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    SAGE VS.


    Trading up the pretentiousness for even more silliness, Queen Bee is about as good as Golgo gets.

    • jim

      i thought gabe was getting cybernetic eyes?

    • Cameron Ward

      So….what was with the wrestling gag at the end?

    • Fiery Little One

      Yeah, this one didn’t seem to have its head up its butt like the first, so that’s an improvement.

    • I was starting to think he didn’t know that TotDM existed.

    • penguintruth

      I reviewed this one recently during my Dezaki Month. I had most of the same thoughts on it you had: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oObI4-hDP_4

    • DarkNacht

      That is not how you make bacon.

    • DJKennedy90 .

      Who were those two wrestler dudes that I think are implied to be child/baby killers?

    • Sam K

      So when is Gabe gonna get his blind swordsman fight, cause he clearly don’t need no eyes.