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    SAGE VS.


    Super ToolShed: Oct-NO-ber.

     Oct 16 2013 | more 

    No episodes of STS this month on a count of schedule shake-ups and lots of work to do.

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    Xero Reynolds,”Snowflakes in London”, @Xerjester.

    New STS title card by Chris Zito, check out his other works on DeviantArt

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    • Everett Emeno

      This is completely unrelated to anything, but I just can’t stop staring at Mark’s hair.

      • Sean Michael

        Me too

        • Beck

          Me Three. It is awesome.

    • Sean Michael

      Looking forward to this mystery review with Doug Walker =)

    • Aw man, what??? No more sage reviews? I hope your replacing it with something awesome!

    • NotSoOriginal

      Now THIS was a truly succulent video. Really supple. (Sorry, trying to be original here.)