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    Top 5 Best and Worst Covers

     Aug 24 2012 | more 
    • Skolex

      It’s pronounced “KEE-dis”, not “kai-EHY-dis”.

    • I find your assessment on Reznor to be abysmal at best; not at all investigating the death of the women who raised him leading to his eventual cocaine addiction being his motive for writing the Downward Spiral to begin with and yet you gave the same level of detail toward Johnny Cash that you denied Trent? Fair and balanced indeed.

      • diamond

        It’s called an opinion, deal with it.

    • Everett Emeno

      Warning: Butthurt fanboy below.

      • Everett Emeno


        • ArmonArmoth

          > Kisses Sage’s ass in every video.
          > Calls Sage’s critics butthurt fanboys in defense of Sage.

    • TheAspergianGamer

      Personally Bennett, I don’t really agree with you on your hatred for Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails.

      I think his music is great to listen to mainly because his style is unique. And even though I think his later albums were not as good as his older ones, I still think they are really good.

      I’m not here to rag on you or anything, and I respect your opinion…I just respectfully disagree with your opinion.

      But hey, that’s the great thing about opinions, everyone has them, and everyone is entitled to them.

      I at least agree with one thing though. Johnny Cash’s cover was really good.

    • Zerojimm

      This was a very enjoyable video, but I think your hatred of Trent Reznor is blinding you. There’s tons more to him than you give him credit for. Of course, opinions will be what they will. I was just unpleasantly surprised by yours this time.

    • you do music reviews way better than todd in the shadows does!

    • Pat

      Ok video. you need to open your brain more. 🙂 but you have potential! just need some lovinggg! peace. and WINGS rocked. just ignorance.

    • Isthisthereallife

      If you were going to do another one of these lists, you should know that Miley Cyrus once covered ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

      • diamond

        I liked her version

    • Joakim Olsson

      E.Y.E.S. of Mars on IMDB:
      Average score: 5.7 (Only 2 reviews though)

    • ravenstromdans

      One of my favorite covers of the current age of music is Shinedown’s acoustic cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man”. That may only be because it’s acoustic though. I’m a big fan of stripping away the electric devices in music and paring it down to greater simplicity, although I do sometimes appreciate when bands take folk-traditional instruments and mix them with more modern fare.

    • Jegsimmons

      My favorite covers:
      Megadeth: Anarchy in the UK
      Metallica’s Am i Evil?
      Anthrax Got the time (franky bello bass cant be denied)
      Almost any rendition of “hallelujah”
      Van Halen “You really got me”
      The Entire “Getcha Pull: tribute to Dimebag Darrel” Album