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    Because anime and Christianity has had SUCH a good history together.

    • Narratorway

      I’d heard this anime was infamous for it’s piles of gay sex, not incest. This thing sounds a LOT tamer than I was told back in da day.

      • Malitia

        The anime is 3 episodes, the manga is 20 volumes… some stuff obviously got cut*. Not that the manga is that explicit, but it has yaoi guys, even more gender bending, rape, and exposition.

        * I mean from what Sage reviewed that’s the first 3-4 books maybe…

        • Simulated Scholar

          Yeah, this OVA covers the first arc and that’s it.

    • Malitia

      I read the manga back in the day… the anime doesn’t seem to get even close to the “interesting” parts. I mean you can’t even begin to understand the true batshitness of this cosmology before the “God is evil, Lucifer rebelled to create a bigger evil to make him look good by comparison, and we all (yes, even the demons) are stuck in the middle and screwed” reveal.

    • Neon

      He could also be a freshman in high school. Japan’s education system works differently, as grades 7-9 (being known as middle school) and grades 10-12 (high school) are usually held separately in different schools. Some schools in Japan have grades 7-12 sharing the same roof, but I think it’s a minority. So, the protagonist could be 16, and his sister…….. Yeah, it still doesn’t make their case any less worse, I just wanted to point this little timbit out.

    • Raiden

      I wish I never knew that existed.

      If you want a much more competent ‘Christian’ Anime, I recommend you check out ‘Maria The Virgin Witch’

      And NO it’s not ANYTHING like the title suggests! Get out of here Suave!

      • Neon

        It has the most realistic depiction of medieval fighting in any anime.

      • Sol

        Or “Ghost Hunt.” It’s not a Christian-themed anime, but it does have a halfway competent depiction of a Catholic priest (except for the fact that the author found out too late he was WAY too young, which she later parodied).

    • Remote-Kid

      Trust me Ben, the manga’s ending is worst then this abandon anime, if it continued you’d had more to talk about in this review XD

      • Malitia

        I’m guessing you mean the incestuous couple getting a happy ending not the world sorta half accidentally being saved. :3

        • Remote-Kid

          Yup pretty much XD

    • penguintruth

      Sage, just because the symbolism in Evangelion doesn’t have any RELIGIOUS meaning, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any meaning at all. It’s still pertinent to the themes of the series. They just chose that SPECIFIC type of symbolism at random. So no, you still aren’t right about Eva.

      Taking on another blow to Christmas by Ken Akamatsu next time, huh? I always thought your Love Hina videos were your best work. Itsudatte My Santa is especially heinous, even considering LH, but at least it’s mercifully short.

    • Fiery Little One

      At this point I think we need an incest count *and* a ‘Tokyo gets destroyed’ count because I’ve lost count of how often Sage runs into both.

    • Pamcake

      I can best summarize this as a bad Cliff’s Notes version of the manga. At least Crispin Freeman got to work on better stuff. (Tales of Symphonia, Nanobreaker, Bayonetta 2, CV: Lament of Innocence, and Persona 3 come to mind.) By the way, have you considered signing up to Vid.me?

    • JillyBean

      Oh boy Angel sanctuary. This is an episode I’ve wanted for ages. Side not you thing the anime is weird, try the manga. I like to call Angel Sanctuary the one weird novel that a lot of nerdy 14 year olds right about a one winged fallen angel, where the public got it wrong and its the demons that we should feel bad for and look mean angels and biblical symbolism that isnt really accurate.

      But ok if were going to get into shakespeare, let me shake off my old minor in the subject and say, you’re half right? The essence of the story of Romeo and Juliet is really up to the director/reader/actors portraying the story. An interesting note is that there is a sub plot in a Midsummer Nights Dream that actually sort of parodies Romeo and Juliet, and both were written very closely together to each other. So perhaps Shakespeare did find the star struck lovers theme a bit silly, but we will honestly never know, and in a sense the point is still mute. The nature of a play is that the directors meaning becomes pretty much void when the subject is handed over to another director and company. Obviously this is a milage may very, like you aren’t going to get super far from what Arthur Miller intended in Death of a Salesmen or the Crucible, but with Shakespeare? The text is SO vague, which is the beauty of it. You got a good punch going on that the lovers sacrifices in Romeo and Juliet is not the end all be all, and that the final meaning is given in the Prince’s last speech, but the love of the two is still the focal point of the play and the emotional hight when we see these two young lives die because of the manipulation of adults. A lot of people like to argue that its a cautionary tale for the kids, and all for some reason site Romeos earlier crush who he ‘loves’ because ‘see he’s just a love wanting kid’ when really the scene provides a point of grounding for Romeo’s character as he graduates from boy hood crushes to realizing what he perceived as love was in fact just infatuation as his love for Juliet blows everything else out of the water. My own personal interpretation of the play is that the cautionary tale is indeed for the families, and ultimately a tragic story of two children who sought an escape from their violent (and in Juliet’s case heavily abusive) households in each other. Together they found some one they could relate to, and in a need for an outlet of care the twos infatuation, or love, was escalated by circumstances. Romeo and Juliet were pawns in every ones game (especially the priest). So yeah, you’re half spot on, but I wouldn’t call the two foolish in love, and more abused, desperate for affection, and being manipulated by every adult figure around them. But again, hey, its all up to each individuals reading of the text after all. Sorry for the longness of this post, I just get over excited about Shakespeare.

      And as one final side note, I was prepping another gundam christmas donation for you and was actually going to include a VHS copy of Angel Sanctuary I got ahold of. But alas now that its seen the review block, perhaps I’ll have to find something else.

    • Omega13X2000

      What about that one scene at the end of the movie about some kid waking from a Nightmare, yelling that someone or some woman is coming to kill’em?

    • A note about immortal guy. The immortal guy is Alexial’s Seven Blade Sword. He possessed the boy specifically to reunite and look after Alexial.