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    WARNING: Due to a technical difficulty with Neer’s mic setup, his audio is massively blown out in this episode. Volume DOWN kids.

    A Shed to open September. Plenty of people are talking about Gamergate, but who’s talking about… anything else? The boys of the Shed, that’s who.

    Watch “Response to Anime Abandon’s Iria Review” HERE.

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    • Soft Insanity

      Two things I thought about during this toolshed. I guess I will never be a Nintendo fan because I stopped playing Mario, Sonic and the like close to 20 years ago. Most likely because I switched to PC gaming. Rightly or wrongly they just seem like rehashed kids games to me. The pull of those brands faded years ago and it’ll take more than nostalgia to bring me back.

      The second thing is, no offense to Ben and Marc, but you’d think someone would have something better to do with their time than complain about anime reviews they don’t like from an internet site they don’t like. There are several reviewers I don’t like for various reasons. I don’t watch them. That’s it.

      I sometimes wonder if it’s part of the culture now based off of the old “No such thing as bad publicity”. Not so much for this site (though it helps) but more of a “Hey, I can bitch about whatever I want and it’s ok because all it will get me is more exposure”

      “Instead of watching a review of something I disagree with (either the points they make or the style or whatever) and just turning it off, I can make a video or rant or something and post it. If it’s awesome, people will watch it and talk about it and I’ll be famous. If it’s a dumpster fire, people will watch it and talk about it, and I’ll be famous! Yaaaaaay”

    • Jegsimmons

      Fun fact, gamergate was a hashtag started by Adam Baldwin.
      Apparently He also isnt a fan of gaming news sites and their corruption.
      Based Baldwin.
      Im sure Mark would appreciate that since he did voice work in Halo, including Dutch from ODST.
      and because Baldwin is awesome.

    • Orzene

      I hope Marc get’s his audio situation fixed. Had the volume pretty low to where I could barely hear Sage and I still feel like Marc was talking to me through a stethoscope.

      Also, drunken Bennett rants FTW.

    • I like that this guy who complained seemed to be complaining without actually WATCHING a review from Sage..

    • Guymelef

      Drunk Bennett is still more lucid than that Counterfeit of Monte Cristo.

    • Sol Gill

      Good podcast despite the audio issues. I’m on Marc’s side with the Bayonetta 2 thing, ironic, given that there are PARTS of his Nintendo rant I don’t agree with(namely the rocket boots on Samus, and Nintendo fans having never been hardcore, but that is a seperate matter in this case).

      Although there is one minor gripe…why do you hate Steely Dan Sage? I’m not a huge fan or anything, but I’ve liked what I have heard.

    • i really liked this one!

    • JJ

      LOL @ Drunken Bennett

    • tasti man LH

      Oh hey, Marc’s response to Nintendo’s showing at E3. I been waiting 3 months for this shit!!!

      My thing right now with Nintendo is that, while I never viewed them as harshly as Marc has, the fact that there really aren’t that many games for the WiiU that I want to get. Off the top of my head, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends…and that’s it. Don’t care about platformers of any kind. Splatoon really did nothing for me. The promise of LoZ Skyrim has me curious. And Smash Bros…well, I got my 3DS for that, and if I went through a life without the WiiU I’d be found. I was certainly excited as hell with that teaser of that Starfox prototype. Not much in my opinion.

      …although they’re still doing great on 3DS. My wishlist of 3DS games is certainly longer then my WiiU wishlist.

      …aaaaaand Sage, stop right freakin’ there on physicality and games. People having disabilities and those disabilities making it difficult to play games is a thing. Be it physical or mental there are people who just flat out can’t play certain games. Some people don’t have limbs to hold a controller, some are clinically blind or deaf, and some are dyslexic. So in that regard, people having to do physical things to play a game and complain because they aren’t physically fit is small potatoes in the grand scheme of thing.

      (and before anyone brings it up: yes, I’m aware that there’s a company that specializes in making game controllers for people with physical disabilities)

    • TemporaryF1le

      You were mentioning the lack of good controllers from Nintendo, but I have to ask if you’ve seen or held the WiiU Pro Controller? In my opinion, it’s the best controller on any of the current-gen consoles in terms of ergonomics, and it’s look isn’t bad at all either.

    • Buddy

      Protip: Sprite cures hangovers.

      • Jegsimmons

        i find powerade is pretty good at it as well.

    • bloodshed113094

      I found this episode when I was playing Bayonetta 2. All I could think is “I don’t mind the Wii U game pad at all. It feels nice and I like to play it on the couch instead of in my room where the console is set up.” The controller isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It’s not for everyone, but I’ll take it over a N64, gamecube or Wii controller any day. I only actively dislike the wii controller, but anyone who stands up for the GC or N64 controller has to have some history with it.

    • Nicholas Scovelle

      just a question dos bennet not now of the wiiU pro controaler?