended this episode. You’re going to have to expect this type of attitude and while it might be offensive… Those people who poke and make fun add absolutely nothing to your life.

          Like what you like.

          “Unless you like nazi kitty porn.” – BennettTheSage

          • a-nony-moose

            It doesn’t change the fact that they act like a jackass, leaving them open to be called out on acting like a jackass.

            • Jerry Forbe

              Some people are easy to take the bait, tbh. Now, if someone says crap to you in your face, however…

    • The Nightmare Rider

      One thing I think we all need to recognize is when the fandom is getting undue hate. Becase, while I will NOT compare this fandom to racial minorities, I do think that sometimes the anti-bronies exaggerate and twist the problems to frame Bronies as the scum of the internet, more so than I see happening for other fandoms (the only thing close I can think of would be the Homestuck fandom, but I haven’t seen as many tumblr blogs dedicated to hating Homestucks).

      An issue I have is that there’s a BIG lack of critical thinking among anti-bronies, who will usually mindlessly spread rumours against Bronies without a single thought. If Bronies are expected to clean up this fandom, then we need to do so based on facts, not baseless rumors.

      • Jegsimmons

        Well personally i think it comes to this; every fandom has its bad apples and haters.
        and for the most part the ratio on those compared to normal fans and just people who dont care is kept relatively small because its just seen as different taste and no one is disrupting the others fun, time, what ever.

        But as shown in this podcast example the reasons why bronies and homestuck get so much shit is because that ratio of bad apples to normal fans seems to be less balanced or at least the bad apples are extremely noticeable.
        Such as homestuck, before i started going to cons and what not even i have heard of the noterity of homestuck stuck fans, and maby its just my region but they seem to be constantly disruptive, taking things to far, and even cases of straight destruction or property.
        Then when i finally started going to cons and thinking it was an exaggeration, to my surprise, every-time something creepy and inappropriate was going down or someone got into serious trouble it was 8 times out of 10 a homestuck fan.

        Now bronies arent quite as destructive or straight creepy as what ive seen from homestuck fans unless you dig around for it, but they do tend to set off the “WTF” and the “Dear Christ shut up and leave me be” alarms far to often to not see a pattern.

        • The Nightmare Rider

          I think the proportion is more apparent due to the fandom sizes. Both Homestuck and MLP are BIG fandoms. So it’s statistically more likely to come up against the idiot bronies, especially on Tumblr. The problem is how people with jump on Bronies for problems that aren’t fandom specific, or outright untrue.

          Recently, there’s been a post circulating Tumblr talking about how this one Brony at Babscon was stalking an 11 year old girl. The OP was highly inflamitory and sensationalised, and has since been proven to be mostly, if not completely, full of outright lies. Claims at how there were stalls of NSFW content were completely dismissed by the staff, nobody questioned why an 11 year old girl was left unatended or why the vendor “protecting” the girl never contacted security. Staff members are investigating it, and I along with many others will be the first to condemn the behavior of ANY Brony, or any PERSON, who is a pedophile.

          Trouble is, Bronies have such a ridiculous reputation, that allot of people don’t care what the facts are. I haven’t seen JO say anything about it, but because of how she generalizes the fandom and shrugs off any attempt at balance, I wouldn’t put it past her to reblog that story without a single ounce of critical thought.

          So TL:DR; Bronies are a big fandom, with lotsa shitty members. Just don’t let that stop you from thinking critically about how true rumors may be, instead of just jumping on the “KILL ALL BRONIES!” bandwagon.

          • Jegsimmons

            Well then you have to consider other huge fandoms like star wars, star trek, firefly, gi joe, certain animes ect and for the most part they can self manage and keep thier own under control.

            Im just saying you dont mean many star wars nerds dressed as a sith using the force on underage skirts.

            • BigDan

              I think the reason the other big fandoms you listed are able to self-manage better is because of how new bronies and homestucks are compared to trekkies and otakus. I’m not saying bronies or whatever shouldn’t get their shit together because they’re still a young fandom, but it’s understandable why a toddler would have a worse time controlling their emotions than a fully-grown adult.

    • Damon Sherman

      I didn’t enjoy this STS. It felt like Bennet was just picking on somebody having an opinion. It just felt mean spirited and unnecessary.

      • Mulatto_Fury

        Sir, might you be feeling a tad bit butthurt? You may wish to go see a doctor about that.

      • noah siers

        I don’t really believe this was done in spite. Frankly I just think it was for everyone to step back and not take everything so seriously. Be a fan of what you love. Its more about just letting people that want to hate, hate. Someone is going to have an issue with something 100% of the time. That shit happens. Just let those people go to the wayside with a healthy dose of fuck it and forget about them. Love what ya love. Celebrate what you want to celebrate. Be happy.

    • azamonra .

      Ok so my earlier comments were made as I was listening to the cast cause, well it’s a long ass cast. Now that I’ve had time to think about it…

      I think the problem is that bronies do get a lot of hate for frankly stupid reasons just cause MLP is primarily a young girls’ franchise. There are some that find the very idea of adult males legitimately enjoying such things, for lack of a better word, offensive. Now the problem is that we can’t tell when we are getting a stream of bile from such individuals and when we are getting “hate” from a real place like Sage. This is due in part to the fact that the phrasing doesn’t vary much between the two. If two guys say, “I hate bronies” we can’t read their minds and know that one means they hate bronies that do/are/ect {insert legitimate reason here} and and the other means fuck those horse lovin’ fags.

      Of course there needs to be a degree of perspective and fortitude on the part of the fans and internal moderation is a good idea, though I add that there is only so much the fandom can do about problem bronies. But IMO it’s a two way street, at least partly. If a brony does something distasteful (and I stress that this doesn’t mean clop content on appropriately tagged areas) then point that individual out as a problem by all means. That’s helpful, but saying bronies are X cause this guy does this is only going to come off as “you are X cause this guy is in the same fandom as you” which only makes ponies (:P) defensive rather than looking at the problem individual.

      I think I mentioned this before but I don’t regard Sage’s comments about MLP/bronies as something to take seriously since he has those opinions for a legitimate reason (I don’t agree with those reasons obviously but they aren’t fuck those horse fags so yeah, opinions and asses ect whatever who cares). My point being he doesn’t go out of his way to bash bronies…as far as I know since I don’t fallow twitter/facebook/whatever. If he makes a comment about MLP/bronies in the his show then whatever…though RD would so make Asuka her bitch and lets be honest that nut case would probably be better for it. 😛

      Anyway I’m rambling so that’s all I’ve got to say.


      Quite a long episode for basically:

      “Don’t take it so much to heart bronies, a lot of you ARE assholes, much like everybody else..”

      Although JO basically skated off pretty cleanly………

      To be fair, I guess I don’t really like either of them to be completely honest so whatever, heh.

    • Rakkrakk

      Okay, comparing that people are belittleing bronies for the douches in their fandom to people’s distaste for Germans because of the existance of Nazis and, unfortunately, Neo-Nazis… Now that is weird.
      Nazis killed millions of people under an unjust regime. D-bag bronies behave in socially problematic ways… That is the weirdest comparison to make. Like, ever.

      I mean, we once started a world war. I get why misinformed people get damn skippy whenever one of us, especially one of our politicians, shows any kind of patriotism outside of the soccer-fandom. Because there is a historical precedent for it which humanity shall forever keep as a reminder for the fact that hatred and biggotry only lead to suffering and pain of innocents.

      But D-Bag bronies are not much more than opinionated assholes, most of whom are much less threatening than the D&D nerd stereotype that was(and still is for some reason) villified as satanic. Bronies are made fun of because those assholes within the fandom are one of the easiest targets available.

      In short: There is a world of difference between the kinds and levels of resentment at play here.

    • Bradley

      I consider myself i “light” brony. i like the show and enjoy fan-art/videos of my favorite characters but i refuse to try and preach the show to others. if people ask if i am a brony, i say yes and leave it at that until further questions are asked.
      I see the “hate” and trolling that channels like the Mylittlebrony meme-base channel get and just shrug it off cause it doesn’t effect my views of the show and i’m sure the games/shows i really hate and their fans would not appreciate it if i started trolling and flaming the fans of those things.
      I hear people like JesuOtaku and our man Sage here say they dont care for the show (and the brony fans) and i may say in my head “Awe well that’s another thing we do not share in common”. But i still like their work and it doesn’t change my opinions about them.
      Regardless, its always a blast to listen to you two and i look forward to the next Anime Abandon and Super Toolshed

    • hm, interesting conversation guys. i gave mlp a chance once and it was alright but it didnt get me hooked. Also why is this podcast in two parts? im sure you guys had episodes as long as this before or am i wrong?

    • ok just finished part 2! that pony documentary is on netflix, i wasnt going to watch it but now i am because you metnioned it and it sounds interesting now, also WOW! the n word, is it cool because bennet has a black friend? marylon manson said it several times and said it was ok because he was friends with chris rock… so are we going by manson rules here? if neer is cool with it then we should all be! i hope… he wasnt saying it hatefully or to hurt anyone he was just saying it, it is just a word after all, but its a word you never really here online so casually by a white guy.


    • The Thinker

      The tantrum thing about a fandom is not actually accurate. Mind to say what a stupid member of a fandom will do to get what they want but based on actual knowledge and stories heard from friends and family I will explain in the next paragraph.

      First off the people that most likely do that within a public place are known as “Collectors” (Mind you there is a major difference between a fandom collector and a “Collector” which I will explain the latter which will be enough). A Collector is not really a fan to the items in question but knows of the popularity of the item or items. They will do what they can to get the complete set because it can be viewed as the gravy train (People will most likely think they are part of the fandom when they are not). After acquiring the items they will take pictures and place em on their computer while at the same time sealing the items in a box (where they put the items is up to the individual). Wait till the items are done selling and gets hard to find then whips em out for auctioning off for a high price at Amazon or a number of other auction sites online.
      Like I stated it isn’t about fandom to them it is about the money they can make and if they feel their having complications to get to the next step they will do whatever they think they can do to get what they want (In some cases getting arrested based on some shows like world’s stupidest or America’s Dumbest Criminals to name a few). Sorry for the long winded speech but felt like it needs to be said and have a good night.

    • Rrilltrae

      My confusion on the basis of the argument…. This issue has been investigated as a problem since long before the days of mlp…. Concern with the genderizing of the themed McDonalds toys has been ongoing since 2008. As the below article notes, McDonalds has had a policy of not specifying the toys as “girl” or “boy,” and the application of this rule has been mainly ignored by individuals at the franchisees. McDonalds corporate has been making efforts to reverse this trend, and recommends parents bring a copy of their policy to the location and encourage management to retrain employees.

      This is just the sort of thing I would hope would be researched before pot-stirring commentary. i am a big fan of jesuotaku, and so was pretty disappointed to hear about this unfortunate reaction.


    • Daniel Holland

      Be more of a white knight Sage. It suits you.
      Dumb fans are dumb, going to bat for JO means nothing.

    • Verves5237

      Excellent podcast guys. Especially liked the part where Mark laughed at his own jokes for about half of it.

      • Neerclass

        I only do it because adding a laugh track in post seems like overkill.

        • Verves5237

          Touche, good sir. Well Played.

          2014-04-27 18:14 GMT+03:00 Disqus :

    • Someone who is just talking

      Hmm… I well didn’t what the hell bronies are before this podcast, but I sure do now lol. As for “My little pony” I never watched as kid, and now at 31 years old I still have never watched it. Still I guess like what you like (with in reason), but expect some bullshit your way, and try to deal with it. However those people giving say bullshit, can just chill the hell sometimes as well.

      As for the issue ‘males liking female things’ social taboo,.. hmm I don’t know. I have a brother who is a cross-dresser (not gay btw), and though I have accepted him and his hobby, I still I don’t like that fact that he is one, (and I he is very aware it). So that social stigma is still very much there, (even with me), and as many “Social Justice Warriors” people you have in world. You have A LOT more people that will keep to the common American cultural taboos. Things of course are changing, however the most lasting of reforms take time. Sadly many many, people seems to forget that fact.

      Lastly, you guys are really funny and fun to listen to. Good job.

    • JillyBean

      I bet there are a lot of loooooooong comments on this one. But I like to add my mostly un heard voice anyways.

      I do get protesters of the brony thing and bronys themselves. Its odd to me. I think there’s a lot of back lash from feminists because they have not nearly as many pieces of media specifically geared to them and then watch this one get taken over in a way by a mostly male fan base can be a bit exhausting. That being said I find nothing wrong with men boys or what have you liking a cartoon aimed towards girls.

      I think the problem is a lot of MLP fans that I have at least come across, tend to reaaaaallly hit the ‘fedora nice guy’ stereotype on the head. Like the Fedora, MLP is associated with a very repellent personalty which adds an unfortunate stigma. And after having encountered enough guys who I thought were my friends threaten me or cuss me out because I didnt return their affections, I get where the hate can come form.

      As for the porn thing, the fact that it’s less and less on the google search is good. It irks me personally but I guess I just dont get the fetish for it and probably never will. But every kid show is sexualized by every gender. Rule 34 after all.

      I find the show itself pretty enjoyable. I grew up with My Little Pony and still have most of my old toys in a bin some where in my parents house. I found the show through cosplay friends asking if I would join their group as pinkie pie for a con, and i’ll admit the songs got me and I find the humor pretty good, especially the Dark Wing Duck tribute episode.

    • SSH1

      Okay it’s not my fault that G.I. Joe renegades was canceled, one I do not see ability to LA for this series nor see the one being advertised!

      2: you honestly think I would be able to keep up with the television show, if half the time it wasn’t being shown at the same time slot every single week, I’m sorry if you’re daily show even you should have added daily timeslot, even suspicions with marathons that go on every day have an regular timeslot resume their shows!

      granted I think renegades would’ve helped if it had a marathon day!

      Joe has no right, to pass judgment on the fandom when she is currently a member of attack on Titan, is the greatest show ever!

      Before even registered as having a translation, now I can state my reasons for not liking up on Titan right now, and is mainly because I’m known the actual spoilers!

      so here’s the spoiler in turn turns into a giant, and there is only one kind of steam punk technology for several episodes!

      I’m sorry but when everything looks like medieval England, and you’re promoting the series as a steam punk series I spent a little bit more industrial revolution! with the exception of maybe the military informs everything looks like it’s cut From Renaissance fair!

      And when I bring up my arguments question that someone found some way nobody seems to want to answer, this brings up my further point that they are just looking for different factor!

      which is and everyone you’re free to reply and answer this question, if you were thrown into the attack on Titan world, and you have the option to bring one giant robot From any series! what would be that giant robot, knowing full well that you would have to maintain it!

      There’s a difference between not bringing up your reasons for liking the fandom, and so forth.

      Yes, my love pony fan but it does help that they do have a record timeslot!

      also When did Bandai close it’s doors are they also toy company and videogame company?

    • Alex

      In regards to antisocial-ness and developing wit as a means to gain solitude; I think that in order for you to be able to use those cutting remarks to encourage people to leave, you have to be in an environment that allows that sort of thing. When one is being constantly socially accosted by authority figures who WILL NOT GO AWAY, there is very little one can do about it, especially when that sort of situation occurs from the time you can speak coherently. And when one’s parents are traditionalists in terms of punishment. I find that this sort of environment actively curbs the propensity for sass and even robs you of a level of agency since you feel that anything you could try will not only fail, but result in pain.

      Of course, that doesn’t exactly mean I’m antisocial, just that I dislike being intruded upon at all hours of the day including several WONDERFUL occasions in the early AMs. Whatever. Anyway, I feel that there are indeed certain fans who you are allowed to hate, but only if they are fans of morally reprehensible things or things that cause harm to others. Fans of Rush Limbagh, for instance. Or Bill O’Reilly, Gorians, and Chris Brown fans.

    • HigiD

      You know, just because I am a fan of MLP doesn’t mean I am a “brony” per se. Just like as Sage mentioned, he may like Star Trek but he would never call himself a Trekkie. So don’t say its my job to rehabilitate bronies’ reputation when all we got in common is in fact we like rather small colored equines.

      Now, I would entertain the notion that as human beings we need to call out assholery wherever we find it, but that is a much broader call to action.

    • Firestonex

      Lesson Zero is alright, but Party of One was the first episode that said. Ok that’s it. I’m hooked.

      • theviewer

        I had no idea that JesiOtaku hated bronies so much. In fact, wasn’t she the one who had the whole thing go down with Spoony? She has lost a viewer.

        • Nick Eatalot Halberg

          Actually not, yeah it started between Jesu and Spoony, but they made up and was ok, but later on, Lord Kat and Lupa later brought it up again, and that was what ended up causing them to throw Spoony off the site.

    • Firestonex

      MLP was best in Season 1 and first part of Season 2. After Faust left the show, I can really see it slipping. So ya, even though I find many of the newer episodes pretty poorly written, nearly every episode has at least something meme worthy in it.

      And even with poorly written episodes, I’ve already grown to love the characters, which allows me to over look a lot of these issues.

    • Firestonex

      I’m glad I became a brony when I did. It was right after the first season. Back then, all I heard was about some new awesome show… Death Battle and a review on TGWTG is what finally made me decide to watch it.

      Back then, I knew nothing of all the hate over the fandom. And it was great. I got to experience the show untainted by the opinions of the internet.

      Ya, we have some weird fans out there. But there are way to many awesome artists, musicians, and other creative people out there releasing amazing content daily, to worry about a few bad nuts.

    • Firestonex

      BTW. I hope everyone knows that you don’t need to buy a happy meal to get the toys. You can buy the toys by themselves.

    • Firestonex

      Part 2: 16:00 .. Actually Brony has become a whole encompassing term, including both men and women. Just as Trekkies, or Whovians is one term for all fans.

    • whiteflags

      I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to air this concern but I dislike that the background is a big link to an external site. I click there without meaning to *all the time*. Please consider an alternative to that.

    • Toasty

      On the topic of the Pastel Reich lasting for another 5 years, let’s remember that this is investors trying to guess the staying power of something.
      They said that the PS4 and XB1 are going to last for a literal decade, but their hardware is already struggling to make par.

    • ThatCommenter

      Sage, and Mark,
      As a brony, I have to say that you two are a freaking riot. I loved what you guys said, and I agree with you all. Also, thanks for the term “fauxnies,” I’m gonna use that.

    • Lukas münzenmayer

      I am a brony, and still even if i like it, there are still things about the show that i truly HATE. And i respect anti-brony or person who dont like the show, but they need to come with they opinion, and could make any since of why they dont like, then i am fine with them. And since i have been a Movie Reviewer for like two years, and i have only been a brony for 4 month. So i have had respect for people opinion, so i am fine that you Sage dont like, you dont like it ans thats it.

    • Random Pothead

      Engineer, your cutie mark makes me wanna smoke marlboros…
      In reference to bronies and hate, I’ve just accepted being hated as part of liking the show. It’s recognizing who’s coming from a good place and a bad place. If they don’t like it and they have their valid reasons, then cool. One of my best friends loves Gurren Lagaan, and I don’t like it, because I’m not a fan of giant robot anime. He gets over it. But, some people hate without ever giving it a chance, judging books by covers and all that pish-posh. And they seem to see every fan of it through the same lens. And, IMO, figuring out who’s who is key.

      TIP: If they start calling you “Fag”, “Pansy”, or “Clopper” or some other bullshit like that, walk away. It’s a useless battle, cuz those are hater tactics. Haters gonna hate.

      Luckily, as a large black man, I can wear pony shit, and overall support the show and get no shit, because stereotype. But not all folks get that benefit, and I have seen people catch hell for wearing a Derpy shirt, even get physically and verbally assaulted by people who think they’re gay or just too weird (Did I mention I live in the South? lol) It gets fucked up sometimes.

      I do have my manliness questioned by folks from time to time and I just say, straight up: “Nigga it’s just a good cartoon. Chill the fuck out.”

      So, yeah, love and tolerate.

    • i heard bits and pieces of the rant and i thought it was me but going back im glad it wasn’t….because i remember this post and basically i replied that she said she said she saw videos then why didn’t she just link the videos as proof?

      of course i hope it want me, but some of the things in the rant was tell signs that it wasnt

      BUT if that was me or i had said anything similar, im sorr

    • Randy Williams

      I like fedoras triblies flatcaps kriegcaps and akrubas.

    • MattZed

      ‘Un zen ze ponies can be bread un SHLAUGHTERED.

      Dr. Strangepony Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Twilight Sparkle